Saturday, May 26, 2018

New Materials 5/20/18 - 5/26/18

Call Number Title Author
BIO SHELLEY SAMPSON In search of Mary Shelley : the girl who wrote Frankenstein Sampson, Fiona
CD FIC CUSSLER 9cds 10.5hrs The gray ghost Cussler, Clive
CD FIC KING 15cds 18.5hrs The outsider King, Stephen, 1947-
CD FIC ONDAATJE 7cds 8.5hrs Warlight : a novel Ondaatje, Michael, 1943-
DVD 342.7308 USCIS NATURALIZATION INTERVIEW The USCIS naturalization interview and test
DVD FIC 15:17 TO PARIS The 15:17 to Paris
DVD 200.93 RELIGION IN THE ANCIENT MEDITE Religion in the ancient Mediterranean world Holland, Glenn Stanfield, 1952-
DVD 333.783 NATIONAL PARKS The national parks : America's best idea
DVD 342.7308 PROMISE OF FREEDOM A promise of freedom : an introduction to U.S. history and civics for immigrants.
DVD 523.8 GREAT YEAR The Great Year
DVD 917 NORTH AMERICA North America
E E Planting a rainbow Ehlert, Lois
E T Goodbye Little Dude :|ba remarkable story of kindness, hope, and love Trotsky, Rebecca.
FIC KING The shining King, Stephen, 1947-
FIC PICOULT Change of heart : a novel Picoult, Jodi, 1966-
FIC PICOULT Handle with care : a novel Picoult, Jodi, 1966-
FIC PICOULT Vanishing acts : a novel Picoult, Jodi, 1966-
GAME FACT OR FICTION Fact or fiction [game] : it's your call.
GAME FOUR REAL Four real [game] : Bid on it!
GAME RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT Ripley's believe it or not! [game]
BB BEHRENS Can you make a happy face? Behrens, Janice, 1972-
BB BEHRENS Can you turn the page? Behrens, Janice, 1972-
BB BEHRENS My favorite book of colors Behrens, Janice, 1972-
BB BEHRENS My favorite book of numbers Behrens, Janice, 1972-
BB CHANKO Knock, knock! who's there? : a book of animal sounds Chanko, Pamela, 1968-
BB CHANKO Loud lion, quiet mouse Chanko, Pamela, 1968-
BB CHANKO Wash, Wash, Wash! Chanko, Pamela, 1968-
BB CHANKO Wave hello, wave bye-bye Chanko, Pamela, 1968-
BB FALK I love kittens Falk, Laine, 1974-
BB FALK I see animal colors Falk, Laine, 1974-
BB MILLER I love dinosaurs Miller, Amanda, 1974-
BB MILLER I love puppies Miller, Amanda, 1974-
BB MILLER I love trucks Miller, Amanda, 1974-
JUV 363.2 NOLL Police robots Noll, Elizabeth
JUV 507.8 HOLZWEI I can make marvelous movers Holzweiss, Kristina
JUV 523.45 LANDAU Jupiter Landau, Elaine
JUV 551.552 GREGORY If you were a kid surviving a hurricane Gregory, Josh
JUV 567.9 GREGORY If you were a kid discovering dinosaurs Gregory, Josh
JUV 610.285 NOLL Medical robots Noll, Elizabeth
JUV 621.381 HOLZWEI I can make exciting electronics Holzweiss, Kristina
JUV 623 NOLL Military robots Noll, Elizabeth
JUV 625.2 LEIGHTON Freight trains Leighton, Christina
JUV 625.2 LEIGHTON High-speed trains Leighton, Christina
JUV 625.2 LEIGHTON Passenger trains Leighton, Christina
JUV 625.2 LEIGHTON Subway trains Leighton, Christina
JUV 625.4 LEIGHTON City trains Leighton, Christina
JUV 625.4 LEIGHTON Monorails Leighton, Christina
JUV 629.227 STREISSG Pocket bikes Streissguth, Thomas, 1958-
JUV 629.442 GREGORY If you were a kid docking at the International Space Station Gregory, Josh
JUV 629.8 NOLL Space robots Noll, Elizabeth
JUV 629.892 HOLZWEI I can make remarkable robots Holzweiss, Kristina
JUV 636.8083 LANDAU Your pet cat Landau, Elaine
JUV 670.42 NOLL Factory robots Noll, Elizabeth
JUV 745.592 HOLZWEI I can make fantastic flyers Holzweiss, Kristina
JUV 798.8 GREGORY If you were a kid at the Iditarod Gregory, Josh
JUV 932 SCHIMEL If you were a kid building a pyramid Schimel, Lawrence
JUV 936 MALAM You wouldn't want to be a mammoth hunter! : dangerous beasts you'd rather not encounter Malam, John, 1957-
JUV 941.1 ZOBEL Scotland Zobel, Derek, 1983-
JUV 943.6 OWINGS Austria Owings, Lisa
JUV 953.8 OWINGS Saudi Arabia Owings, Lisa
JUV 964 SIMMONS Morocco Simmons, Walter (Walter G.)
