Saturday, May 14, 2022

New Materials 5/8/22 - 5/14/22

Call Number Title Author
BIO SPENCER GENOVESE The angel of Ashland : practicing compassion and tempting fate / a biography of Robert Spencer, M.D. Genovese, Vincent J.
BIO WENTWORTH WENTWORTH Ali's well that ends well : tales of desperation and a little inspiration Wentworth, Alexandra
E A The promise problem Webster, Christy
E B Bluey : for real life : a story collection
E B If you're happy and you know it, clap your fins! Bajet, John John
E B The Berenstain Bears take turns Berenstain, Mike
E C The very quiet cricket Carle, Eric
E C There was an old scientist who swallowed a dinosaur! Colandro, Lucille
E D Happy birthday, Minnie Mouse! Auerbach, Annie
E D Encanto Family is everything Mack, Luz M.
E D Daniel and Max play together Rosenfeld-Kass, Amy
E D Daniel misses someone Schwartz, Alexandra Cassel
E G Meatball Man and Hoagie Boy in the fusion of inclusion Graham, Mark
E Y The Hair Book Yvette, LaTonya
FIC FORSYTH The cobra Forsyth, Frederick
BB DEWDNEY Llama Llama ABC Dewdney, Anna
BB SCHERTLE Little Blue Truck's springtime : Schertle, Alice
JUV BIO JEMISON CALKHOVEN Mae Jemison Calkhoven, Laurie
JUV BIO LEWIS PATRICK John Lewis Patrick, Denise Lewis
JUV FIC CORDELL Cornbread & Poppy Cordell, Matthew
JUV FIC ELLIOTT The dragon thief Elliott, Zetta
JUV FIC FEUTI Beak & Ally The big storm Feuti, Norman
JUV FIC GRABENSTE Mr. Lemoncello's very first game Grabenstein, Chris
JUV FIC GROSSMAN The Golden Swift Grossman, Lev
JUV FIC TARSHIS I survived the attack of the grizzlies, 1967 Tarshis, Lauren
JUV 590 BEAN Wildlife watching : spotting animals on outdoor adventures Bean, Raymond
JUV 591.4 DUFRESNE Regenerate! Dufresne, Emilie
JUV 591.47 DUFRESNE Defend and attack! Dufresne, Emilie
JUV 591.472 DUFRESNE Invisibility Dufresne, Emilie
JUV 591.58 DUFRESNE See in the dark! Dufresne, Emilie
JUV 597.3 LUNDGREN Blacktip reef sharks Lundgren, Julie K.
JUV 597.3 LUNDGREN Bull sharks Lundgren, Julie K.
JUV 597.3 LUNDGREN Great white sharks Lundgren, Julie K.
JUV 597.3 LUNDGREN Lemon sharks Lundgren, Julie K.
JUV 597.3 LUNDGREN Mako sharks Lundgren, Julie K.
JUV 597.3 LUNDGREN Nurse sharks Lundgren, Julie K.
JUV 598.874 NEUENFELDT Orioles Neuenfeldt, Elizabeth
JUV 613.69 HOENA Wilderness survival : basic safety for outdoor adventures Hoena, B. A.
JUV 641.578 HOENA Campfire cooking : wild eats for outdoor adventures Hoena, B. A.
JUV 745.5 BORGERT-SPANIOL Build a roller coaster! : and more engineering challenges Borgert-Spaniol, Megan
JUV 745.5 BORGERT-SPANIOL Construct a tiny house! : and more architecture challenges Borgert-Spaniol, Megan
JUV 796.51 COLICH Hiking in nature Colich, Abby
JUV 796.51 MCKINNEY Hiking McKinney, Donna Bowen
306.874 LYTHCOTT-HAIMS How to raise an adult : break free of the overparenting trap and prepare your kid for success Lythcott-Haims, Julie
210 DUNBAR How religion evolved : and why it endures Dunbar, R. I. M.
305.26 GUERRASIO Embrace aging : conquer your fears and enjoy added years Guerrasio, Jeannette
615.3 BEYER Wild witchcraft : folk herbalism, garden magic, and foraging for spells, rituals, and remedies Beyer, Rebecca
REF 028.1 MAGILL'S LITERARY ANNUAL 2022 Magill's literary annual.
FIC BLACK Book of night Black, Holly
FIC BOHJALIAN The lioness Bohjalian, Chris
FIC CAMERON Cold snap Cameron, Marc
FIC FELL The sign for home : a novel Fell, Blair
FIC HARTNETT Unlikely animals : a novel Hartnett, Annie
FIC HARVEY The wedding veil : a novel Harvey, Kristy Woodson
FIC HENRY Book lovers Henry, Emily
FIC HUNEVEN Search : a memoir with recipes by Dana Louise Potowski / a novel Huneven, Michelle
FIC JIMENEZ Part of your world Jimenez, Abby
FIC KENYON Shadow fallen Kenyon, Sherrilyn
FIC KINGFISHER Nettle & Bone Kingfisher, T.
FIC KINGSBURY The Baxters : a prequel Kingsbury, Karen
FIC MILLER Country born Miller, Linda Lael
FIC PALMER My wife is missing Palmer, Daniel
FIC PERKINS-VALDEZ Take my hand Perkins-Valdez, Dolen
FIC ROANHORSE Fevered star Roanhorse, Rebecca
FIC ROBERTS Sand Dollar Lane Roberts, Sheila
FIC WEINER The summer place : a novel Weiner, Jennifer
MYS FIC ADAMS The vanishing type Adams, Ellery
MYS FIC BESSETTE Smile Beach murder Bessette, Alicia
MYS FIC BLAEDEL A harmless lie : a novel Bl├Ždel, Sara
MYS FIC JOHANSEN Killer view Johansen, Roy
MYS FIC PARETSKY Overboard Paretsky, Sara
SF FIC MANDEL Sea of Tranquility : Mandel, Emily St. John
SF FIC TCHAIKOVSKY Elder race Tchaikovsky, Adrian
MUS FIREMAN'S HALL Fireman's Hall Museum Pass Fireman's Hall Museum
MUS LONGWOOD GARDENS Longwood Gardens Longwood Gardens (Kennett Square, Pa.)

