Saturday, March 26, 2022

New Materials 3/20/22 - 3/26/22

Shelf Location Title Author
E B John's turn Barnett, Mac
E C Library Fish Capucilli, Alyssa Satin
E E The Easter chick Elschner, Géraldine
E H Rocket finds an egg Hills, Tad
E K First notes of spring Kulekjian, Jessica
E L An eggstra-special Easter! Huntley, Matt
E M Five little Easter bunnies Hughes, Laura
E P Easter starring Egg! Platt, Cynthia
E W Dino-Easter Wheeler, Lisa
BB BERRIOS One good night 'til easter Berrios, Frank
BB JENSEN My first Easter Jensen, Bonnie Rickner
JUV FIC GOHMANN The adventure begins Gohmann, Johanna
JUV FIC GOHMANN Back to doubloons Gohmann, Johanna
JUV FIC GOHMANN Fortune-tellers Gohmann, Johanna
JUV FIC GOHMANN Out of control Gohmann, Johanna
JUV FIC GOHMANN The trickster's plan Gohmann, Johanna
JUV FIC GROHMANN Walk the plank Gohmann, Johanna
JUV 398.8 DEPAOLA Tomie dePaola's Favorite nursery tales DePaola, Tomie
JUV 625.2 MURRAY Eurostar Murray, Julie
JUV 625.2 MURRAY London underground Murray, Julie
JUV 625.2 MURRAY New York City subway Murray, Julie
JUV 625.2 MURRAY San Francisco cable car Murray, Julie
JUV 625.2 MURRAY Shinkansen bullet train Murray, Julie
JUV 625.4 MURRAY Disney monorail Murray, Julie
JUV 793.73 DRUZHININS Nature
JUV 818 KING Animal jokes King, Joe
JUV 818 KING Gross jokes King, Joe
JUV 818 KING Knock knock jokes King, Joe
JUV 818 KING Punny jokes King, Joe
JUV 818 KING School jokes King, Joe
JUV 818 KING Sports jokes King, Joe
LP 364.152 JOBB The case of the murderous Dr. Cream : : the hunt for a Victorian era serial killer Jobb, Dean
LP 614.5924 GUPTA World War C : lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic and how to prepare for the next one Gupta, Sanjay
332.64 DOUGLAS Trading in the zone : master the market with confidence, discipline and a winning attitude Douglas, Mark
798.4009 VALENTINE Smarty Jones : forever a champion Valentine, Billy
914.49 MAYLE A year in Provence Mayle, Peter
973.049 BAKER-ROGERS They carried us : the social impact of Philadelphia's black women leaders Baker-Rogers, Allener M
FIC EVANOVICH The recovery agent Evanovich, Janet
FIC FLINT 1637 : the coast of chaos Flint, Eric
FIC PAGE Another man's shoes Page, D. C
FIC RILEY Jisedai Riley, Daniel P.
FIC TYLER French braid Tyler, Anne
MYS FIC WINSPEAR A sunlit weapon : Winspear, Jacqueline
MYS FIC WOODS A safe house Woods, Stuar