JUV 974.3 SCHNOBRI Vermont : the Green Mountain State Schnobrich, Emily
JUV 974.402 SON If you were a kid on the Mayflower Son, John
JUV 974.9 ROGAL New Jersey Rogal, Hannah
JUV 975.5 OWINGS Virginia : the old dominion Owings, Lisa
JUV 975.7 SCHUETZ South Carolina Schuetz, Kristin
JUV 976.4 SCHUETZ Texas : the Lone Star State Schuetz, Kristin
JUV 976.7 OACHS Arkansas : the Natural State Oachs, Emily Rose
JUV 977.1 RECHNER Ohio : the Buckeye State Rechner, Amy
JUV 977.2 RYAN Indiana : the Hoosier state Ryan, Patrick, 1948-
JUV 977.3 RECHNER Illinois : the Prairie State Rechner, Amy
JUV 977.7 RYAN Iowa : the hawkeye state Ryan, Patrick, 1948-
JUV 977.8 OACHS Missouri Oachs, Emily Rose
JUV 978 BAPTISTE If you were a kid in the wild west Baptiste, Tracey
JUV 978.3 PERISH South Dakota : the Mount Rushmore state Perish, Patrick
JUV 978.8 SCHNOBRI Colorado : the centennial state Schnobrich, Emily
JUV 979.404 GREGORY If you were a kid during the California Gold Rush Gregory, Josh
JUV 979.5 OACHS Oregon : the Beaver State Oachs, Emily Rose
JUV 996.9 OACHS Hawaii : the Aloha state Oachs, Emily Rose
SPANISH OLDER US CITIZENSHIP Bienvenidos a los Estados Unidos de America : guia para inmigrantes nuevos
MYS FIC GRAFTON I is for innocent Grafton, Sue
306.0973 FALLOWS Our towns : a 100,000-mile journey into the heart of America Fallows, James M.
327.73 FARROW War on peace : the end of diplomacy and the decline of American influence Farrow, Ronan, 1987-
327.7304 BAIER Three days in Moscow : Ronald Reagan and the fall of the Soviet empire Baier, Bret
327.7304 MCFAUL From Cold War to Hot Peace : an American ambassador in Putin's Russia McFaul, Michael, 1963-
342.7308 US CITIZENSHIP Welcome to the United States : a guide for new immigrants
620.009 WINCHESTER The perfectionists : how precision engineers created the modern world Winchester, Simon
641.7 BITTMAN How to grill everything : simple recipes for great flame-cooked food. Bittman, Mark
814.54 SEDARIS Calypso Sedaris, David
817 BARDSLEY How I earned my wrinkles : musings on marriage, motherhood, and menopause Bardsley, Anne
PEACE PROJECT EARLY MUSGROVE Ashanti to Zulu : African traditions Musgrove, Margaret
FIC ALAM That kind of mother : a novel Alam, Rumaan
FIC DEKKER The 49th mystic Dekker, Ted, 1962-
FIC KAUFFMAN The Gunners : a novel Kauffman, Rebecca
FIC KNOLL The favorite sister : a novel Knoll, Jessica
FIC KOELB Trenton makes : a novel Koelb, Tadzio
FIC MCCAULEY My ex-life McCauley, Stephen

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New Materials 5/13/18 - 5/19/18

Call Number Title Author
BIO ABBA PALM Bright lights, dark shadows : the real story of ABBA Palm, Carl Magnus
BIO GRAHAM GRAHAM Through my father's eyes Graham, Franklin, 1952-
BIO MCCAIN MCCAIN The restless wave : good times, just causes, great fights and other appreciations McCain, John, 1936-
BIO PATAKI PATAKI Beauty in the broken places : a memoir of love, faith, and resilience Pataki, Allison, author.
