Saturday, October 31, 2020

New Materials 10/25/20 - 10/31/20

Call Number Title Author
BIO ANTIN ANTIN World wild vet : encounters in the animal kingdom Antin, Evan
BIO BERG BERG I'll be seeing you : a memoir Berg, Elizabeth
BIO BIDEN OSNOS Joe Biden : the life, the run, and what matters now Osnos, Evan
BIO FRAMPTON FRAMPTON Do you feel like I do? : a memoir Frampton, Peter
BIO LEHRER LEHRER Golem girl : a memoir Lehrer, Riva
DVD FIC FATIMA Fatima [dvd]
E A Fly Guy & Fly Girl : night fright Arnold, Tedd
E A Noodleheads lucky day Arnold, Tedd
E B A polar bear in the snow Barnett, Mac
E B Stanley's fire engine Bee, William
E C Ten in the bed Cabrera, Jane
E C Let's play monsters! Cousins, Lucy
E D Falling for autumn Dean, Kim
E F 5 more sleeps 'til Christmas Fallon, Jimmy
E H The alphabet's alphabet Harris, Chris
E H We don't eat our classmates! Higgins, Ryan T.
E J What we'll build Jeffers, Oliver
E N The suitcase Naylor-Ballesteros, Chris
E P Madeline Finn and the therapy dog Papp, Lisa
E R Margret & H.A. Rey's Curious George votes Langeland, Deirdre
E S Interrupting chicken Stein, David Ezra
E W Bear sees colors Wilson, Karma
E Y How do dinosaurs show good manners? Yolen, Jane
FIC WITTERICK My mother's secret : based on a true holocaust story Witterick, J. L.
JUV FIC BARKLEY Amy the puppy whisperer Barkley, Callie
JUV FIC COLFER The Fowl twins : deny all charges Colfer, Eoin
JUV FIC GUTMAN Mrs. Bacon is fakin'! Gutman, Dan
JUV FIC HOLM Babymouse : skater girl Holm, Jennifer L.
JUV FIC KADOHAT Saucy Kadohata, Cynthia
JUV FIC KINNEY Diary of a wimpy kid : the deep end Kinney, Jeff
JUV FIC PARISH Amelia Bedelia & friends paint the town Parish, Herman
JUV FIC ROY The absent author Roy, Ron
JUV FIC SCRIVAN Forget me Nat Scrivan, Maria
JUV FIC STILTON The battle for Crystal Castle : Geronimo Stilton's thirteenth adventure in the Kingdom of Fantasy Stilton, Geronimo
JUV 591.56 GIBBONS Migration Gibbons, Gail.
JUV 591.77 LOWERY Everything awesome about sharks and other underwater creatures! Lowery, Mike
JUV 688.725 MURRAY 100 ways to rebuild the world Murray, Helen
JUV 912.73 NATIONA GEOGRAP National Geographic kids United States atlas.
LP FIC MACOMBER Jingle all the way [large type] : a novel Macomber, Debbie
LP FIC SPARKS The return [large type] Sparks, Nicholas
133.109 BRUNI Life with the afterlife : 13 truths I learned about ghosts Bruni, Amy
150.92 EGER The choice : embrace the possible Eger, Edith Eva
155.93 EGER The gift : 12 lessons to save your life Eger, Edith Eva
158.1 WILLINK Discipline equals freedom : field manual MK1-MOD1 Willink, Jocko
170 KOTB This just speaks to me : words to live by every day Kotb, Hoda
177 SOW Big friendship : how we keep each other close Sow, Aminatou
241 CURRY Love is the way : holding on to hope in troubling times Curry, Michael B.
248.4 LUCADO You are never alone : trust in the miracle of God's presence and power Lucado, Max
277.3 LEWIS How may I offend you today? : rants and revelations from a not-so-proper southern lady Lewis, Susannah B.
305.3 MANNE Entitled : how male privilege hurts women Manne, Kate
320.473 CAPODICE A user's guide to Democracy : how America works Capodice, Nick
327.1273 ANDERSON The quiet Americans : four CIA spies at the dawn of the Cold War -- a tragedy in three acts Anderson, Scott
327.73 MCMASTER Battlegrounds : the fight to defend the free world McMaster, H. R.
508 ATTENBORO A life on our planet : my witness statement and a vision for the future Attenborough, David
641.58 COPELAND Instant family meals : delicious dishes from your slow cooker, pressure cooker, multicooker, and instant pot Copeland, Sarah
824 SMITH Intimations : six essays Smith, Zadie
917.299 FODORS BERMUDA Fodor's Bermuda.
929.1072 COPELAND The lost family : how DNA testing is upending who we are Copeland, Libby
940.5412 SISSON I marched with Patton : a firsthand account of World War II alongside one of the U.S. Army's greatest general Sisson, Frank
973.933 ROTHKOPF Traitor : a history of American betrayal from Benedict Arnold to Donald Trump Rothkopf, David J.
973.933 SHARPTON Rise up : confronting a country at the crossroads Sharpton, Al
977.004 COZZENS Tecumseh and the prophet : the Shawnee brothers who defied a nation Cozzens, Peter
977.3 SMITH Chicago's Great Fire : the destruction and resurrection of an iconic American City Smith, Carl S.
FIC BEATTY Cuyahoga : a novel Beatty, Pete
FIC CAMERON A dog's perfect Christmas Cameron, W. Bruce
FIC CHILD The sentinel Child, Lee
FIC COSMOS Once we were here : a novel Cosmos, Christopher
FIC DELILLO The silence : a novel DeLillo, Don
FIC EVANS The noel letters Evans, Richard Paul
FIC FLAGG The wonder boy of Whistle Stop : a novel Flagg, Fannie.
FIC FRENCH House of correction : a novel French, Nicci
FIC GOODMAN The forgotten daughter : a novel Goodman, Joanna
FIC JACKSON You betrayed me Jackson, Lisa
FIC KINGSBURY Truly, madly, deeply : a novel Kingsbury, Karen
FIC KINSELLA Love your life : a novel Kinsella, Sophie
FIC LEMMIE Fifty words for rain : a novel Lemmie, Asha
FIC MAY A silent death May, Peter
FIC PHILYAW The secret lives of church ladies Philyaw, Deesha
FIC RUDDY Tell me my name Ruddy, Erin
FIC SALA Blind faith Sala, Sharon
FIC THAYNE Christmas at Holiday House Thayne, RaeAnne
MYS FIC ANDREWS The gift of the magpie : a Meg Langslow mystery Andrews, Donna
MYS FIC GOLDENB A crime of a different stripe Goldenbaum, Sally
MYS FIC JOHNSON Next to last stand Johnson, Craig
MYS FIC MEIER Christmas card murder Meier, Leslie
MYS FIC PATTERSON Three women disappear Patterson, James
MYS FIC SEECK The witch hunter Seeck, Max
MYS FIC WOODS Shakeup Woods, Stuart
SF FIC BUTCHER Battle ground : a novel of the Dresden files Butcher, Jim
SF FIC GILMARTIN The mirror man Gilmartin, Jane
SF FIC NOVIK A deadly education : a novel Novik, Naomi
SS FIC ROSE Stories from suffragette city

