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New Materials 3/24/19 - 3/30/19

Call Number Title Author
EBOOK OVERDRIVE The bookshop [electronic resource]. Fitzgerald, Penelope
EBOOK OVERDRIVE The second winter [electronic resource]. Larsen, Craig
EBOOK OVERDRIVE Bring me back [electronic resource] : A Novel. Paris, B. A.
EBOOK OVERDRIVE Every breath [electronic resource] : A Novel. Sparks, Nicholas
EBOOK OVERDRIVE Never that far [electronic resource]. Williams, Carol Lynch
BIO AMAYA SEVILLA Queen of the gypsies : the life and legend of Carmen Amaya : flamenco in the theater age, 1910-1960 Sevilla, Paco
BIO MASLIN MASLIN Love you hard : a memoir of marriage, brain injury, and reinventing love Maslin, Abby
BIO OCONNOR THOMAS First : Sandra Day O'Connor Thomas, Evan, 1951-
CD FIC ROBARDS 8cds 10hrs The fifth doctrine [sound recording] : a novel Robards, Karen
CD 220.1 ENNIS 7cds 8hrs How the Bible actually works [sound recording] : in which I explain how an ancient, ambiguous, and diverse book leads us to wisdom rather than answers--and why that's great news Enns, Peter, 1961-
E A Fly Guy presents : Garbage and recycling Arnold, Tedd
E B We love our dad! Berenstain, Jan, 1923-2012
E B The Berenstain Bears visit Grizzlyland Berenstain, Mike, 1951-
E C Deep-sea dive Brooke, Samantha
E D Daniel's first babysitter Cassel, Alexandra
E D Pete the cat checks out the library Dean, James, 1957-
E D Pete the cat's world tour Dean, James, 1957-
E D Daniel can dance! Finnegan, Delphine
E D Daniel learns to ride a bike Friedman, Becky
E D A new friend Testa, Maggie
E K Pinkalicious and the flower fairy Kann, Victoria
E L Welcome to Apocalypseburg Howard, Kate
E L Froggy goes to the library London, Jonathan, 1947-
E L Froggy's birthday wish London, Jonathan, 1947-
E O Camp Fancy Israel, Laurie
E O Fancy Nancy and the missing Easter bunny O'Connor, Jane
E O Mademoiselle mom Parent, Nancy
E O Ice skater extraordinaire Tucker, Krista
E P Family trip.
E P Pups to the rescue!.
E P Seven ruff-ruff rescues!
E P Peppa's Valentine's Day Carbone, Courtney
E P Learning to share Rusu, Meredith
FIC BRUNSTETTER The seekers Brunstetter, Wanda E.
GRAPHIC NOVEL HANDMAIDS TALE The handmaid's tale Atwood, Margaret, 1939-
LP BIO HOUSTON HOUSTON Deep creek : finding hope in the high country Houston, Pam
LP FIC BOX Wolf pack Box, C. J.
LP FIC COULTER The last second Coulter, Catherine
LP FIC CUSSLER Celtic empire Cussler, Clive
LP FIC DOWNNG My lovely wife Downing, Samantha
LP FIC JOHANSEN Dark tribute Johansen, Iris
LP FIC MICHAELS Deep harbor Michaels, Fern.
LP FIC NEGGERS Stone bridges Neggers, Carla
LP FIC PATRICK The Library of lost and found Patrick, Phaedra
LP FIC ROBARDS The fifth doctrine Robards, Karen
LP FIC SEE The Island of sea women See, Lisa
LP FIC WOODS Wild card Woods, Stuart
LP 305.5 CARLSON Ship of fools : how a selfish ruling class is bringing America to the brink of revolution Carlson, Tucker
158.1 WINFREY The path made clear : discovering your life's direction and purpose Winfrey, Oprah
332.024 FEINSTEIN 30-day money cleanse : take control of your finances, manage your spending, and de-stress your money for good Feinstein Gerstley, Ashley
347.73 BHARARA Doing justice Bharara, Preet, 1968-
398.2 GROOME Gypsy folk-tales : book one Groome, Francis Hindes, 1851-1902
616.3 LI Eat to beat disease : the new science of how the body can heal itself Li, William W.
616.89 GOTTLIEB Maybe you should talk to someone : a therapist, HER patients, her therapist, and our lives revealed Gottlieb, Lori
658.4 ZHUO The making of a manager : what to do when everyone looks to you Zhuo, Julie
796.357 KLAPISCH Inside the empire : the true power behind the New York Yankees Klapisch, Bob
973.924 OSULLIVAN Dirty tricks : Nixon, Watergate, and the CIA O'Sullivan, Shane
PB 2 KELLERMAN Mystery : an Alex Delaware novel Kellerman, Jonathan
REF 343.0786 INTERNATL BLDG CODE 2015 International building code
REF 343.0786 INTERNATL ENERGY CONSERVATION International energy conservation code.