BIO TEW ZIJL An American princess : the many lives of Allene Tew Zijl, Annejet van der, 1962-
CD FIC HAMON 10cds 13hrs From sand and ash Harmon, Amy
CD FIC HILLERM 8cds 10.25hrs Cave of bones Hillerman, Anne, 1949-
CD FIC MACOMBER 8cds 9.75hrs Between friends Macomber, Debbie
CD FIC STEEL 6cds 7.5hrs The cast Steel, Danielle
CD FIC SULLIVAN 14cds 17hrs Beneath a scarlet sky Sullivan, Mark T.
DVD FIC JUMANJI Jumanji : welcome to the jungle
E W A piece of home Watts, Jeri Hanel, 1957-
FIC GRISHAM The testament Grisham, John
FIC KOONTZ Odd Thomas Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), 1945-
FIC SHELDON Tell me your dreams Sheldon, Sidney
FIC STEEL Big girl : a novel Steel, Danielle
FIC STEEL Legacy : a novel Steel, Danielle
GRAPHIC NOVEL GARFIELD EATS AND RUNS Garfield eats and runs Davis, Jim, 1945 July 28-
GRAPHIC NOVEL X MEN GRAND DESIGN X-Men. Grand design. 1 X-men (Comic strip)
LP FIC BALOGH Someone to care Balogh, Mary
LP FIC PATTERS 17th suspect Patterson, James, 1947-
LP 324.6 WEISS The woman's hour : the great fight to win the vote Weiss, Elaine F., 1952-
LP 910.4 FOY Run the storm : a savage hurricane, a brave crew, and the wreck of the SS El Faro Foy, George
LP 947.086 GESSEN The future is history : how totalitarianism reclaimed Russia Gessen, Masha
155.3 NELSON Friendships don't just happen! : the guide to creating a meaningful circle of girlfriends Nelson, Shasta
222.106 PRAGER The rational Bible : Exodus : God, slavery, and freedom Prager, Dennis, 1948-
248.4 DOWNEY Box of butterflies Downey, Roma, 1960-
306.0973 ALMOND Bad stories : what the hell just happened to our country Almond, Steve
346.7304 PORTMAN Every tenant's legal guide Portman, Janet
364.15 KING Beneath a ruthless sun : a true story of violence, race, and justice lost and found King, Gilbert
523.1 LIGHTMAN Searching for stars on an island in Maine Lightman, Alan P., 1948-
613.6 WISEMAN SAS urban survival handbook : how to protect yourself against terrorism, natural disasters, fires, home invasions, and everyday health and safety hazards Wiseman, John, 1940-
616.85 FRIEDEL Borderline personality disorder demystified : an essential guide for understanding and livig with BPD Friedel, Robert O.
616.99 FUNK Breasts : the owner's manual : every woman's guide to reducing cancer risk, making treatment choices, and optimizing outcomes Funk, Kristi
618.2 AMATO Pregnancy day by day : count down your pregnancy day by day with advice from a team of experts and amazing images for every stage of your baby's development
618.24 HAKAKHA Expecting 411 : the insider's guide to pregnancy and childbirth : clear answers & smart advice for your pregnancy Hakakha, Michele
621.3841 SILVER Ham radio for dummies Silver, H. Ward
629.227 SCHELLER American chopper : the fine art of the custom motorcycle Scheller, William.
629.28 SCLAR Auto repair for dummies Sclar, Deanna.
796.51 DAVIS The pursuit of endurance : harnessing the record-breaking power of strength and resilience Davis, Jennifer Pharr
917.6404 WRIGHT God save Texas : A Journey into the Soul of the Lone Star State Wright, Lawrence, 1947-
973 MEACHAM The soul of America : the battle for our better angels Meacham, Jon
973.0496 HURSTON Barracoon : the story of the last black cargo Hurston, Zora Neale
REF 808.8024 MAGILL'S LITERARY ANNUAL Magill's literary annual.