Saturday, October 24, 2020

New Materials 10/18/20 - 10/24/20

Call Number Title Author
BIO CHURCHILL LARSON The splendid and the vile Larson, Erik
BIO HARDING HARDING Dancing with the octopus : a memoir Harding, Debora
BIO MCCONAU MCCONAU Greenlights McConaughey, Matthew
BIO ROOSEVELT MICHAELIS Eleanor Michaelis, David
JUV FIC GUTMAN Coach Hyatt is a riot! Gutman, Dan
LP FIC GEORGE The Paris hours George, Alex
LP 305.809 SAAD Me and white supremacy : combat racism, change the world, and become a good ancestor Saad, Layla
LP 363.17 HIGGINBOT Midnight in Chernobyl : the untold story of the world's greatest nuclear disaster Higginbotham, Adam
LP 940.54 WALLACE Countdown 1945 : the extraordinary story of the atomic bomb and the 116 days that changed the world Wallace, Chris
070.4309 STELTER Hoax : Donald Trump, Fox News, and the dangerous distortion of truth Stelter, Brian
153.3 CLEESE Creativity : a short and cheerful guide Cleese, John
303.4833 ARAL The hype machine : how social media disrupts our elections, our economy, and our health--and how we must adapt Aral, Sinan
304.6 YGLESIAS One billion Americans : the case for thinking bigger Yglesias, Matthew
320.51 BUTTIGIEG Trust : America's best chance Buttigieg, Pete
321.9 APPLEBAUM Twilight of democracy : the seductive lure of authoritarianism Applebaum, Anne
323.6097 LALAMI Conditional citizens : on belonging in America Lalami, Laila
362.883 BOWDLER Is rape a crime? : a memoir, an investigation, and a manifesto Bowdler, Michelle
363.738 FIGUERES The future we choose : surviving the climate crisis Figueres, Christiana
616.89 GILDINER Good morning, monster : a therapist shares five heroic stories of emotional recovery Gildiner, Catherine
782.4216 BROWN 150 glimpses of the Beatles Brown, Craig
782.4216 SMARSH She come by it natural : Dolly Parton and the women who lived her songs Smarsh, Sarah
794.8 MCBRIEN Minecraft epic bases : builds to spark your imagination McBrien, Thomas
824 MACDONALD Vesper flights : new and collected essays Macdonald, Helen
941.085 LACEY Battle of brothers : William and Harry-- the inside story of a family in tumult Lacey, Robert
973.933 DOBBS The Trump century : how the President changed the course of history forever Dobbs, Lou
FIC CARLYLE The girl in the mirror : a novel Carlyle, Rose
FIC CARR Return to Virgin River Carr, Robyn
FIC COLGAN Christmas at the Island Hotel : a novel Colgan, Jenny
FIC HANNON Point of danger Hannon, Irene
FIC KINGFISHER The hollow places : a novel Kingfisher, T.
FIC SCHWAB The invisible life of Addie LaRue Schwab, Victoria
FIC SHORTALL Three little truths Shortall, Eithne
FIC VESELKA The great offshore grounds Veselka, Vanessa
MYS FIC BANVILLE Snow Banville, John
MYS FIC HART Ghost ups her game Hart, Carolyn G.
MYS FIC PARRIS Conspiracy Parris, S. J.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

New Materials 10/11/20 - 10/17/20

Call Number Title Author
BIO BAKER BAKER The man who ran Washington : the life and times of James A. Baker III Baker, Peter
BIO CUMMINGS CUMMINGS We're better than this : my fight for the future of our democracy Cummings, Elijah
BIO FOER FOER I want you to know we're still here Foer, Esther Safran
BIO KRAVITZ KRAVITZ Let love rule Kravitz, Lenny
