Tuesday, December 31, 2019

New Materials 12/22/19 - 12/28/19

Call Number Title Author
CD FIC CRAWFORD 8cds 10hrs A catered New Year's Eve Crawford, Isis
JUV FIC BABY-SITT LITTLE SISTER 1 Karen's witch Farina, Katy
JUV FIC BARNETT Mac cracks the code Barnett, Mac
JUV FIC BRANCHES Eva's campfire adventure Elliott, Rebecca
JUV FIC BRANCHES Pug's snow day May, Kyla
JUV FIC PRESS START 8 Super Rabbit all-stars Flintham, Thomas
LP FIC PATTERS Criss Cross Patterson, James
LP 636 FOER We are the weather : saving the planet begins at breakfest Foer, Jonathan Safran
150.19 KISHIMI The courage to be happy : discover the power of positive psychology and choose happiness every day Kishimi, Ichiro
158 FOGG Tiny habits : the small changes that change everything Fogg, B. J.
158.1 GARCIA The book of ichigo ichie : the art of making the most of every moment, the Japanese way Garcia, Hector
332.024 CAGAN Retirement 101 : from 401k plans and Social Security benefits to asset management and medical insurance : your complete guide to preparing for the future you want Cagan, Michele
612.3 ALBERS Hanger management : master your hunger and improve your mood, mind, and relationships Albers, Susan
613.7 ALEXANDER The align method : 5 movement principles for a stronger body, sharper mind, and stress-proof life Alexander, Aaron
641.5 JAGGERS The I love my instant pot soups, stews, and chilis recipe book : from chicken noodle soup to lobster bisque, 175 easy and delicious recipes Jaggers, Kelly
976.1063 KENNEDY The broken road : George Wallace and a daughter's journey to reconciliation Kennedy, Peggy Wallace
FIC EVARISTO Girl, woman, other Evaristo, Bernardine
MUS AMERICAN HELICOPT MUSEUM American Helicopter Museum & Education Center Pass.

New Materials 12/15/19 - 12/21/19

Call Number Title Author
CD FIC PATTERSON 7cds 8.5hrs Criss Cross Patterson, James
CD FIC ROBERTS 11cds 14hrs The rise of magicks Roberts, Nora
DVD FIC BLINDED BY THE LIGHT Blinded by the light
DVD FIC WHERE'D YOU GO BERNADETTE Where'd you go, Bernadette
LP FIC CORNWELL Sword of kings : a novel Cornwell, Bernard
LP FIC STEEL Spy : a novel Steel, Danielle
MYS FIC ADAMS The secret, book & scone society Adams, Ellery
303.48 MARANTZ Antisocial : online extremists, techno-utopians, and the hijacking of the American conversation Marantz, Andrew
613.95 SHANKER Bodies and barriers : queer activists on health
811 HARDWICK The dolphin letters, 1970-1979 : Elizabeth Hardwick, Robert Lowell and their circle