Saturday, May 07, 2022

New Materials 5/1/22- 5/7/22

Call Number Title Author
BIO ASHER ASHER Where the children take us : how one family achieved the unimaginable Asher, Zain E.
BIO DALEY DALEY Coming up for air Daley, Tom
BIO DAVIS DAVIS Finding me Davis, Viola
BIO FLOYD SAMUELS His name is George Floyd : one man's life and the struggle for racial justice Samuels, Robert
BIO FRANKLIN MEYER Benjamin Franklin's last bet : the favorite founder's divisive death, enduring afterlife, and blueprint for American prosperity Meyer, Michael J.
BIO GADSBY GADSBY Ten steps to Nanette Gadsby, Hannah
BIO HOMER CROSS Winslow Homer : American passage Cross, William R.
BIO MAUM MAUM The year of the horses : a memoir Maum, Courtney
BIO PHILPOTT PHILPOTT Bomb shelter : love, time, and other explosives Philpott, Mary Laura
CD FIC BALDACCI 10cds 11hrs Dream town Baldacci, David
CD FIC PATTERSON 7cds 8.5hrs 22 seconds Patterson, James
LP BIO LUCKADOO MAURER Damn lucky: one man's courage during the bloodiest military campaign in aviation history Maurer, Kevin
650.1 GAINES No pain, no Gaines : the good stuff doesn't come easy Gaines, Chip
152.4 SUZUKI Good anxiety : harnessing the power of the most misunderstood emotion Suzuki, Wendy
155.9 LOEWE Return to nature : the new science of how natural landscapes restore us Loewe, Emma
363.325 O'REILLY Killing the killers : the secret war against terrorists O'Reilly, Bill
364.152 HANNING The day I die : the untold story of assisted dying in America Hannig, Anita
614.5 GATES How to prevent the next pandemic Gates, Bill
616.85 RAMSEY Eat to beat depression and anxiety : nourish your way to better mental health in six weeks Ramsey, Drew
658.4 EDWARDS Leading team members with super powers : how effective leadership of the neurodiverse can unleash their potential to improve your company and make you a better leader Edwards, Thomas V., Jr
941.085 BROWN The palace papers : inside the House of Windsor--the truth and the turmoil Brown, Tina
FIC ANDREWS The Homewreckers : a novel Andrews, Mary Kay
FIC QUICK When she dreams Quick, Amanda
FIC RICHAR The book woman's daughter : a novel Richardson, Kim Michele /td>
FIC SUNDIN Until leaves fall in Paris : a novel Sundin, Sarah
FIC THAYER Summer love : a novel Thayer, Nancy
MYS FIC ATHERTON Aunt Dimity and the enchanted cottage Atherton, Nancy
MYS FIC LUPICA Robert B. Parker's Revenge tour Lupica, Mike
MYS FIC PATTER 22 seconds Patterson, James
YA FIC ALKAF Queen of the tiles Alkaf, Hanna