BIO PRINCE KARLEN This thing called life : Prince's odyssey, on and off the record Karlen, Neal
BIO WRIGHT WRIGHT The captain : a memoir Wright, David
E B A friend for Henry Bailey, Jenn
E L Every night is pizza night Lopez-Alt, J. Kenji
E L Julian at the wedding Love, Jessica
E P Ruby finds a Worry Percival, Tom
E R Attack of the Underwear Dragon Rothman, Scott
E S Just breathe : a mindfulness adventure Sievers, Jen
JUV BIO CURIE BAYARRI Marie Curie and radioactivity Bayarri, Jordi
JUV FIC BEATY Sofia Valdez and the vanishing vote Beaty, Andrea
JUV FIC BOWLING Momentous events in the life of a cactus Bowling, Dusti
JUV FIC CARTAYA Each tiny spark Cartaya, Pablo
JUV FIC CITRO Bips and roses Citro, Asia
JUV FIC KELLY Song for a whale Kelly, Lynne
JUV FIC MARTIN Glitch Martin, Laura
JUV 155.4 ASPDEN Help! My feelings are too big! : making sense of yourself and the world after a difficult start in life--for children with attachment issues Aspden, K. L.
JUV 155.42 BRUKNER Self-control to the rescue! : super powers to help kids through the tough stuff in everyday life Brukner, Lauren
JUV 305.3 BRANFMA You be you! : the kid's guide to gender, sexuality, and family Branfman, Jonathan
JUV 507.8 SPANGLE Smithsonian 10-minute science experiments Spangler, Steve
JUV 540.78 ZOVINKA Real chemistry experiments : 40 exciting STEAM activities for kids Zovinka, Edward P.
JUV 540.92 HEINECK The kitchen pantry scientist's guide to chemistry : homemade science experiments and activities inspired by awesome chemists, past and present Heinecke, Liz Lee
JUV 973 SIBER 50 adventures in the 50 states Siber, Kate
363.738 REMNICK The fragile earth : writing from the New Yorker on climate change
364.1 BRADLEY Blood runs coal : the Yablonski murders and the battle for the United Mine Workers of America Bradley, Mark A.
616.85 FONSECA Healing the heart : helping your child thrive after trauma Fonseca, Christine
618.92 HUGSTAD Beneath the surface : a teen's guide to reaching out when you or your friend is in crisis Hugstad, Kristi
779.2 STANTON Humans Stanton, Brandon
973.933 LITHGOW Trumpty Dumpty wanted a crown : verses for a despotic age Lithgow, John
974.7043 CUOMO American crisis Cuomo, Andrew M.
FIC ALAM Leave the world behind : a novel Alam, Rumaan
FIC BEHA The index of self-destructive acts Beha, Christopher R.
FIC CLARKE Piranesi Clarke, Susanna
FIC GORDON Payback Gordon, Mary
FIC GRISHAM A time for mercy ; a Jake Brigance novel Grisham, John
FIC HAUSMANN Dear child Hausmann, Romy
FIC HILDERBR Troubles in paradise Hilderbrand, Elin
FIC KENAN If I had two wings : stories Kenan, Randall
FIC LEAVITT Shelter in place Leavitt, David
FIC LIVESEY The boy in the field : a novel Livesey, Margot
FIC MILLET A children's bible : a novel Millet, Lydia
FIC OATES Cardiff, by the sea : four novellas of suspense Oates, Joyce Carol
MYS FIC HAINES A garland of bones Haines, Carolyn
MYS FIC MAYOR The orphan's guilt : a Joe Gunther novel Mayor, Archer
MYS FIC ROSENFELT Silent bite Rosenfelt, David
YA FIC ACEVEDO Clap when you land Acevedo, Elizabeth
YA FIC BASHARD Girl, serpent, thorn Bashardoust, Melissa
YA FIC CLARE City of ashes Clare, Cassandra
YA FIC DELEON Don't ask me where I'm from De Leon, Jennifer
YA FIC LU Skyhunter Lu, Marie