REF 343.0786 INTERNATL EXISTING BLDG CODE International existing building code
REF 343.0786 INTERNATL FUEL GAS CODE 2015 International fuel gas code.
REF 343.0786 INTERNATL MECHANICAL CODE 2015 International mechanical code.
REF 343.0786 INTERNATL PLUMBING CODE 2015 International plumbing code
REF 343.0786 INTERNATL RESIDENTIAL CODE 201 International residential code for one- and two-family dwellings.
REF 343.0786 INTERNATL WILDLAND URBAN CODE International wildland-urban interface code
REF 343.0786 PERFORMANCE CODE FOR BLDG 2009 International Code Council performance code for buildings and facilities.
REF 344.0537 INTERNATIONAL FIRE CODE 2015 International fire code.
REF 621.3 NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CODE 2014 National electrical code.
FIC BLACKAD In the blink of an eye Blackadder, Jesse
FIC COULTER The last second Coulter, Catherine
FIC FOLEY The hunting party : a novel Foley, Lucy (Novelist)
FIC GOODMAN Night visitors Goodman, Carol
FIC HARPER American duchess : a novel of Consuelo Vanderbilt Harper, Karen (Karen S.)
FIC JOHANSEN Dark tribute Johansen, Iris
FIC MICHAELS Deep harbor Michaels, Fern.
FIC MONROE Over the fence Monroe, Mary.
FIC NEGGERS Stone bridges Neggers, Carla
FIC OWUOR The dragonfly sea : a novel Owuor, Yvonne Adhiambo
FIC PATRICK The library of lost and found Patrick, Phaedra
FIC PERKS Her one mistake Perks, Heidi, 1973-
FIC REICH Crown jewel Reich, Christopher, 1961-
FIC REINHAR Tomorrow there will be sun : a novel Reinhardt, Dana
MYS FIC FAIRSTEIN Blood oath : a novel Fairstein, Linda A.
MYS FIC HASELDINE You fit the pattern Haseldine, Jane, 1966-
MYS FIC MAY The man with no face May, Peter, 1951-
MYS FIC PATTERS The Cornwalls are gone Patterson, James, 1947-
MYS FIC QUINN Ruff vs. fluff Quinn, Spencer
MYS FIC ROSENFELT Black and blue : a Doug Brock thriller Rosenfelt, David
MYS FIC WINSPEAR The American agent : a Maisie Dobbs novel Winspear, Jacqueline, 1955-
MYS FIC WOODS Wild card Woods, Stuart

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New Materials 3/17/19 - 3/23/19

Call Number Title Author
BIO AHMADI MILLER The broken circle : a memoir of escaping Afghanistan Ahmadi-Miller, Enjeela, 1975-
BIO BUSH BUSH Barbara Bush : a memoir Bush, Barbara, 1925-2018.
BIO BUSH BUSH Millie's book : as dictated to Barbara Bush. Bush, Barbara, 1925-2018.