REF 808.8024 MAGILL'S LITERARY ANNUAL Magill's literary annual.
FIC BENTON By invitation only Frank, Dorothea Benton
FIC BLUNDELL The high season : a novel Blundell, Judy
FIC BUCKLEY The judge hunter Buckley, Christopher, 1952-
FIC COLGAN The endless beach Colgan, Jenny
FIC HEABERL Paper ghosts : a novel of suspense Heaberlin, Julia
FIC ISAAC You me everything : a novel Isaac, Catherine, 1974-
FIC KENYON Death doesn't bargain Kenyon, Sherrilyn, 1965-
FIC KING The outsider King, Stephen, 1947-
FIC KORYTA How it happened Koryta, Michael
FIC MILCHMAN Wicked river Milchman, Jenny
FIC MONROE Beach house reunion Monroe, Mary Alice
FIC MOORE Noir : a novel Moore, Christopher, 1957-
FIC STEEL The cast : a novel Steel, Danielle
FIC TAMIRAT The parking lot attendant : a novel Tamirat, Nafkote
FIC WEIR Jane Seymour, the haunted queen : a novel Weir, Alison, 1951-
FIC WHELAN My Oxford year : a novel Whelan, Julia, 1984-
FIC WINMAN Tin man : a novel Winman, Sarah, 1964-
FIC WINTHROP The mercy seat : a novel Winthrop, Elizabeth Hartley, 1979-
MYS FIC BOX The disappeared Box, C. J.
MYS FIC PATTERS Princess Patterson, James, 1947-
SF FIC BRADBURY Fahrenheit 451 Bradbury, Ray, 1920-
YA FIC AVEYARD War storm Aveyard, Victoria
YA FIC BERQUIST Devils unto dust Berquist, Emma
YA FIC FOODY Ace of shades Foody, Amanda
YA FIC HAWKINS Royals Hawkins, Rachel, 1979-
YA FIC HEESE Girl in the blue coat Hesse, Monica

Saturday, May 12, 2018

New Materials 5/6/18 - 5/12/18

Call Number Title Author
BIO KNIGHT KNIGHT Life after darkness : finding healing and happiness after the Cleveland kidnappings Knight, Michelle, 1981-
BIO WATSON WATSON The language of kindness : a nurse's story Watson, Christie
CD FIC SCOTTOL 9cds 11hrs After Anna Scottoline, Lisa
DVD FIC STARS WARS LAST JEDI Star wars : the last Jedi
E D The rabbit listened Doerrfeld, Cori
E H Butterfly, butterfly Horacek, Petr
E M Panda Bear, Panda Bear, what do you see? Martin, Bill, 1916-2004
GAME INDIGO Indigo [game]
BB EIGHT Eight silly monkeys
BB TWINKLE Twinkle, twinkle, little star and other bedtime nursery rhymes
BB YOLEN How do dinosaurs laugh out loud Yolen, Jane
JUV FIC LIBENSON Positively Izzy Libenson, Terri
JUV 155.2 KAY The confidence code for girls : taking risks, messing up, & becoming your amazingly imperfect totally powerful self Kay, Katty
LP FIC ANDREWS The high tide club Andrews, Mary Kay, 1954-
LP FIC CARR The family gathering Carr, Robyn
LP FIC DODD Dead girl running Dodd, Christina
LP FIC ELLIOTT The French girl Elliott, Lexie
LP FIC EVANS The forgotten road Evans, Richard Paul
LP FIC GRIMES The knowledge : a Richard Jury mystery Grimes, Martha
LP FIC ISAAC You me everything Isaac, Catherine, 1974-
LP FIC JEWELL Then she was gone Jewell, Lisa
LP FIC JOHANSEN Shattered mirror Johansen, Iris
LP FIC MARTIN The queen of hearts Martin, Kimmery
LP FIC PALMER The first family Palmer, Michael, 1942-2013.