Saturday, October 10, 2020

New Materials 10/4/20 - 10/10/20

Call Number Title Author
EBOOK OVERDRIVE Christmas cupcake murder [electronic resource] : A festive & delicious Christmas cozy mystery. Fluke, Joanne.
EBOOK OVERDRIVE The devil and the dark water [electronic resource]. Turton, Stuart
BIO BRENNAN BRENNAN Undaunted : my fight against America's enemies, at home and abroad Brennan, John O.
BIO HARPER HARPER The beauty in breaking : a memoir Harper, Michele
BIO KENNEDY LOGEVALL JFK : coming of age in the American century, 1917-1956 Logevall, Fredrik
BIO NICHOLSON NICHOLSON Nala's world Nicholson, Dean
BIO RELES CANNELL A brotherhood betrayed : the man behind the rise and fall of Murder, Inc. Cannell, Michael
DVD FIC SECRET: DARE TO DREAM The secret [videorecording] : dare to dream
E C All because you matter Charles, Tami
E C Click, clack, good night Cronin, Doreen
E D Tad Davies, Benji
E K Pinkalicious Kann, Victoria
E L See the cat : three stories about a dog LaRochelle, David
E M Will you be my friend? McBratney, Sam
E O Fancy Nancy O'Connor, Jane
E P Sticks and stones Polacco, Patricia
E S The farm that Mac built Sauer, Tammi
E S Charlie & Mouse outdoors Snyder, Laurel
E T The chicken who couldn't Thomas, Jan
E W RoboBaby Wiesner, David
E W I want to sleep under the stars! Willems, Mo
E Y A unicorn named Sparkle and the pumpkin monster Young, Amy
BIO MCCAIN SALTER The luckiest man : life with John McCain Salter, Mark
FIC ANTHONY Evergreen tidings from the Baumgartners Anthony, Gretchen
FIC DENTON Hurricane season Denton, Lauren K.
FIC MACLEAN A curve in the road MacLean, Julianne
FIC WALSH Remembering Christmas : a novel Walsh, Dan
DVD JUV FIC SCOOBY DOO HAPPY HALLOWEEN Scooby-Doo!. Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo!
JUV FIC GIBBS Spy school revolution Gibbs, Stuart
JUV FIC HALE The Princess in Black and the giant problem Hale, Shannon
JUV FIC HUNTER Oathkeeper Hunter, Erin
JUV FIC MBALIA Tristan Strong destroys the world Mbalia, Kwame
JUV FIC RIORDAN The tower of Nero Riordan, Rick
JUV FIC SMITH Pea, Bee, & Jay. 1, Stuck together Smith, Brian (Comic book writer)
JUV FIC WEST Fortress of the Stone Dragon West, Tracey, 1965-
JUV 507.8 ARNOLD Experiment with kitchen science Arnold, Nick
JUV 540.78 BIBERD Kate the chemist : the big book of experiments Biberdorf, Kate
JUV 614.512 ZAKARIAN The family that cooks together : foodie recipes from our family to yours Zakarian, Madeline
LP FIC DEVERAUX Chance of a lifetime /
Devereaux, Jude
LP FIC ENRIGHT Actress Enright, Anne
LP FIC GOODMAN The Sea of lost girls /
Goodman, Carol
LP FIC KIM The Last story of Mima Lee /
Jooyoun KIm, Nancy
LP FIC MICHAELS The Brightest star /
Michaels, Fern.
LP FIC PICOULT The Book of twos /
Picoult, Jodi
LP FIC ROBINSON Jack Robinson, Marilynne.
LP FIC VANLIERE The Christmas table /
VanLiere, Donna
102 WEINER The Socrates express : in search of life lessons from dead philosophers Weiner, Eric
133.91 CAPUTO Good mourning : moving through everyday losses with wisdom from the other side Caputo, Theresa