Saturday, March 19, 2022

New Materials 3/13/22 - 3/19/22

BIO BARR BARR One damn thing after another : memoirs of an attorney general Barr, William Pelham
BIO CLARK GREGORIO The double life of Katharine Clark : the untold story of the fearless journalist who risked her life for truth and justice Gregorio, Katharine
BIO MONTESSORI DE STEFANO The child is the teacher : a life of Maria Montessori De Stefano, Cristina
CD FIC BOX 7cds 9hrs Shadows reel Box, C. J.
CD FIC COBEN 8cds 10hrs The Match Coben, Harlan
CD FIC MALLERY 9cds 11hrs The summer getaway Mallery, Susan
CD FIC MELTZER 11cds 13.5hrs The lightning rod Meltzer, Brad
CD FIC RUTLEDGE 9cds 10.5hrs West with giraffes Rutledge, Lynda
CD FIC STEEL 6cds 7hrs High Stakes Steel, Danielle
DVD 306.89 SPLIT Split
FIC MAGNIN Harriet Beamer takes the bus Magnin, Joyce
GRAPHIC NOVEL BABY SITTERS CLUB 11 Good-bye Stacey, good-bye Martin, Ann M
GRAPHIC NOVEL DOC BOSTON ADVENTURES Doc Boston adventures Whitehair, George
BB CARLE The very hungry caterpillar eats lunch : a colors book Carle, Eric
JUV FIC GIBBS Spy School : the graphic novel Gibbs, Stuart
JUV FIC GRIFFITHS The 39-story treehouse Griffiths, Andy
JUV FIC HALE The Princess in Black and the mermaid princess Hale, Shannon
JUV FIC IBURA When the world turned upside down Ibura, K.
JUV FIC PATTERSON It's a zoo in here! Patterson, James
JUV FIC PONTI Forbidden city Ponti, James
JUV FIC WINICK Hilo. Book 8, Gina and the big secret Winick, Judd
JUV 614.4 MESSNER Plagues and pandemics Messner, Kate
JUV 793.73 DRUZHININS In the ocean
JUV 796.51 DAVIS Hiking and camping Davis, Jennifer Pharr
JUV 920.72 CLINTON She persisted in science : brilliant women who made a difference Clinton, Chelsea
LP FIC BLAKE The altas six Blake, Olivie
LP FIC DAILEY Calder grit Dailey, Janet
LP FIC JANCE Nothing to lose Jance, Judith A.
LP FIC KELLERMAN City of the dead Kellerman, Jonathan
LP FIC KENEALLY The Dickens boy Keneally, Thomas
LP FIC KRUPITSKY The family Krupitsky, Naomi
LP FIC MALLERY The summer getaway Mallery, Susan
LP FIC PARTON Run, Rose, run Parton, Dolly
LP 853.914 FERRANTE In the margins : on the pleasures of reading and writing Ferrante, Elena
230 LEWIS The C.S. Lewis signature classics Lewis, C. S.
070.922 COHEN Last call at the Hotel Imperial : the reporters who took on a world at war Cohen, Deborah
202 MCRAVEN The hero code : lessons learned from lives well lived McRaven, William H.
362.1089 FISHER The emergency : a year of healing and heartbreak in a Chicago ER Fisher, Thomas
641.22 GROSS The simplest baby book in the world : you got this! : the illustrated, grab-and-do guide for a healthy, happy baby Gross, Stephen M.
814.54 ATWOOD Burning questions : essays and occasional pieces 2004-2021 Atwood, Margaret
940.53 SAMET Looking for the good war : American amnesia and the violent pursuit of happiness Samet, Elizabeth D.
FIC ASHCROFT Under the golden sun : a novel Ashcroft, Jenny
FIC HENDRICKS The golden couple Hendricks, Greer
FIC HOOVER Verity Hoover, Colleen
FIC KISTLER The cage : a novel Kistler, Bonnie
FIC MALLERY The summer getaway Mallery, Susan
FIC PICOULT Wish you were here : a novel Picoult, Jodi
FIC ROBUCK Sisters of night and fog Robuck, Erika
FIC SHEPHERD The cartographers : a novel Shepherd, Peng
FIC SHIPMAN The secret of snow Shipman, Viola
MYS FIC COBEN The match Coben, Harlan
MYS FIC LEON Give unto others Leon, Donna,
MYS FIC SWANSON Nine lives : a novel Swanson, Peter
SF FIC HOSSAIN Cyber mage : a novel Hossain, Saad Z.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