Saturday, December 14, 2019

New Materials 12/8/19 - 12/14/19

Call Number Title Author
BIO ELIZABETH II DELFFS The faith of Queen Elizabeth : the poise, grace, and quiet strength behind the crown Delffs, Dudley J.
BIO FRENKEL FRENKEL A bookshop in Berlin : the rediscovered memoir of one woman's harrowing escape from the Nazis Frenkel, Francoise
BIO HARRY HARRY Face it Harry, Debbie
BIO SIMON SIMON Touched by the sun : my friendship with Jackie Simon, Carly
BIO TRUMP BENNETT Free, Melania : the unauthorized biography Bennett, Kate
BIO WASHINGTON SHIRLEY Mary Ball Washington : the untold story of George Washington's mother Shirley, Craig
CD FIC BALDACCI 11cds 12hrs A minute to midnight Baldacci, David
CD FIC CHILD 11.5hrs 9cds Blue moon Child, Lee
CD FIC CLARK 8cds 10hrs Kiss the girls and make them cry : a novel Clark, Mary Higgins
CD FIC EVANOVICH 6cds 6.5hrs Twisted twenty-six Evanovich, Janet
CD FIC EVANS 5cds 6hrs Noel Street Evans, Richard Paul
CD FIC JEWELL 8cds 9.5hrs The family upstairs : a novel Jewell, Lisa
CD FICTION STEEL 7cds 8hrs Spy : a novel Steel, Danielle
E M My big bear, my little bear, and me Mazo, Margarita del
E W This book is gray Ward, Lindsay
E W Bear says thanks Wilson, Karma
FIC ROBINSON Diamondhead Robinson, Patrick
GRAPHIC NOVEL GARFIELD BELLY LAUGHS Garfield belly laughs Davis, Jim
GRAPHIC NOVEL SPIDER-MAN LIFE STORY Spider-Man : life story Zdarsky, Chip
JUV FIC HALE The Princess in Black and the bathtime battle Hale, Shannon
JUV FIC PILKEY Dog man : fetch-22 Pilkey, Dav
LP FIC MILLS Lethal agent Mills, Kyle
179 THUNBERG No one is too small to make a difference Thunberg, Greta
201 JAMES The varieties of religious experience : a study in human nature James, William
248.4 OSTEEN The power of favor : the force that will take you where you can't go on your own Osteen, Joel
305.4209 WEST The witches are coming West, Lindy
306 GRIFFITHS Political correctness : Dyson and Goldberg vs. Fry and Peterson
325.73 GARCIA HERNANDEZ Migrating to prison : America's obsession with locking up immigrants Garcia Hernandez, Cesar Cuauhtemoc
327.1273 KINZER Poisoner in chief : Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA search for mind control Kinzer, Stephen
327.47 BLAKE From Russia with blood : the Kremlin's ruthless assassination program and Vladimir Putin's secret war on the West Blake, Heidi
328.73 BROWN Desk 88 : eight progressive senators who changed America Brown, Sherrod
333.7809 KENYON That wild country : an epic journey through the past, present, and future of America's public lands Kenyon, Mark
398.2093 FRY Mythos : the Greek myths reimagined Fry, Stephen
613.2 GREGER How not to diet : the groundbreaking science of healthy, permanent weight loss Greger, Michael
616.89 CAHALAN The great pretender : the undercover mission that changed our understanding of madness Cahalan, Susannah
617.8 OWEN Volume control : hearing in a deafening world Owen, David
641.4635 FUNG The obesity code cookbook : recipes to help you manage your insulin, lose weight, and improve your health Fung, Jason
641.5 QUICK COOKING 2019 Taste of home quick cooking annual recipes
641.5973 ROMBAUER Joy of cooking Rombauer, Irma S.
641.7 WILLIAMS Instant loss: eat real, lose weight Williams, Brittany
641.82 BOWLS Bowls : vibrant recipes with endless possibilities.
794.8 BLEVINS Ninja : get good : my ultimate guide to gaming Blevins, Tyler
907.202 RUBINSTEIN The American story : conversations with master historians Rubenstein, David M.
910.9163 LEVY Labyrinth of ice : the triumphant and tragic Greely polar expedition Levy, Buddy
920.02 ROCCA Mobituaries : great lives worth reliving Rocca, Mo
940.5318 FRANKEL The survivors : a story of war, inheritance, and healing Frankel, Adam P.
956.9204 SLOYAN When Reagan sent in the Marines : the invasion of Lebanon Sloyan, Patrick J.
973.92 SHLAES Great society : a new history Shlaes, Amity
REF 317 WORLD ALMANAC 2020 The World almanac and book of facts.
REF 920 CURRENT BIOGRAPHY YEARBOOK Current biography yearbook.
FIC BARRY Night boat to Tangier : a novel Barry, Kevin
FIC CHUNG The tenth muse Chung, Catherine
FIC DE ROBERTIS Cantoras De Robertis, Carolina
FIC DEUTERMANN The nugget Deutermann, Peter T.
FIC HANNON Dark ambitions Hannon, Irene
FIC HARRIS The second sleep Harris, Robert
FIC HIBBERT Get a life, Chloe Brown : a novel Hibbert. Talia
FIC KLASSEN The bridge to Belle Island Klassen, Julie
FIC LINDSAY Just watch me : a novel Lindsay, Jeffry P.
FIC MACAULAY Honeymoon alone Macaulay, Nicole
FIC MCCABE Tracks through our lives : stories told on the Philly El trains McCabe, John A
FIC OLAFSSON The sacrament : a novel Olafur Johann Olafsson
FIC PERRY A small town : a novel Perry, Thomas
FIC PUFAHL On swift horses Pufahl, Shannon
FIC RANEY All the water in the world Raney, Karen
FIC RIVERA Juliet takes a breath Rivera, Gabby
FIC SINGH A madness of sunshine Singh, Nalini
FIC WILLIAMS The wicked redhead : a Wicked city novel Williams, Beatriz
FIC WILLIAMS This is happiness Williams, Niall
FIC WILSON The dog I loved Wilson, Susan
MYS FIC ESTLEMAN When old midnight comes along : an Amos Walker novel Estleman, Loren D.
MYS FIC GRIMES The old success Grimes, Martha
MYS FIC HART Take-out : and other tales of culinary crime Hart, Rob
MYS FIC MYERS Puddin' on the blitz Myers, Tamar
MYS FIC TURSTEN Winter grave Tursten, Helene
SF FIC KENDIG Brand of light Kendig, Ronie
SF FIC ROANHORSE Star wars, resistance reborn Roanhorse, Rebecca
SF FIC SOLOMON The deep Solomon, Rivers
YA FIC ADEYEMI Children of virtue and vengeance Adeyemi, Tomi
YA FIC MCGEE American royals McGee, Katharine
YA FIC NIX Angel mage Nix, Garth
YA FIC WILLIAMS The babysitters coven Williams, Kate
MUS MERCER MUSEUM AND FONTHILL CASTLE Mercer Museum & Fonthill Castle Pass.