BIO DURRANI DURRANI My feudal lord Durrani, Tehmina
BIO KUSHNER WARD Kushner, Inc. : greed. Ambition. Corruption. The extraordinary story of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Ward, Vicky
BIO MIZRAHI MIZRAHI I.M. : a memoir Mizrahi, Isaac
BIO PEDERSEN PEDERSEN Topgun : an American story Pedersen, Dan, 1935-
CD FIC CUSSLER 8cds 10.5hrs Celtic empire Cussler, Clive
CD FIC GRIPPAN 9cds 11.5hrs The girl in the glass box Grippando, James, 1958-
CD FIC MALLERY 9cds 10.5hrs California girls Mallery, Susan
CD FIC MORIARTY 13cds 15hrs Nine perfect strangers Moriarty, Liane
CD FIC MORRIS 6cds 7.5hrs The tattooist of Auschwitz Morris, Heather (Screenwriter)
CD FIC PATTERS 6cds 7.5hrs The first lady Patterson, James, 1947-
CD FIC PATTERS 7cds 8hrs Liar, liar Patterson, James, 1947-
CD FIC ROSENBE 10cds 12.5hrs The Persian gamble Rosenberg, Joel C., 1967-
CD FIC TODD 9cds 11hrs The Black Ascot Todd, Charles
DVD FIC SPIDERMAN INTO THE SPIDER VERS Spider-Man : into the Spider-Verse
FIC RYAN Strike back Ryan, Chris, 1961-
LP FIC COBEN Run away Coben, Harlan, 1962-
LP FIC STEEL Silent night Steel, Danielle
155.5 DAMOUR Under pressure : confronting the epidemic of stress and anxiety in girls Damour, Lisa, 1970-
158 OREILLY In this together : how successful women support each other in work and life O'Reilly, Nancy D.
158.108 HOLLIS Girl, stop apologizing : a shame-free plan for embracing and achieving your goals Hollis, Rachel
232 ROHR The universal Christ Rohr, Richard
305.5 WILKINS The inner level : how more equal societies reduce stress, restore sanity and improve everyone's well-being Wilkinson, Richard G.
305.892 LIPSTADT Antisemitism : here and now Lipstadt, Deborah E.
320.973 TOMASKY If we can keep it : how the republic collapsed and how it might be saved Tomasky, Michael, 1960-
323.119 GERGEL Unexampled courage : the blinding of Sgt. Isaac Woodard and the awakening of President Harry S. Truman and Judge J. Waties Waring Gergel, Richard
332.024 WHITE 55, underemployed, and faking normal : your guide to a better life White, Elizabeth
332.63 GREENBLATT You can be a stock market genius : uncover the secret hiding places of stock market profits Greenblatt, Joel
332.64 LEFEVRE Reminiscences of a stock operator Lefevre, Edwin, 1871-1943
332.643 MALKIEL A random walk down Wall Street : the time-tested strategy for successful investing Malkiel, Burton Gordon.
362.102 TOPOL Deep medicine : how artificial intelligence can make healthcare human again Topol, Eric J., 1954-
362.29 GRISEL Never enough : the neuroscience and experience of addiction Grisel, Judith
364.154 SIMON We want to negotiate : the secret world of kidnapping, hostages and ransom Simon, Joel, 1964-
398.2 BOYER Once upon a hex : a spiritual ecology of the Pennsylvania Germans Boyer, Dennis
610.92 PURI That good night : life and medicine in the eleventh hour Puri, Sunita, 1979-
616.85 BULLMORE The inflamed mind : a radical new approach to depression Bullmore, Edward T.
624.1 HUNT Underground : a human history of the worlds beneath our feet Hunt, Will (Urban adventurer)
915.404 FODORS INDIA Fodor's essential India.
FIC CUSSLER Celtic empire Cussler, Clive
FIC DOWNING My lovely wife Downing, Samantha
FIC GIORDANO Auntie Poldi and the Vineyards of Etna Giordano, Mario, 1963-
FIC LANSDALE The elephant of surprise Lansdale, Joe R., 1951-
FIC MEISSNER The last year of the war Meissner, Susan, 1961-
FIC OYEYEMI Gingerbread : a novel Oyeyemi, Helen
MYS FIC COBEN Run away Coben, Harlan, 1962-
SF FIC ANDERS The city in the middle of the night Anders, Charlie Jane
SF FIC COREY Tiamat's wrath Corey, James S. A.
SF FIC LECKIE The Raven tower Leckie, Ann
SF FIC SHANNON The priory of the orange tree Shannon, Samantha, 1991-
SF FIC COREY Leviathan wakes Corey, James S. A.
YA FIC CAVALLA A question of Holmes Cavallaro, Brittany
YA FIC REYNOLDS Opposite of always Reynolds, Justin A.
YA FIC WATSON Watch us rise Watson, Renee
MUS WINGS OF FREEDOM AVIATION MUSEUM Wings of Freedom Aviation Museum Pass.

