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New Materials 2/18/18 - 2/24/18

Call Number Title Author
BIO MILLARD MILLARD I can only imagine : a memoir Millard, Bart
BIO SITAL Secrets we kept : three women of Trinidad Sital, Krystal A.
CD FIC MACOMBER 11cds 14hrs An engagement in Seattle Macomber, Debbie
CD FIC SIMONS 16cds 19.5hrs The girl in Times Square Simons, Paullina, 1963-
FIC BROWN Origin Brown, Dan, 1964-
FIC COFFEY Snow day : a novel Coffey, Billy
FIC COHEN Dying for Christmas Cohen, Tamar, 1963-
FIC COHEN The mistress's revenge : a novel Cohen, Tamar, 1963-
FIC COLE Deep kiss of winter Cole, Kresley
FIC COLGAN Meet me at the Cupcake Cafe : a novel with recipes Colgan, Jenny
FIC COLGAN Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery Colgan, Jenny
FIC COLIN To capture what we cannot keep Colin, Beatrice
FIC COLLINS Confessions of a wild child Collins, Jackie
FIC MICHENER Texas Michener, James A. (James Albert), 1907-1997
JUV FIC RIORDAN The Titan's curse Riordan, Rick
LP BIO HERNANDEZ PATTERSON All-American murder : the rise and fall of Aaron Hernandez, the superstar whose life ended on murderers' row Patterson, James, 1947-
LP FIC MOYES Still me Moyes, Jojo, 1969-
MYS FIC PARKER Robert B. Parker's Blind spot : a Jesse Stone novel Coleman, Reed Farrel, 1956-
155.9 DEVINE It's ok that you're not ok : meeting grief and loss in a culture that doesn't understand Devine, Megan
158.1 SHRIVER I've been thinking... : reflections, prayers, and meditations for a meaningful life Shriver, Maria
306.4 DOHMANN Superfans : into the heart of obsessive sports fandom Dohrmann, George
306.8509 FIGES The whisperers : private life in Stalin's Russia Figes, Orlando
327.1247 BLUM In the enemy's house : the secret saga of the FBI agent and the code breaker who caught the Russian spies Blum, Howard
342.7308 US CITIZENSHIP Learn about the United States : quick civics lessons for the naturalization test U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
342.7308 US CITIZENSHIP Learn about the United States : quick civics lessons for the naturalization test U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
364.15 MCNAMARA I'll be gone in the dark : one woman's obsessive search for the Golden State Killer McNamara, Michelle
580.92 STONE The food explorer : the true adventures of the globe-trotting botanist who transformed what America eats Stone, Daniel (Daniel Evan), 1985-
613.2 HYMAN Food : what the heck should I eat? : the no-nonsense guide to achieving optimal weight and lifelong health Hyman, Mark, 1959-
613.2 PETRUCCI The 10-day belly slimdown Petrucci, Kellyann
629.45 KAKU The future of humanity : terraforming Mars, interstellar travel, immortality, and our destiny beyond Earth Kaku, Michio.
641.5884 TASTE OF HOME Everyday slow cooker & one dish recipes.
647.097 RODOTA The Watergate : inside America's most infamous address Rodota, Joseph
649.1 GALLAGHER Organized child : an effective program to maximize your kid's potential-- in school and in life Gallagher, Richard (Psychiatrist)
746.43 HAUGLAND Knits from the heart of Norway : 30 sweaters, hats, socks, and mittens inspired by the Telemark region Haugland, Irene
746.43 LINDELAND Yarn happy : 30 traditional Norwegian designs for modern knit & crochet Lindeland, Turid
796.334 BASS One goal : a coach, a team, and the game that brought a divided town together Bass, Amy
818 TWAIN Letters from the earth : uncensored writings Twain, Mark, 1835-1910
939.6 MAN Searching for the Amazons : the real warrior women of the ancient world Man, John, 1941-
974.812 MONTGOMERY COUNTY PLANNING COM Building better townhouse communities Montgomery County Planning Commission (MCPC)
974.812 MONTGOMERY COUNTY PLANNING COM Rethinking institutional properties: embracing our past and investing in our future Montgomery County Planning Commission (MCPC)
974.812 MONTGOMERY COUNTY PLANNING COM Sustainable green parking lots Montgomery County Planning Commission (MCPC)
PEACE PROJECT 342.7308 CIVICS FLASH CARDS Civics flash cards for the naturalization test.