New Materials 3/6/22 - 3/12/22

Shelf Location Title Author
BIO ANDREWS NEIDERMAN The woman beyond the attic : the V. C. Andrews story Neiderman, Andrew
BIO BERTINELLI BERTINELLI Enough already : learning to love the way I am today Bertinelli, Valerie
BIO BLOOM BLOOM In love : a memoir of love and loss Bloom, Amy
BIO KENNEDY THOMPSON The first Kennedys : the humble roots of an American dynasty Thompson, Neal
BIO MOHAMMED MOHAMMED The deadly silence : from the devastation and hopelessness of war to a journey of redemption and peace Mohammed, Hisham
BIO ODENKIRK ODENKIRK Comedy comedy comedy drama : a memoir Odenkirk, Bob
BIO PRADO PRADO Black ops : the life of a CIA shadow warrior Prado, Ric
BIO RASKIN RASKIN Unthinkable : trauma, truth, and the trials of American democracy Raskin, Jamin B.
BIO TRUMAN FRANK The trials of Harry S. Truman : the extraordinary presidency of an ordinary man, 1945-1953 Frank, Jeffrey
BIO VASQUEZ LAVADO In the shadow of the mountain : a memoir of courage Vasquez-Lavado, Silvia
BIO ZALESKI ZALESKI Funny farm : my unexpected life with 600 rescue animals Zaleski, Laurie
E A Stacey's extraordinary words Abrams, Stacey
E B I ain't gonna paint no more! Beaumont, Karen
E B The Berenstain Bears' St. Patrick's Day Berenstain, Mike
E B The Berenstain Bears' moving day Berenstain, Stan
E C I am golden Chen, Eva
E D Mirabel's discovery Weber, Vicky
E E Nigel and the moon Eady, Antwan
E F Mina Forsythe, Matthew
E K The digger and the duckling Kuefler, Joseph
E L Wildflowers : a Toon book Liniers
E L Tiny Cedric Lloyd-Jones, Sally
E R Roto and Roy : helicopter heroes Rinker, Sherri Duskey
E S Just help! : how to build a better world Sotomayor, Sonia
E T Rhyming dust bunnies Thomas, Jan
E W How to catch a leprechaun Wallace, Adam
E W How to catch a unicorn Wallace, Adam
E W Dino-Easter Wheeler, Lisa
JUV FIC AVI Loyalty Avi
JUV FIC BABY-SIT LITTLE SISTER 5 Karen's school picture Farina, Katy
JUV FIC BRANCHES The end of Orson Eerie? Chabert, Jack
JUV FIC DAVIES Sydney and Taylor and the great friend expedition Davies, Jacqueline
JUV FIC FAIRBAIRN Gabby gets it together Fairbairn, Nathan
JUV FIC GIBBS Once upon a Tim Gibbs, Stuart
JUV FIC GREEN InvestiGATORS Braver and boulder Green, John Patrick
JUV FIC LUQMAN-D Freewater Luqman-Dawson, Amina
JUV FIC SAEED Omar rising Saeed, Aisha
JUV FIC SANTAT The Aquanaut : a story Santat, Dan
JUV FIC VENABLE Katie the catsitter Venable, Colleen A. F.
JUV FIC VENABLE Katie the catsitter Best friends for never Venable, Colleen A. F.
JUV 305.3 GRAVEL Pink, blue, and you : questions for kids about gender and stereotypes Gravel, Elise
LP FIC MAYNARD Count the ways : a novel Maynard, Joyce
LP FIC PITONIAK Our American friend Pitoniak, Anna
001.9 WEILL Off the edge : flat Earthers, conspiracy culture, and why people will believe anything Weill, Kelly
204 CHOPRA Abundance : the inner path to wealth Chopra, Deepak
305.42 CHOLLET In defense of witches : the legacy of the witch hunts and why women are still on trial Chollet, Mona
306 HAMM The pivot : addressing global problems through local action Hamm, Steve
306 YANG Rise : a pop history of Asian America from the nineties to now Yang, Jeff
323.092 COPE Power hungry : women of the Black Panther Party and Freedom Summer and their fight to feed a movement Cope, Suzanne
359.9 COLE Code over country : the tragedy and corruption of Seal Team Six Cole, Matthew A.
362.1962 GOTTLIEB Uncontrolled spread : why COVID-19 crushed us and how we can defeat the next pandemic Gottlieb, Scott
363.25 KROUSE Tell me everything : the story of a private investigation Krouse, Erika
364.152 BOSWORTH Bone deep : untangling the Betsy Faria murder case Bosworth, Charles
364.152 JONUSAS Hell's half-acre : the untold story of the Benders, a serial killer family on the American frontier Jonusas, Susan,