155.2 SMITH Keep moving : notes on loss, creativity, and change Smith, Maggie
158.2 ERIKSON Surrounded by psychopaths : how to protect yourself from being manipulated and exploited in business (and in life) Erikson, Thomas
158.2 LEVINE Attached : the new science of adult attachment and how it can help you find- and keep -love Levine, Amir
303.49 ZAKARIA Ten lessons for a post-pandemic world Zakaria, Fareed
305.8009 GLAUDE Begin again : James Baldwin's America and its urgent lessons for our own Glaude, Eddie S., Jr.
324.973 BAIME Dewey defeats Truman : the 1948 election and the battle for America's soul Baime, A. J.
330.973 ANDERSEN Evil geniuses : the unmaking of America : a recent history Andersen, Kurt
364.1 PAREDES Convicting Chapo : naked and afraid : the trial to convict El Chapo Paredes, Martin
598 SIBLEY What it's like to be a bird : from flying to nesting, eating to singing -- what birds are doing, and why Sibley, David
613.7 HEIL Yoga and mindfulness for young children : poses for play, learning, and peace Heil, Maureen
618.92 BROWNE Understanding teenage anxiety : a parent's guide to improving your teen's mental health Browne, Jennifer
741.24 LAMBRY The draw anything book : over 200 simple step-by-step sequences for all kinds of things Lambry, Robert
791.45 SEINFELD Is this anything? Seinfeld, Jerry
791.4572 HIBBERD Fire cannot kill a dragon : Game of Thrones and the official untold story of the epic series Hibberd, James
796.323 PEARLMAN Three-ring circus : Kobe, Shaq, Phil, and the crazy years of the Lakers dynasty Pearlman, Jeff
REF 031 GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2021 Guinness World Records 2021.
FIC BALSON Eli's promise Balson, Ronald H.
FIC COLE When no one is watching : a thriller Cole, Alyssa
FIC FRENCH The searcher French, Tana
FIC HARROW The once and future witches Harrow, Alix E.
FIC HOFFMAN Magic lessons : the prequel to Practical magic Hoffman, Alice.
FIC JEWELL Invisible girl : a novel Jewell, Lisa
FIC JONES The only good Indians : a novel Jones, Stephen Graham
FIC KEILLOR The Lake Wobegon virus : a novel Keillor, Garrison
FIC KLAY Missionaries Klay, Phil
FIC KOONTZ Elsewhere : a novel Koontz, Dean R.
FIC MACOMBER Jingle all the way : a novel Macomber, Debbie
FIC MAGUIRE A wild winter swan : a novel Maguire, Gregory
FIC MCCORKLE Hieroglyphics : a novel McCorkle, Jill
FIC MITCHELL Utopia Avenue : a novel Mitchell, David
FIC MORGAN One more for Christmas Morgan, Sarah
FIC OFARRELL Hamnet : a novel of the plague O'Farrell, Maggie
FIC REDFEARN In an instant Redfearn, Suzanne
FIC ROBINSON Jack Robinson, Marilynne.
FIC TAYLOR An Irish country welcome Taylor, Patrick
FIC UNGER Confessions on the 7:45 : a novel Unger, Lisa
FIC VANLIERE The Christmas table VanLiere, Donna
MYS FIC FLUKE Christmas cupcake murder Fluke, Joanne
MYS FIC RANKIN A Song for the dark times : an Inspector Rebus novel Rankin, Ian
SF FIC HAIG The midnight library Haig, Matt
YA FIC CAST Found Cast, P. C.
YA FIC MORROW A song below water Morrow, Bethany C.
YA FIC WILES Kent State Wiles, Deborah