PEACE PROJECT 342.7308 US CITIZENSHIP Learn about the United States : quick civics lessons for the naturalization test U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
PEACE PROJECT 342.7308 VOCABULARY FLASH CARDS Vocabulary flash cards for the naturalization test.
FIC ARDEN The bear and the nightingale : a novel Arden, Katherine
FIC BOWEN The Tuscan child Bowen, Rhys
FIC COGMAN The invisible library Cogman, Genevieve
FIC FIELDING The bad daughter : a novel Fielding, Joy
FIC GREANEY Agent in place Greaney, Mark
FIC HALPERN Summer hours at the Robbers Library : a novel Halpern, Sue
FIC HARPER Shallow grave Harper, Karen (Karen S.)
FIC HART The hush Hart, John, 1965-
FIC HOWARTH Only killers and thieves : a novel Howarth, Paul
FIC LAUREANO The Saturday night supper club Laureano, Carla
FIC LIPPMAN Sunburn Lippman, Laura, 1959-
FIC MAMET Chicago : a novel Mamet, David
FIC OLIVEIRA Winter sisters Oliveira, Robin
MYS FIC BEATON Death of an honest man Beaton, M. C.
MYS FIC FINCH The woman in the water Finch, Charles (Charles B.)
MYS FIC FLUKE Raspberry danish murder Fluke, Joanne, 1943-
MYS FIC JAMES Claws for concern James, Miranda
MYS FIC PATTERSON Fifty, fifty Patterson, James, 1947-
MYS FIC TRUMAN Allied in danger : a capital crimes novel Truman, Margaret, 1924-2008
YA FIC CLAYTON The Belles Clayton, Dhonielle

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New Materials 2/11/18 - 2/17/18

Call Number Title Author
BIO BOWLER BOWLER Everything happens for a reason : and other lies I've loved Bowler, Kate
BIO DAVIES DAVIES Mothers of Sparta : a memoir in pieces Davies, Dawn (Dawn S.)
BIO JAHREN JAHREN Lab girl Jahren, Hope
BIO MONTIEL MONTIEL The story of milk Montiel, Dito
BIO WAGNER CALLOW Being Wagner : the story of the most provacative composer who ever lived Callow, Simon, 1949-
E K Pinkalicious and the cupcake calamity Kann, Victoria
E M Henry's track and field day : The tortoise and the hare remixed Miller, Connie Colwell, 1976-
E M James and the kindergartener : the lion and the mouse remixed Miller, Connie Colwell, 1976-
E M Rosie's special gift : the goose who laid the golden egg remixed / by Connie Colwell Miller ; illustrated by victoria Assanelli. Miller, Connie Colwell, 1976-
FIC FOLLETT Hornet flight Follett, Ken
FIC FOLLETT The third twin : a novel Follett, Ken
FIC KENYON Unleash the night Kenyon, Sherrilyn, 1965-
FIC WRIGHT The orphan keeper : a novel, based on a true story Wright, Camron Steve
GRAPHIC NOVEL INCOGNEGRO Incognegro : a graphic mystery Johnson, Mat
JUV BIO SESSIONS HOPKINS The tree lady : the true story of how one tree-loving woman changed a city forever Hopkins, H. Joseph
JUV 509.2 IGNOTOF Women in science : 50 fearless pioneers who changed the world Ignotofsky, Rachel, 1989-
JUV 624.194 BLACK Channel tunnel Black, Vanessa, 1973-
JUV 624.2 BETHEA Golden Gate Bridge Bethea, Nikole Brooks
JUV 627.13 BLACK Panama Canal Black, Vanessa, 1973-
JUV 627.82 BETHEA Hoover Dam Bethea, Nikole Brooks
JUV 627.98 BLACK Palm Islands Black, Vanessa, 1973-
JUV 791.06 BLACK Kingda Ka roller coaster Black, Vanessa, 1973-
JUV 932 BLACK Pyramids of Egypt Black, Vanessa, 1973-
JUV 951 BLACK Great Wall of China Black, Vanessa, 1973-
LP FIC DAILEY Refuge Cove Dailey, Janet
LP FIC FEEHAN Judgment Road Feehan, Christine
LP FIC GAYNOR The cottingley secret Gaynor, Hazel
LP FIC HARPER Force of nature Harper, Jane (Jane Elizabeth)
LP FIC HUNT Killer choice Hunt, Tom (Novelist)
LP FIC HURWITZ Hellbent Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew
LP FIC KINSELLA Surprise me Kinsella, Sophie
LP FIC MALLERY Sisters like us Mallery, Susan
LP FIC ROBB Dark in death Robb, J. D., 1950-
LP FIC VAUGHAN Anatomy of a scandal Vaughan, Sarah, 1972-
133.19 GOODMAN Linda Goodman's star signs : the secret codes of the universe : forgotten rainbows and forgotten melodies of ancient wisdom. Goodman, Linda, 1925-1995
