Saturday, September 05, 2020

New Materials 8/30/20 - 9/5/20

Call Number Title Author
BIO BURTON BURTON Empty : a memoir Burton, Susan
BIO CALDERON CALDERON My time to speak : reclaiming ancestry and confronting race Calderon, Ilia
BIO DANLER DANLER Stray : a memoir Danler, Stephanie
BIO DAY DAY Perfectly wounded : a memoir about what happens after a miracle Day, Mike
BIO ERWIN ERWIN Beyond valor : a World War II story of extraordinary heroism, sacrificial love, and a race against time Erwin, Jon
BIO HOGAN HOGAN Still standing : surviving cancer, riots, a global pandemic, and the toxic politics that divide America Hogan, Larry J.
BIO LEWIS MEACHAM His truth is marching on : John Lewis and the power of hope Meacham, Jon
BIO WOOD WOOD Being Lolita : a memoir Wood, Alisson
CD FIC HIAASEN 8cds 11hrs Squeeze me [sound recording] : a novel Hiaasen, Carl
DVD FIC MILITARY WIVES Military Wives [dvd].
DVD FIC OUTPOST The outpost [dvd]
E B Jack at the Zoo Barnett, Mac
E B Too many Jacks Barnett, Mac
E D Pete the Kitty and the unicorn's missing colors Dean, Kim
E D You don't want a dragon! Dyckman, Ame
E F Swashby and the sea Ferry, Beth
E G Federico and the wolf Gomez, Rebecca J.
E H What about worms!? Higgins, Ryan T.
E M The three little kittens (and one little mouse!) McClintock, Barbara
E P The birthday book Parr, Todd
E Z Smashy town Zimmerman, Andrea Griffing
FIC GREENBERG Moon path : a novel Greenberg, Steven
FIC KIDD The secret life of bees Kidd, Sue Monk
GRAPHIC NOVEL BABY SITTERS CLUB 8 Logan likes Mary Anne! : a graphic novel Martin, Ann M.
GRAPHIC NOVEL DANCING AT THE PITY PARTY Dancing at the pity party : a dead mom graphic memoir Feder, Tyler
DVD JUV FIC PAW PATROL JET TO THE RESCUE PAW Patrol Jet to the rescue [dvd].
JUV FIC BRADLEY Fighting words Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker
JUV FIC BRALLIER The last kids on earth : June's wild flight Brallier, Max
JUV FIC CERVANTE The Shadow Crosser : a Storm Runner novel Cervantes, Jennifer
JUV FIC GRABENST Mr. Lemoncello and the titanium ticket Grabenstein, Chris
JUV FIC HARRELL Wink Harrell, Rob
JUV FIC LEVINE A ceiling made of eggshells Levine, Gail Carson
JUV FIC MEJIA Paola Santiago and the river of tears Mejia, Tehlor Kay
JUV FIC PATTERSO Max Einstein saves the future Patterson, James
JUV FIC PEIRCE Big Nate : The gerbil ate my homework Peirce, Lincoln
JUV FIC PILKEY Dog man : grime and punishment Pilkey, Dav
JUV FIC POTTER The bog beast Potter, Ellen
JUV FIC SIMPSON The magical adventures of Phoebe and her unicorn Simpson, Dana
JUV FIC SIMPSON Virtual unicorn experience Simpson, Dana
JUV FIC STEAD The list of things that will not change Stead, Rebecca
JUV FIC TARSHIS I survived the California wildfires, 2018 Tarshis, Lauren
JUV FIC TARSHIS I survived the shark attacks of 1916 Tarshis, Lauren
JUV FIC WATSON Busted by breakfast Watson, Tom
JUV FIC WATSON The candy caper Watson, Tom
JUV 940.54 LOWRY On the horizon Lowry, Lois
LP BIO REMUS ABBOTT The ghosts of Eden Park [large print]: the bootleg king, the women who pursued him, and the murder that shocked jazz-age America Abbott, Karen
LP FIC CUSSLER Journey of the pharaohs : a novel from the NUMA files [large print] Cussler, Clive
LP FIC DEVERAUX A forgotten murder : a Medlar mystery [large print] Deveraux, Jude
LP FIC GARDINER The dark corners of the night [large print] Gardiner, Meg
LP FIC MANTEL The mirror & the light [large print] Mantel, Hilary
LP FIC PATTERSON 1st case [large print] Patterson, James
LP FIC PATTERSON Cajun justice [large print] Patterson, James
LP FIC REICHS A conspiracy of bones [large print] Reichs, Kathy