LP FIC QUICK The other lady vanishes Quick, Amanda
LP FIC RAO Girls burn brighter Rao, Shobha
LP FIC SANDFORD Twisted prey Sandford, John, 1944 February 23-
MYS FIC BALDACCI The simple truth Baldacci, David
MYS FIC CLARK Loves music, loves to dance Clark, Mary Higgins
MYS FIC CONNELLY Chasing the dime : a novel Connelly, Michael, 1956-
MYS FIC CONNELLY The scarecrow : a novel Connelly, Michael, 1956-
MYS FIC FRANCIS Longshot Francis, Dick
229.92 ONEILL The fisherman's tomb : the true story of the Vatican's secret search O'Neill, John
621.384 SILVER The ARRL ham radio license manual : all you need to become an amateur radio operator Silver, H. Ward
631.875 THOMPSON Compost Thompson, Ken, 1954-
FIC ANDREWS The high tide club Andrews, Mary Kay, 1954-
FIC BALOGH Someone to care : a Westcott novel Balogh, Mary
FIC BELL Overkill : an Alex Hawke novel Bell, Ted
FIC CASTILLO America is not the heart Castillo, Elaine
FIC DODD Dead girl running Dodd, Christina
FIC GABEL The ensemble : a novel Gabel, Aja
FIC GANSHERT No one ever asked : a novel Ganshert, Katie
FIC GOODMAN The home for unwanted girls: a novel Goodman, Joanna, 1969-
FIC KOONTZ The crooked staircase : a Jane Hawk novel Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), 1945-
FIC KUSHNER The mars room Kushner, Rachel
FIC LAUREN Love and other words Lauren, Christina
FIC LAWRENCE Grey sister Lawrence, Mark, 1966-
FIC LAWRENCE Red sister Lawrence, Mark, 1966-
FIC ONUZO Welcome to Lagos Onuzo, Chibundu
FIC PALAHN Adjustment day Palahniuk, Chuck
FIC QUICK The other lady vanishes Quick, Amanda
FIC SIMSION Two steps forward Simsion, Graeme C.
FIC STEWART The sugarhouse blues Stewart, Mariah
FIC TAPPER The hellfire club Tapper, Jake
FIC THOMAS Mornings on Main Thomas, Jodi
FIC WALLACE Taste of wrath Wallace, Matt, 1982-
MYS FIC ATKINS Robert B. Parker's old black magic : a Spencer novel Atkins, Ace
MYS FIC HASELDINE Worth killing for Haseldine, Jane, 1966-

Saturday, May 05, 2018

New Materials 4/29/18 - 5/5/18

Call Number Title Author
EBOOK OVERDRIVE One last breath Jackson, Lisa
BIO ANDERSON ANDERSON Hey mom : stories for my mother, but you can read them too Anderson, Louie
BIO BRAGG BRAGG The best cook in the world Bragg, Rick
BIO CHRISTIE THOMPSON Agatha Christie : a mysterious life Thompson, Laura, 1964-
BIO ODOM ODOM Failing up : how to take risks, aim higher, and never stop learning Odom, Leslie, Jr., 1981-
BIO PAUL WRIGHT Paul : a biography Wright, N. T. (Nicholas Thomas)
CD FIC CLARK 6cds 6.5hrs I've got my eyes on you Clark, Mary Higgins
CD FIC COULTER 12cds 14.25hrs The sixth day Coulter, Catherine
CD FIC GENOVA Every note played Genova, Lisa
CD FIC PATTERS 6cds 7hrs Red alert : an NYPD Red mystery Patterson, James, 1947-
CD FIC WOLITZER 12cds 15hrs The female persuasion Wolitzer, Meg.