133.5 GOODMAN Linda Goodman's sun signs.
155.4 BERNSTEIN Mindfulness for teen worry : quick and easy strategies to let go of anxiety, worry, and stress Bernstein, Jeffrey, 1961-
155.6 TAITZ How to be single and happy : science-based strategies for keeping your sanity while looking for a soul mate Taitz, Jennifer L.
158.1 ROTH Strength in stillness : the power of transcendental meditation Roth, Robert, 1950-
248.4 ROBERTS Wholeness : winning in life from the inside out Roberts, Toure
305.2609 LELAND Happiness is a choice you make : lessons from a year among the oldest old Leland, John, 1959-
305.8 EDDO LODGE Why I'm no longer talking to white people about race Eddo-Lodge, Reni
306.874 ZASKE Achtung baby : an American mom on the German art of raising self-reliant children Zaske, Sara
320.956 BERGMAN Rise and kill first : the secret history of Israel's targeted assassinations Bergman, Ronen
324.973 DAVIS The unmaking of the president 2016 : how FBI Director James Comey cost Hillary Clinton the presidency Davis, Lanny J.
331.4 CHANG Brotopia : breaking up the boys' club of Silicon Valley Chang, Emily
332.7 REED Mortgages 101 : quick answers to over 250 critical questions about your home loan Reed, David (Carl David), 1957-
362.7 WIDES MUNOZ The making of a dream : how a group of young undocumented immigrants helped change what it means to be American Wides-Munoz, Laura
363.28 CANTU The line becomes a river : dispatches from the border Cantu, Francisco (Essayist)
364.152 PATTERSON All-American murder : the rise and fall of Aaron Hernandez, the superstar whose life ended on murderers' row Patterson, James, 1947-
368.4 PETERSON Social Security Peterson, Jonathan
372.19 HIRSCH What your second grader needs to know : fundamentals of a good second-grade education (revised edition) Hirsch, E. D. (Eric Donald), 1928-
372.21 HIRSCH What your kindergartner needs to know : preparing your child for a lifetime of learning
372.42 HIRSCH What your fourth grader needs to know : fundamentals of a good fourth-grade education
372.42 HIRSCH What your third grader needs to know : fundamentals of a good third-grade education Hirsch, E.D. Jr.
372.973 HIRSCH What your first grader needs to know : fundamentals of a good first-grade education Hirsch, E. D. (Eric Donald), 1928-
509 HARKUP Making the monster : the science behind Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Harkup, Kathryn
612.044 HUTCHINSON Endure : mind, body, and the curiously elastic limits of human performance Hutchinson, Alex
616.85 PRICE How to break up with your phone Price, Catherine, 1978-
650.1 JOHN Rise and grind : how to out-perform, out-work, and out-hustle the competition John, Daymond, 1969-
650.1 KELLER The one thing : the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results Keller, Gary, 1957-
658.4 VAYNERC Crushing it! : how great entrepreneurs build their business and influence-and how you can, too Vaynerchuk, Gary
821 HARRINGTON Our holidays in poetry
940.56 MURRAY The strange death of Europe : immigration, identity, Islam Murray, Douglas, 1979-
971.6 BACON The great Halifax explosion : a World War I story of treachery, tragedy, and extraordinary heroism Bacon, John U., 1964-