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New Materials 3/10/19 - 3/16/19

Call Number Title Author
BIO ALEXANDER II RADZINSKY Alexander II : the last great tsar Radzinskii, Edvard
BIO ANDERSON ANDERSON Shout Anderson, Laurie Halse
BIO NEWTON-JOHN NEWTON-JOHN Don't stop believin' Newton-John, Olivia
BIO RUSSO RUSSO Hollywood godfather : my life in the movies and the mob Russo, Gianni, 1943-
BIO SIMMONS SIMMONS Sex, money, Kiss Simmons, Gene, 1949-
CD BIO WESTOVER WESTOVER 10cds 12hrs Educated : a memoir Westover, Tara
CD FIC ARMSTRONG 9cds 11.5hrs Watcher in the woods Armstrong, Kelley
CD FIC HANNAH 12cds 15hrs The next to die Hannah, Sophie, 1971-
CD FIC MARGOLIN 6cds 7hrs The perfect alibi Margolin, Phillip
CD FIC MICHAEL 7cds 8.5hrs The silent patient Michaelides, Alex, 1977-
CD FIC ROBB 10cds 12hrs Connections in death : an Eve Dallas novel Robb, J. D., 1950-
CD FIC STEEL 6cds 7.25hrs Silent night Steel, Danielle
E G Hello goodbye dog Gianferrari, Maria
E H Days with Dad Hong, Nari
E P Benji, the bad day, and me Pla, Sally J.
E W Max's chocolate chicken Wells, Rosemary
JUV FIC ARNOLD Bat and the waiting game Arnold, Elana K.
JUV FIC GREEN Macy McMillan and the rainbow goddess Green, Shari, 1963-
JUV FIC JOHN Mascot John, Antony, 1972-
LP FIC CHILDS Broken bone China Childs, Laura
LP FIC DEVERAUX A justified murder Deveraux, Jude
LP FIC GRAY The care and feeding of ravenously hungry girls Gray, Anissa
LP FIC MALLERY California girl Mallery, Susan
LP FIC MORRIS The tattooist of Auschwitz : a novel Morris, Heather
LP FIC OWENS Where the crawdads sing Owens, Delia.
LP FIC RICHMAN The secret of clouds Richman, Alyson
231.7 STROBEL The case for miracles : a journalist investigates evidence for the supernatural Strobel, Lee, 1952-
342.7308 MCCRAW Truth in our times : inside the fight for press freedom in the age of alternative facts McCraw, David Edward
345.744 ROBERTSON The trial of Lizzie Borden : a true story Robertson, Cara
599.885 WAAL Mama's last hug : animal emotions and what they tell us about ourselves Waal, F. B. M. de (Frans B. M.), 1948-
616.85882 LINTALA The un-prescription for Autism : a natural approach for a calmer, happier, and more focused child Lintala, Janet
618.92 NIGG Getting ahead of ADHD : what next-generation science says about treatments that work-- and how you can make them work for your child Nigg, Joel T.
618.92 PHELAN All about ADHD : a family resource for helping your child succeed with ADHD Phelan, Thomas W., 1943-
618.92836 KRAMER Uncommon voyage : parenting children with special needs : a guidebook Kramer, Laura Shapiro
618.928522 CHANSKY Freeing your child from anxiety : practical strategies to overcome fears, worries, and phobias and be prepared for life--from toddlers to teens Chansky, Tamar E. (Tamar Ellsas), 1962-
629.45 DONOVAN Shoot for the moon : the space race and the extraordinary voyage of Apollo 11 Donovan, Jim, 1954-
641.5 LILLIEN Hungry girl simply 6 : all-natural recipes with 6 ingredients or less Lillien, Lisa
649.1528 REBER Differently wired : raising an exceptional child in a conventional world Reber, Deborah
811 KENNEY Love poems : (for married people) Kenney, John, 1962-
971.6 SULLIVAN The curse of Oak Island : the story of the world's longest treasure hunt Sullivan, Randall
FIC BECQUETS The last woman in the forest Les Becquets, Diane
FIC BUCKLEY The liar's child : a novel Buckley, Carla (Carla S.)