Saturday, October 03, 2020

New Materials 9/27/20 - 10/3/20

Call Number Title Author
E B Girl versus squirrel Barrett, Hayley
E C Bunheads Copeland, Misty
E C Jabari tries Cornwall, Gaia
E F Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast : short & sweet Funk, Josh
E H Sun flower lion Henkes, Kevin
E L Grumpy monkey up all night Lang, Suzanne
E P Bears and boos Parenteau, Shirley
E P Dragon's merry Christmas Pilkey, Dav
E R Construction site mission : demolition Rinker, Sherri Duskey
E U Every little letter Underwood, Deborah
E V Together we grow Vaught, Susan
E V I am one : a book of action Verde, Susan
E V Some dinosaurs are small Voake, Charlotte.
FIC SPARKS The best of me Sparks, Nicholas
JUV FIC CITRO Grumplets and pests Citro, Asia
JUV FIC COLFER A tale of witchcraft... Colfer, Chris
JUV FIC DINOSAU EXPLOR 1 Dinosaur explorers. #1, Prehistoric pioneers Redcode
JUV FIC DINOSAU EXPLOR 2 Dinosaur explorers. #2, Puttering in the Paleozoic Redcode
JUV FIC DINOSAU EXPLOR 3 Dinosaur explorers. #3, Playing in the Permian Redcode
JUV FIC DINOSAU EXPLOR 4 Dinosaur explorers. #4, Trapped in the Triassic Redcode
JUV FIC DINOSAU EXPLOR 5 Dinosaur explorers. #5, Lost in the Jurassic Redcode
JUV FIC DINOSAU EXPLOR 6 Dinosaur explorers. #6, Escaping the Jurassic Redcode
JUV FIC FIRESTO Dress coded Firestone, Carrie
JUV FIC GROSSMA The Silver Arrow Grossman, Lev
JUV FIC HUNTER The spirit-eaters Hunter, Erin
JUV FIC KELLY We dream of space Kelly, Erin Entrada
JUV FIC KORMAN War stories Korman, Gordon
JUV FIC LARSON All together now Larson, Hope
JUV FIC MCANULT Millionaires for the month McAnulty, Stacy
JUV FIC MCDONAL Stink and the Hairy Scary Spider McDonald, Megan
JUV FIC MIEDOSO Ghosts don't ride bikes, do they? Miedoso, Andres
JUV FIC MIEDOSO The haunted house next door Miedoso, Andres
JUV FIC MIEDOSO Surf's up, creepy stuff! Miedoso, Andres
JUV FIC OLDER Dactyl Hill Squad Older, Daniel Jose
JUV FIC OLDER Freedom fire Older, Daniel Jose
JUV FIC OLDER Thunder run Older, Daniel Jose
JUV FIC PILKEY Dog man : grime and punishment Pilkey, Dav
JUV 597.3 DENNIS Sharks can't smile! : and other amazing facts Dennis, Elizabeth
LP FIC BROWN Thick as thieves [large print] Brown, Sandra
LP FIC JOHANSEN Chaos [large print] Johansen, Iris
LP FIC PATTERSON The coast-to-coast murders [large print] Patterson, James, 1947-
LP FIC PERRY One fatal flaw [large print] Perry, Anne
LP FIC STEEL Royal : a novel [large print] Steel, Danielle