973.933 LEWANDO Let Trump be Trump : the inside story of his rise to the presidency Lewandowski, Corey R.
PEACE PROJECT JUV 509.2 IGNOTOF Women in science : 50 fearless pioneers who changed the world Ignotofsky, Rachel, 1989-
PEACE PROJECT JUV BIO SESSIONS HOPKINS The tree lady : the true story of how one tree-loving woman changed a city forever Hopkins, H. Joseph
FIC BENJAMIN The girls in the picture : a novel Benjamin, Melanie, 1962-
FIC BRACHT White chrysanthemum Bracht, Mary Lynn
FIC COBLE The view from Rainshadow Bay Coble, Colleen
FIC COSSETTE A light on the hill Cossette, Connilyn
FIC CROOK The which way tree Crook, Elizabeth, 1959-
FIC DAILEY Refuge cove Dailey, Janet
FIC HAIG How to stop time Haig, Matt, 1975-
FIC HALLIDAY Asymmetry : a novel Halliday, Lisa
FIC HORN Eternal life : a novel Horn, Dara, 1977-
FIC HUNT Best friends forever Hunt, Margot
FIC JOHNSON The largesse of the sea maiden : stories Johnson, Denis, 1949-2017
FIC SWETERL The gone world Sweterlitsch, Tom
FIC TUCKER Keep her safe : a novel Tucker, K. A. (Kathleen A.), 1978-
SF FIC REYNOLDS Elysium fire Reynolds, Alastair, 1966-
SS FIC SANTLOFER It occurs to me that I am America : new stories and art
YA FIC LIU Shadow girl Liu, Liana
YA FIC MCGARRY Say you'll remember me McGarry, Katie

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New Materials 2/4/18 - 2/10/18

Call Number Title Author
EBOOK OVERDRIVE Winter's tale [electronic resource]. Helprin, Mark
EBOOK OVERDRIVE An american marriage [electronic resource] Jones, Tayari
EBOOK OVERDRIVE Mister tender's girl [electronic resource] Wilson, Carter
EBOOK OVERDRIVE From anxiety to love [electronic resource] : A Radical New Approach for Letting Go of Fear and Finding Lasting Peace. Zupko, Corinne.
BIO FLANDERS FLANDERS The year of less : how I stopped shopping, gave away my belongings, and discovered life is worth more than anything you can buy in a store Flanders, Cait, 1985-
BIO WALLIS MORTON Wallis in love : the untold life of the Duchess of Windsor, the woman who changed the monarchy Morton, Andrew, 1953-
CD FIC WILLIG 12cds 15hrs The English wife : a novel Willig, Lauren
CD 155.3 WETZLER 6cds 7hrs Living with the passive-aggressive man : coping with hidden aggression--from the bedroom to the boardroom Wetzler, Scott, 1955-
DVD FIC DESPICABLE ME 3 Despicable me 3
E S Round Sidman, Joyce
FIC CARRERE Lives other than my own Carrere, Emmanuel, 1957-
FIC HEMINGWAY The old man and the sea Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961
FIC ODELL Back roads. O'Dell, Tawni
JUV FIC RICCI Betty dog and Gracie find their power Ricci, Shawna.
JUV FIC RICCI Betty dog and Jaya's power pack Ricci, Shawna.
JUV FIC RICCI Betty dog's special gifts Ricci, Shawna.
JUV 636.72 LEAF Boston terriers Leaf, Christina
JUV 636.73 SOMMER Newfoundlands Sommer, Nathan
JUV 636.73 SOMMER Saint Bernards Sommer, Nathan
JUV 636.737 LEAF Shetland sheepdogs Leaf, Christina
JUV 636.737 SCHUH Collies Schuh, Mari C., 1975-
JUV 636.752 SOMMER Cocker spaniels Sommer, Nathan
JUV 636.755 SOMMER West Highland white terriers Sommer, Nathan
JUV 636.76 SCHUETZ Shih tzus Schuetz, Kari
LP FIC EVANOVICH Lean mean thirteen Evanovich, Janet
LP FIC PHILLIPS First star I see tonight Phillips, Susan Elizabeth
LP FIC PHILLIPS The great escape Phillips, Susan Elizabeth
CHINESE OLDER BOBO Wan qing si Bobo, 1976-
CHINESE OLDER JI Fan yi guan = Les interpretes Ji, Yuanyuan
CHINESE OLDER JIN Meng hui da Qing Zhong jie pian Jin, Zi
CHINESE OLDER LIU Gong dou : qing qiang tian Liu, Ruyan
CHINESE OLDER WANQING Meng hui da qing xi lie yao hua Wanqing, Fengjing.