FIC FEEHAN Toxic game Feehan, Christine
FIC GRAHAM A lethal legacy Graham, Heather
FIC GRIFFIN When all is said : a novel Griffin, Anne, 1969-
FIC HALLS The familiars Halls, Stacey
FIC MCCRACKEN Bowlaway : a novel McCracken, Elizabeth
FIC PARKS The last act : a novel Parks, Brad, 1974-
FIC PATTERSON The First Lady Patterson, James, 1947-
FIC ROBARDS The fifth doctrine Robards, Karen
FIC ROSENBERG The Persian gamble Rosenberg, Joel C., 1967-
FIC WINSLOW The border Winslow, Don, 1953-
FIC WINSTON Me for you Winston, Lolly
FIC WRIGHT American pop : a novel Wright, Snowden, 1981-
FIC WURGER The club Wurger, Takis, 1985-
MYS FIC ADAMS Between the lies Adams, Michelle Medlock
MYS FIC BOX Wolf pack : a Joe Pickett novel Box, C. J.
MYS FIC FIELDING All the wrong places : a novel Fielding, Joy
MYS FIC RAYBOURN A dangerous collaboration Raybourn, Deanna
SF FIC CHEN Here and now and then Chen, Mike
YA FIC BARDUGO King of scars Bardugo, Leigh
YA FIC GARDNER You're welcome universe Gardner, Whitney
YA FIC SCHOLTE Four dead queens Scholte, Astrid
YA FIC UNBROKEN Unbroken : 13 stories starring disabled teens Nijkamp, Marieke
YA FIC WILLIAMS Genesis begins again Williams, Alicia, 1970-

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New Materials 03/03/19 - 03/09/19

Call Number Title Author
BIO BERGDAHL FARWELL American cipher : Bowe Bergdahl and the U.S. tragedy in Afghanistan Farwell, Matt
BIO CHARIANDY CHARIANDY I've been meaning to tell you : a letter to my daughter Chariandy, David John, 1969-
BIO COTTOM COTTOM Thick : and other essays Cottom, Tressie McMillan
BIO FOURCAD OLSON Madame Fourcade's secret war : the daring young woman who led France's largest spy network against Hitler Olson, Lynne
BIO SINISE SINISE Grateful American : a journey from self to service Sinise, Gary
BIO WOODFOX WOODFOX Solitary : unbroken by four decades in solitary confinement. My story of transformation and hope Woodfox, Albert
CD FIC EISLER 10cds 12hrs The killer collective Eisler, Barry
E B Circle Barnett, Mac
E B The Berenstain bears and the ghost of the forest Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005
E M Albert helps out May, Eleanor
E M Where's Albert? May, Eleanor
E M I refuse to choose : the best of both worlds Montero, Melissa
E W Because Willems, Mo
FIC WINSLOW The power of the dog Winslow, Don, 1953-
GAME AMAZED Amazed [game]
GAME GHOST FIGHTIN' TREASURE HUNTER Ghost fightin' treasure hunters [game]
GAME LIVING LABYRINTH Living labyrinth [game]
GAME NYCTOPHOBIA Nyctophobia [game]
GAME ONE NIGHT REVOLUTION One night revolution [game]
JUV FIC CHAINANI A crystal of time Chainani, Soman
JUV 304.8 VARGAS Dear America : the story of an undocumented citizen Vargas, Jose Antonio
031.02 TERRY Top 10 of everything 2019 Terry, Paul, 1978-
158 RUBIN Outer order, inner calm : declutter and organize to make more room for happiness Rubin, Gretchen.
220.1 ENNS How the Bible actually works : in which I explain how an ancient, ambiguous, and diverse book leads us to wisdom rather than answers--and why that's great news Enns, Peter, 1961-
303.48 DODGEN MAGEE Deviced! : balancing life and technology in a digital world Dodgen-Magee, Doreen
304.2 WALLACE WELLS The uninhabitable earth : life after warming Wallace-Wells, David
305.230 YOUSAFZ We are displaced : my journey and stories from refugee girls around the world Yousafzai, Malala, 1997-
305.435 POPOVA Figuring Popova, Maria
332.02 ORMAN Women & money Orman, Suze
363.25 RILEY Drug warrior : inside the hunt for El Chapo and the rise of America's opioid crisis Riley, Jack, 1958-
364.152 KEEFE Say nothing : a true story of murder and memory in Northern Ireland Keefe, Patrick Radden, 1976-
371.7 CULLEN Parkland : birth of a movement Cullen, David, 1961-
428.34 MURTHA English the American way : a fun ESL guide to language and culture in the U.S. Murtha, Sheila MacKechnie
613.2 YOUNG Finally full, finally slim : 30 days to permanent weight loss one portion at a time Young, Lisa R.
629.409 LAUNIUS The Smithsonian history of space exploration : from the ancient world to the extraterrestrial future Launius, Roger D.