CD FIC WOODS 7cds 8hrs Shoot first Woods, Stuart
DVD FIC MAN WHO INVENTED CHRISTMAS The man who invented Christmas
FIC BRADFORD Three weeks in Paris Bradford, Barbara Taylor, 1933-
FIC CLANCY The hunt for Red October Clancy, Tom 1947-2013.
FIC CRICHTON The lost world : a novel Crichton, Michael, 1942-2008
FIC KING Nightmares & dreamscapes King, Stephen, 1947-
JUV FIC GUTMAN Deck the halls, we're off the walls! Gutman, Dan
JUV FIC MEADOWS Erin the phoenix fairy Meadows, Daisy
JUV FIC MEADOWS Hayley the rain fairy Meadows, Daisy
JUV FIC MEADOWS Hope the Happiness Fairy Meadows, Daisy
JUV FIC MEADOWS Lara the black cat fairy Meadows, Daisy
JUV FIC MEADOWS Leona the unicorn fairy Meadows, Daisy
JUV FIC MEADOWS Lindsay the luck fairy Meadows, Daisy
JUV FIC MEADOWS Pearl the cloud fairy Meadows, Daisy
JUV FIC MEADOWS Rihanna the seahorse fairy Meadows, Daisy
JUV FIC MEADOWS Sophia the snow swan fairy Meadows, Daisy
JUV FIC RIORDAN The burning maze Riordan, Rick
LP FIC BALDACCI The fallen Baldacci, David
LP FIC DEAVER The cutting edge Deaver, Jeffery
MYS FIC DEAVER The stone monkey : a Lincoln Rhyme novel Deaver, Jeffery
133.8 RADIN Real magic Radin, Dean I.
305.800 LANDRIEU In the shadow of statues : a white southerner confronts history Landrieu, Mitch
320.53 ALBRIGHT Fascism : a warning Albright, Madeleine Korbel
320.530 SNYDER The road to unfreedom : Russia, Europe, America Snyder, Timothy
363.34 JONES The big ones : how natural disasters have shaped us (and what we can do about them) Jones, Lucile M.
368.4 MORTON Nolo's guide to social security disability : getting & keeping your benefits Morton, David A., 1945-
398 ESTES Women who run with the wolves : myths and stories of the wild woman archetype Estes, Clarissa Pinkola
616.3 AVIV The acid watcher diet : a 28-day reflux prevention and healing program Aviv, Jonathan E., 1960-
616.3 GREEN Celiac disease : a hidden epidemic Green, Peter H. R.
616.7 BLUM Healing arthritis : the 3-step guide to conquering arthritis naturally Blum, Susan S.
616.8 LEVIN Understanding your migraines : a guide for patients and families Levin, Morris, 1955-
616.86 JAMISON The recovering : intoxication and its aftermath Jamison, Leslie, 1983-
629 YOUNGBLOOD A century of Indian Youngblood, Ed
796.09 BENNETT Things that make white people uncomfortable Bennett, Michael (Football player)
FIC BRODER The pisces Broder, Melissa
FIC CONNOLLY He : a novel Connolly, John, 1968-
FIC EVANS The forgotten road : a novel Evans, Richard Paul
FIC FRAZIER Varina Frazier, Charles, 1950-
FIC KILLEEN Orphan monster spy Killeen, Matt
FIC MCLAIN Love and ruin : a novel McLain, Paula
FIC MOLLOY The perfect mother Molloy, Aimee
FIC NYHAN Digging in Nyhan, Loretta
FIC ONDAATJE Warlight Ondaatje, Michael, 1943-
FIC ROBERTS Welcome to Moonlight Harbor Roberts, Sheila, 1951-
MYS FIC ALBERT Queen Anne's lace Albert, Susan Wittig
MYS FIC CHAPMAN Date with death Chapman, Julia
MYS FIC PATTERS 17th suspect Patterson, James, 1947-
YA FIC GARCIA Broken beautiful hearts Garcia, Kami
YA FIC IRELAND Dread nation : rise up Ireland, Justina
YA FIC KANN Let's talk about love Kann, Claire
YA FIC KEMMERER More than we can tell Kemmerer, Brigid