Saturday, March 27, 2021

New Materials 3/21/21 - 3/27/21

Call Number Title Author
CD FIC EVANOVICH 7cds 8hrs The bounty [cd] Evanovich, Janet
CD FIC HANNAH 12cds 15hrs The four winds [cd] Hannah, Kristin
CD FIC WOODS 5cds 6.5hrs Double jeopardy [cd] Woods, Stuart
DVD FIC NEWS OF THE WORLD News of the world
E G Pirate stew Gaiman, Neil
E M I am darn tough Morelli, Licia
E T Ruby's birds Thompson, Mya
FIC BRADFORD Cavendon Hall Bradford, Barbara Taylor
FIC JACOBS The Friday night knitting club Jacobs, Kate
BB CHAN Happy Easter! Chan, Reika
BB DICKSON Blocks : let's share! Dickson, Irene
BB DISNEY MINNIE Disney Minnie : best friends
BB MERRY CHRISTM First look and find Merry Christmas
JUV FIC ALBUS A place to hang the moon Albus, Kate
JUV FIC PILKEY Dog Man : mothering heights Pilkey, Dav
JUV 595.799 FLEMING Honeybee : the busy life of Apis mellifera Fleming, Candace
LP FIC KELLERMAN Serpentine [large type] : an Alex Delaware novel Kellerman, Jonathan
LP FIC STEEL The affair [large type] : a novel Steel, Danielle
LP FIC WOODS Double jeopardy [large type] Woods, Stuart
LP 006.312 LEPORE If then [large type] : how the Simulmatics Corporation invented the future Lepore, Jill
LP 305.4 BREN The Barbizon [large type] : the hotel that set women free Bren, Paulina
LP 973.099 RICKS First principles [large type] : what America's founders learned from the Greeks and Romans and how that shaped our country Ricks, Thomas E.
FIC SISKIND The knockout rule Siskind, Kelly


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