736.98 DECKER Folding book art made easy : recycling books into beautiful folded sculptures Decker, Marta
814.6 JACOBSON I might regret this : essays, drawings, vulnerabilities, and other stuff Jacobson, Abbi
967.510 PRENDER Congo stories : battling five centuries of exploitation and greed Prendergast, John, 1963-
PEACE PROJECT EARLY MONTERO I refuse to choose : the best of both worlds Montero, Melissa
REF 031 WORLD BOOK YEAR BOOK 2019 The world book year book.
FIC BERRY The Malta exchange : a novel Berry, Steve, 1955-
FIC CONKLIN The last romantics : a novel Conklin, Tara
FIC FRANTZ A bound heart Frantz, Laura
FIC HELLER The river : a novel Heller, Peter, 1959-
FIC ILES Cemetery Road : a novel Iles, Greg
FIC LAUREN My favorite half-night stand Lauren, Christina
FIC MACALLIS Woman ninety-nine Macallister, Greer
FIC REID Daisy Jones & the Six : a novel Reid, Taylor Jenkins
FIC RUSSELL The devil aspect : the strange truth behind the occurrences at Hrad Orlu Asylum for the Criminally Insane Russell, Craig, 1956-
FIC SEE The Island of sea women See, Lisa
FIC STEEL Silent night : a novel Steel, Danielle
FIC SWANSON Before she knew him : a novel Swanson, Peter, 1968-
FIC WEBER Trouble in Rio Weber, Carl, 1964-
FIC WILKINS American spy : a novel Wilkinson, Lauren, 1984-
MYS FIC CASTLE Crashing heat Castle, Richard
MYS FIC CHILDS Broken bone china Childs, Laura
MYS FIC GREBE After she's gone : a novel Grebe, Camilla
MYS FIC LEON Unto us a son is given Leon, Donna
MYS FIC MARGOLIN The perfect alibi : a novel Margolin, Phillip
MYS FIC MCDONALD The night she fell McDonald, Christina
SF FIC WHITE A big ship at the edge of the universe White, Alex (Novelist)
YA FIC CAST The dysasters Cast, P. C.
YA FIC KEMMERER A curse so dark and lonely Kemmerer, Brigid
YA FIC ZOBOI Black enough : stories of being young & black in America

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New Materials 2/24/19 - 3/2/19

Call Number Title Author
EBOOK OVERDRIVE The only woman in the room [electronic resource] : A Novel. Benedict, Marie
EBOOK OVERDRIVE The conspiracy book [electronic resource] : A Chronological Journey through Secret Societies and Hidden Histories. Michael Greer, John
BIO ANGELOU ANGELOU The collected autobiographies of Maya Angelou Angelou, Maya
CD FIC HARPER 9cds 11hrs The lost man Harper, Jane (Jane Elizabeth)
CD FIC KELLER 12.5hrs 10cds The wedding guest Kellerman, Jonathan
CD FIC KINSELLA 12.5hrs 10cds I owe you one : a novel Kinsella, Sophie
CD FIC TUDOR 10.5hrs 9cds The hiding place : a novel Tudor, C. J.
E A Perfect Amato, Max
E D Pete the kitty and the case of the hiccups Dean, James, 1957-
E J The good egg John, Jory
E K Under my hijab Khan, Hena
E R Say something Reynolds, Peter H. (Peter Hamilton), 1961-
E S Love from Sesame Street Manning, Craig (Author)
E S Everybunny dream! Sandall, Ellie
E S The donkey egg Stevens, Janet
FIC ROSNAY Sarah's key Rosnay, Tatiana de, 1961-
JUV BIO JORDAN ANDERSON Who is Michael Jordan? Anderson, Kirsten (Kirsten Stephanie)
JUV FIC BARNETT The Terrible Two's last laugh Barnett, Mac
JUV FIC BRANCHES Eva and Baby Mo Elliott, Rebecca
JUV FIC BRUEL Bad Kitty vs Uncle Murray Bruel, Nick
JUV FIC BUTLER Freya & Zoose Butler, Emily, 1968-
JUV FIC CALONITA Wished Calonita, Jen
JUV FIC CITRO Unicorns and germs Citro, Asia
JUV FIC GIBBS Lion down Gibbs, Stuart, 1969-
JUV FIC GREEN The great, big paw print Green, Poppy
JUV FIC GREEN It's raining, it's pouring Green, Poppy
JUV FIC GREEN The maple festival Green, Poppy
JUV FIC GREEN A surprise visitor Green, Poppy
JUV FIC GUTMAN Dr. Snow has got to go! Gutman, Dan
JUV FIC HAYDU Eventown Haydu, Corey Ann
JUV FIC KENT The worst pet Kent, Jaden
JUV FIC MCMANN Dragon ghosts McMann, Lisa
JUV FIC MINECRAF Monsters in the mist Cheverton, Mark
JUV FIC NARWHAL AND JELLY Narwhal's otter friend Clanton, Ben, 1988-
JUV FIC PATTERSO Born to rock Patterson, James, 1947-
JUV FIC ROWLING Harry Potter and the goblet of fire Rowling, J. K.