LP FIC SLAUGHTER The silent wife [large print] : a novel Slaughter, Karin
LP FIC STEINHAUER The last tourist [large print] Steinhauer, Olen
LP FIC TANABE A hundred suns [large print] Tanabe, Karin
LP FIC WOODS Hit list [large print] Woods, Stuart
155.9 LAGOS Heart breath mind : train your heart to conquer stress and achieve success Lagos, Leah
158 CASE The honest enneagram Case, Sarajane
236 EHRMAN Heaven and hell : a history of the afterlife Ehrman, Bart D.
302.2 KINZLER How you say it : why you talk the way you do and what it says about you Kinzler, Katherine D.
322 REICH The system : who rigged it, how we fix it Reich, Robert B.
324.6 HARTMANN The hidden history of the war on voting : who stole your vote, and how to get it back Hartmann, Thom
328.73 LEWIS Across that bridge : life lessons and a vision for change Lewis, John
332.024 ORMAN The ultimate retirement guide for 50+ : winning strategies to make your money last a lifetime Orman, Suze
332.024 PERKINS Die with zero : getting all you can from your money and your life Perkins, Bill
362.83 GOUDEAU After the last border : two families and the story of refuge in America Goudeau, Jessica
363.7387 THUNBERG Our house is on fire : scenes of a family and a planet in crisis Thunberg, Greta
364.1 ROHDE In deep : the FBI, the CIA, and the truth about America's deep state Rohde, David W.
364.1523 KISSEL The last book on the left : stories of murder and mayhem from history's most notorious serial killers Kissel, Ben
616.8 JONES Trick yourself to sleep : 222 ways to fall and stay asleep : from the science of slumber Jones, Kim
814.6 FALIVENO Tomboyland : essays Faliveno, Melissa
917.3049 KNIGHTON Leave only footprints : my Acadia-to-Zion journey through every national park Knighton, Conor
940.5426 LEHR Dead reckoning : the story of how Johnny Mitchell and his fighter pilots took on Admiral Yamamoto and avenged Pearl Harbor Lehr, Dick
973.926 PERLSTEIN Reaganland : America's right turn 1976-1980 Perlstein, Rick
973.933 PFEIFFER Un-Trumping America : a plan to make America a democracy again Pfeiffer, Dan
FIC BROWN Thick as thieves Brown, Sandra
FIC CARR Savage son : a thriller Carr, Jack
FIC DARIA You had me at hola : a novel Daria, Alexis
FIC DUNN Silence on Cold River Dunn, Casey
FIC HIAASEN Squeeze me : a novel Hiaasen, Carl
FIC KLINE The exiles : a novel Kline, Christina Baker
FIC MAI The mountains sing : a novel Nguyen, Phan Que Mai
FIC MANDEL The glass hotel Mandel, Emily St. John
FIC MCCONAGHY Migrations McConaghy, Charlotte
FIC MCFARLANE If I never met you : a novel McFarlane, Mhairi
FIC MICHAELS Bitter pill Michaels, Fern.
FIC PAUL Jackie and Maria : a novel of Jackie Kennedy & Maria Callas Paul, Gill
FIC ROONEY Cher Ami and Major Whittlesey Rooney, Kathleen
FIC SMITH Summer : a novel Smith, Ali
FIC WARD The sinner Ward, J. R.
FIC WATSON The lives of Edie Pritchard : a novel Watson, Larry
MYS FIC BLACK Every kind of wicked Black, Lisa
MYS FIC COTTERILL The delightful life of a suicide pilot Cotterill, Colin
MYS FIC LOVESEY The finisher Lovesey, Peter
MYS FIC PENNY All the devils are here Penny, Louise
SF FIC BARRY Providence Barry, Max
SF FIC BUTCHER Peace talks : a novel of the Dresden files Butcher, Jim
SF FIC ROTH Chosen ones Roth, Veronica
YA FIC GREGORIO This is my brain in love Gregorio, I. W.
YA FIC HAMMONDS REED The black kids Hammonds Reed, Christina
YA FIC JOHNSON This is my America Johnson, Kim
YA FIC STOHL Jo & Laurie Stohl, Margaret
YA FIC VANDERMEER A peculiar peril VanderMeer, Jeff


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