CHINESE OLDER ZHANG Huai yun yi ben tong
MYS FIC GRIMES The Grave Maurice : a Richard Jury mystery Grimes, Martha
MYS FIC KATZENBACH The shadow man Katzenbach, John.
MYS FIC PATTERSON 3rd degree : a novel Patterson, James, 1947-
248.4 VANZANT Get over it! : thought therapy for healing the hard stuff Vanzant, Iyanla
270.1 EHRMAN The triumph of Christianity Ehrman, Bart D.
363.325 SADLER The 15:17 to Paris : the true story of a terrorist, a train, and three American heroes Sadler, Anthony
364.152 PATTERSON Murder beyond the grave : true-crime thrillers Patterson, James, 1947-
612.8 ADAM The genius within : unlocking our brain's potential Adam, David, 1972-
650.1 HAMILTON Finish first : winning changes everything Hamilton, Scott, 1958-
973 DOYLE The source : how rivers made America and America remade its rivers Doyle, Martin
973.933 KURTZ Media madness : Donald Trump, the press, and the war over the truth Kurtz, Howard, 1953-
PEACE PROJECT JUV FIC RICCI Betty dog and Gracie find their power Ricci, Shawna.
PEACE PROJECT JUV FIC RICCI Betty dog and Gracie find their power Ricci, Shawna.
PEACE PROJECT JUV FIC RICCI Betty dog and Jaya's power pack Ricci, Shawna.
PEACE PROJECT JUV FIC RICCI Betty dog and Jaya's power pack Ricci, Shawna.
PEACE PROJECT JUV FIC RICCI Betty dog's special gifts Ricci, Shawna.
PEACE PROJECT JUV FIC RICCI Betty dog's special gifts Ricci, Shawna.
REF 347.748 PA RULES OF COURT VOL.1 Pennsylvania rules of court. State and federal.
REF 347.748 PA RULES OF COURT VOL.2 Pennsylvania rules of court. State and federal.
REF 347.748 PA RULES OF COURT VOL.2A Pennsylvania rules of court. State and federal.
FIC ARMSTRONG This fallen prey Armstrong, Kelley
FIC BERENSON The deceivers Berenson, Alex
FIC BLAEDEL The undertaker's daughter Blaedel, Sara
FIC BLOOM White houses : a novel Bloom, Amy, 1953-
FIC DARZNIK Song of a captive bird : a novel Darznik, Jasmin, 1973-
FIC GRIPPANDO A death in Live Oak Grippando, James, 1958-
FIC HANNAH The great alone Hannah, Kristin
FIC HARPER Force of nature : a novel Harper, Jane (Jane Elizabeth)
FIC JONES An American marriage Jones, Tayari
FIC KINSELLA Surprise me : a novel Kinsella, Sophie
FIC LESCROART Poison Lescroart, John T.
FIC MALMQUIST In every moment we are still alive Malmquist, Tom, 1978-
FIC MARTIN The queen of hearts Martin, Kimmery
FIC MATTHEWS The Kremlin's candidate : a novel Matthews, Jason, 1951-
FIC MEISSNER As Bright As Heaven Meissner, Susan, 1961-
FIC NAVIN Only child Navin, Rhiannon, 1978-
FIC OATES Beautiful days : stories Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938-
FIC PAPANTONIO Law and vengeance : a legal thriller Papantonio, Mike, 1953-
FIC POWELL The unforgotten Powell, Laura (Writer and editor)
FIC RIVERS The masterpiece Rivers, Francine, 1947-
FIC SWANSON The glass forest Swanson, Cynthia, 1965-
FIC VANDER VLIET OLOOMI Call me Zebra Van der Vliet Oloomi, Azareen
MYS FIC GARDNER Look for me : a novel Gardner, Lisa
MYS FIC KELLERMAN Night moves : an Alex Delaware novel Kellerman, Jonathan
MYS FIC TODD The gate keeper : an Inspector Ian Rutledge mystery Todd, Charles
SF FIC SALVATORE Child of a mad god Salvatore, R. A., 1959-
YA FIC PIERCE Tempests and slaughter Pierce, Tamora

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New Materials 1/28/18 - 2/3/18

Call Number Title Author
BIO HADDISH HADDISH The last black unicorn Haddish, Tiffany, 1979-
BIO KHAN-CUL KHAN-CUL When they call you a terrorist : a Black Lives Matter memoir Khan-Cullors, Patrisse
BIO MARSHALL HAYGOOD Showdown : Thurgood Marshall and the Supreme Court nomination that changed America Haygood, Wil.