JUV FIC SCHMIDT Pay attention, Carter Jones Schmidt, Gary D.
JUV FIC STILTON Geronimo on ice! Stilton, Geronimo
JUV FIC STILTON The test of time : the sixth journey through time Stilton, Geronimo
JUV FIC URSU The lost girl Ursu, Anne
JUV FIC WATSON Stick Dog gets the tacos Watson, Tom, 1965-
JUV 331.892 DUNCAN Memphis, Martin, and the mountaintop : the sanitation strike of 1968 Duncan, Alice Faye
JUV 428.1 CARLE Eric Carle's book of many things. Carle, Eric
JUV 613.042 SCHAEFE The care & keeping of you : the body book for younger girls Schaefer, Valorie Lee
JUV 920.72 HARRISON Little leaders : bold women in black history Harrison, Vashti
320.973 LEWIS The fifth risk Lewis, Michael, (Michael M.)
LP 365.973 BAUER American prison : a reporter's undercover journey into the business of punishment Bauer, Shane
LP FIC FIELDING All the wrong places Fielding, Joy
LP FIC PATTERS The chef Patterson, James, 1947-
031.02 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC National geographic almanac 2019.
150.92 SELIGMAN The hope circuit : a psychologist's journey from helplessness to optimism Seligman, Martin E. P.
153.8 JOHNSON Farsighted : how we make the decisions that matter the most Johnson, Steven, 1968-
158.1 BAYER Best self : be you, only better Bayer, Mike
305.48 HARTMAN Wayward lives, beautiful experiments : intimate histories of social upheaval Hartman, Saidiya V.
331.892 KELLY The edge of anarchy : the railroad barons, the Gilded Age, and the greatest labor uprising in America Kelly, Jack, 1949-
570 DUNN Never home alone : from microbes to millipedes, camel crickets, and honeybees, the natural history of where we live Dunn, Rob R.
618.1 CABECA The hormone fix : burn fat naturally, boost energy, sleep better, and stop hot flashes, the keto-green way Cabeca, Anna
813.54 MORRISON The source of self-regard : selected essays, speeches, and meditations Morrison, Toni
917.9804 FODORS ALASKA Fodor's Alaska.
973.5 HICKEY The War of 1812 : a forgotten conflict Hickey, Donald R., 1944-
973.933 HANSON The case for Trump Hanson, Victor Davis
FIC BUNN Moondust Lake Bunn, T. Davis, 1952-
FIC LIARDET We must be brave Liardet, Frances
FIC MALLERY California girls Mallery, Susan
FIC NOBLIN The sisters Hemingway : a Cold River novel Noblin, Annie England
FIC OBIOMA An orchestra of minorities : a novel Obioma, Chigozie, 1986-
FIC QUINN The huntress Quinn, Kate
FIC WINTERS Golden State Winters, Ben H.
MYS FIC BLOCK A time to scatter stones : a Matthew Scudder novella Block, Lawrence
MYS FIC DEVERAUX A justified murder Deveraux, Jude
MYS FIC FLUKE Chocolate cream pie murder Fluke, Joanne, 1943-
MYS FIC ROBINSON Careless love : a DCI Banks novel Robinson, Peter, 1950-
SF FIC WHITE A bad deal for the whole galaxy White, Alex (Novelist)
YA FIC BALDACCI The stars below Baldacci, David
YA FIC LIPPINCOTT Five feet apart Lippincott, Rachael