Saturday, December 07, 2019

New Materials 12/1/19 - 12/7/19

Call Number Title Author
EBOOK OVERDRIVE Willing to die [electronic resource]. Jackson, Lisa
EBOOK OVERDRIVE In the dream house [electronic resource] : A memoir. Machado, Carmen Maria
EBOOK OVERDRIVE Winter grave [electronic resource]. Tursten, Helene
EBOOK OVERDRIVE Dead astronauts [electronic resource] : A novel. VanderMeer, Jeff
BIO DORENBOS DORENBOS Life is magic : my inspiring journey from tragedy to self-discovery Dorenbos, Jon
BIO NICHOLS CARTER Life isn't everything : Mike Nichols, as remembered by 150 of his closest friends Carter, Ash
BIO PAYNE PAYNE Diamond Doris : the true story of the world's most notorious jewel thief Payne, Doris
E B The great Santa stakeout Bird, Betsy
E C Vegetables in holiday underwear Chapman, Jared
E F There's an elf in your book Fletcher, Tom
E G The gift inside the box Grant, Adam M.
E L Ho ho homework Larsen, Mylisa
E O One wild Christmas Oldland, Nicholas
E P Wintercake Perkins, Lynne Rae
E P If I could give you Christmas Plourde, Lynn
E S The bear and the star Schaefer, Lola
E S How to hide a lion at Christmas Stephens, Helen
E Z The tree that's meant to be Zommer, Yuval
FIC TREVOR Selected stories Trevor, William
DVD JUV FIC HOW TO TRAIN DRAGON HOMECOMING How to train your dragon, homecoming
JUV FIC GIBBS Evil spy school : a Spy school novel Gibbs, Stuart
JUV FIC GIBBS Spy camp Gibbs, Stuart
JUV FIC GIBBS Spy school Gibbs, Stuart
JUV FIC GIBBS Spy School secret service Gibbs, Stuart
LP FIC BALDACCI A minute to midnight Baldacci, David
LP FIC NORTH The whisper man North, Alex
LP FIC PATCHETT The Dutch house : a novel Patchett, Ann
LP FIC PRIOR Ellie and the harpmaker Prior, Hazel
LP FIC WILSON The dog I loved Wilson, Susan
303.48 MARANTZ Antisocial : online extremists, techno-utopians, and the hijacking of the American conversation Marantz, Andrew
364.1523 OLSEN If you tell : a true story of murder, family secrets, and the unbreakable bond of sisterhood Olsen, Gregg
615.7 LEINOW CBD : a patient's guide to medicinal cannabis Leinow, Leonard
617.092 KAY This is going to hurt : secret diaries of a medical resident Kay, Adam
910.202 STEVES Travel as a political act Steves, Rick
973.933 TRUMP Triggered : how the left thrives on hate and wants to silence us Trump, Donald, Jr.
FIC BARDUGO Ninth house Bardugo, Leigh
FIC HESS The German house : a novel Hess, Annette
FIC ROSENSTIEL Oppo : a novel Rosenstiel, Tom
FIC SEXTON The revisioners : a novel Sexton, Margaret Wilkerson
MYS FIC BEATON Beating about the bush Beaton, M. C.
MYS FIC COOK Genesis Cook, Robin
MYS FIC PARRIS Treachery : in Elizabeth's England there is no greater crime Parris, S. J.