568 HUNTING For want of wings : a bird with teeth and a dinosaur in the family Hunting, Jill
613.2 GUNDRY Unlocking the keto code : the revolutionary new science of keto that offers more benefits without deprivation Gundry, Steven R.
613.2 PERLMUTTER Drop acid : the surprising new science of uric acid--the key to losing weight, controlling blood sugar, and achieving extraordinary health Perlmutter, David
613.2 THURLOW Intermittent fasting transformation : the 45-day program for women to lose stubborn weight, improve hormonal health, and slow aging Thurlow, Cynthia
614.5 WERB The invisible siege : the rise of coronaviruses and the search for a cure Werb, Dan
648 PAXTON Keep the memories, lose the stuff : declutter, downsize, and move forward with your life Paxton, Matt
650.1 BURKEMAN Four thousand weeks : time management for mortals Burkeman, Oliver
796.5409 YOGERST 50 states, 500 campgrounds : where to go, when to go, what to see, what to do Yogerst, Joseph R.
811 REYNOLDS Ain't burned all the bright Reynolds, Jason
917.504 PERRY South to America : a journey below the Mason-Dixon to understand the soul of a nation Perry, Imani
940.53 SULLIVAN The betrayal of Anne Frank : a cold case investigation Sullivan, Rosemary
973.7092 AVLON Lincoln and the fight for peace Avlon, John P.
FIC BLAKE The atlas six Blake, Olivie
FIC COULTER The Grayson Sherbrooke otherworldly adventures, Books 1-5 Coulter, Catherine
FIC DAILEY Calder grit Dailey, Janet
FIC DOYLE Life without children : stories Doyle, Roddy
FIC FALADE Black cloud rising : a novel Wright Faladé, David
FIC FERENCIK Girl in ice Ferencik, Erica
FIC FINLAY The night shift Finlay, Alex
FIC GILSTRAP Blue fire Gilstrap, John
FIC HENKEL Other people's clothes : a novel Henkel, Calla
FIC JAMES Moon Witch, Spider King James, Marlon
FIC LEDWIDGE The beach wedding : a novel Ledwidge, Michael
FIC LIARDET Think of me Liardet, Frances
FIC MARGOLIN The darkest place Margolin, Phillip
FIC MELTZER The lightning rod : a Zig & Nola novel Meltzer, Brad
FIC MEZRICH The midnight ride Mezrich, Ben
FIC MYERS The tobacco wives : a novel Myers, Adele
FIC OTSUKA The swimmers Otsuka, Julie
FIC PARTON Run, Rose, run Parton, Dolly
FIC SERLE One Italian summer : a novel Serle, Rebecca
FIC SMITH The unsinkable Greta James : a novel Smith, Jennifer E.
FIC STAUB The other family : a novel Staub, Wendy Corsi
FIC STEEL High stakes : a novel Steel, Danielle
FIC STEWART Goodbye again Stewart, Mariah
FIC WALSH The love of my life Walsh, Rosie
FIC WATKINS I love you but I've chosen darkness Watkins, Claire Vaye
FIC WILKERSON Black cake : a novel Wilkerson, Charmaine
FIC WROBEL This might hurt Wrobel, Stephanie
MYS FIC BOWEN Wild Irish rose Bowen, Rhys
MYS FIC BOX Shadows reel Box, C. J.
MYS FIC IDE The goodbye coast : a Philip Marlowe novel Ide, Joe
MYS FIC LAND Margaret Truman's Murder at the CDC : a capital crimes novel Land, Jon
MYS FIC ROSENFELT Citizen K-9 Rosenfelt, David
YA FIC LAINOFF One for all Lainoff, Lillie
YA FIC LEN Only a monster Len, Vanessa
YA FIC SCHWARTZ Anatomy : a love story Schwartz, Dana
YA FIC TAHIR All my rage Tahir, Sabaa

Saturday, March 05, 2022

New Materials 2/27/22 - 3/5/22

Shelf Location Title Author
E M Wutaryoo Magruder, Nilah
E U Loving kindness Underwood, Deborah
E W A big guy took my ball! Willems, Mo
FIC HANNAH Wild Hannah, Kristin
GAME Keep Quiet Reword Game : Where it's Everyone's Turn All the Time 5 Ways to Play for Fast and Furious Play Action
GAME King of Tokyo
GAME Munchkin Treasure Hunt : Explore the Dungeon! Move around the dungeon, fighting monsters and collecting treasures!
GAME Very Silly Sentences : Funny First Steps in Reading and Grammar
JUV FIC BRANCHES PRESS START 11 Super cheat codes and secret modes! Flintham, Thomas
JUV FIC HOLM Swing it, Sunny! Holm, Jennifer L.
JUV FIC TREML Sherlock bones and the sea-creature feature Treml, Renée