CD FIC BURKE 12cds 14.5hrs Robicheaux : a novel Burke, James Lee, 1936-
CD FIC FINN 12cds 13.75hrs The woman in the window : a novel Finn, A. J.
CD FIC GRIFFIN 8cds 9.45hrs Death at Nuremberg Griffin, W. E. B.
CD FIC KELLY 14cds 17.5hrs Lilac girls : a novel Kelly, Martha Hall
CD FIC PERRY 9cds 10.5hrs The bomb maker Perry, Thomas, 1947-
CD 973.933 WOLFF 10cds 12hrs Fire and fury : inside the Trump White House Wolff, Michael, 1953-
E B The Berenstain Bears : blessed are the peacemakers Berenstain, Mike, 1951-
E B The Berenstain Bears' funny valentine Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005
E C Does a kangaroo have a mother, too? Carle, Eric
E C Maisy cleans up Cousins, Lucy
E D Princess bedtime stories.
E K The biggest valentine ever Kroll, Steven
E L Put me in the zoo Lopshire, Robert.
E M Adventures of my little pony.
E M Happy Halloween, Little Critter! Mayer, Mercer, 1943-
E O Fancy Nancy sees stars O'Connor, Jane
E S The cat in the hat comes back! Seuss, Dr.
E W The night before Valentine's Day Wing, Natasha
BB BOYNTON Blue hat, green hat Boynton, Sandra
BB TALES Tales from the track / illustrated by the Disney Storybook Artists ; inspired by the art and character designs created by Pixar.
CD JUV FIC KINNEY 2cds 2.25hrs Diary of a wimpy kid. Cabin fever Kinney, Jeff
JUV FIC MLYNOWS Dragon overnight Mlynowski, Sarah
LP 973.933 WOLFF Fire and Fury : Inside the Trump White House Wolff, Michael, 1953-
LP FIC PRESTON City of endless night : a Pendergast novel Preston, Douglas J.
LP FIC STEEL Fall from grace Steel, Danielle
170 PETERSON 12 rules for life : an antidote to chaos Peterson, Jordan B.
294.3 EPSTEIN Advice not given : a guide to getting over yourself Epstein, Mark, 1953-
303.3 SIMMONS On power : my journey through the corridors of power and how you can get more power Simmons, Gene, 1949-
305.3097 LIPMAN That's what she said : what men need to know (and women need to tell them) about working together Lipman, Joanne
321.8 LEVITSKY How democracies die Levitsky, Steven
327.730 HARDING Collusion : secret meetings, dirty money, and how Russia helped Donald Trump win Harding, Luke, 1968-
330.9775 GOLDSTEIN Janesville : an American story Goldstein, Amy, 1957-
364.152 NASH The politics of murder : the power and ambition behind The altar boy murder case Nash, Margo, 1941-
613.2 VERBURGH The longevity code : secrets to living well for longer from the front lines of science Verburgh, Kris, 1986-
615.8 BAUR Joy unleashed : the story of Bella, the unlikely therapy dog Baur, Jean
618.92 BURKE HARRIS The deepest well : healing the long-term effects of childhood adversity Burke Harris, Nadine
649.143 FABER Siblings without rivalry : how to help your children live together so you can live too Faber, Adele.
947.08 FIGES A people's tragedy : the Russian Revolution, 1891-1924 Figes, Orlando
973.933 JOHNSTON It's even worse than you think : what the Trump administration is doing to America Johnston, David C., 1948-
FIC BRENNAN Breaking point Brennan, Allison
FIC CLEVELAND Need to know : a novel Cleveland, Karen
FIC COHEN This love story will self-destruct Cohen, Leslie, 1984-
FIC MEDOFF This could hurt : a novel Medoff, Jillian
FIC SHIELDS The winter station Shields, Jody, 1952-
FIC SMITH The maze at Windermere : a novel Smith, Gregory Blake
FIC ZUMAS Red clocks Zumas, Leni, 1972-
MYS FIC ARCHER Strangers : a novel Poznanski, Ursula, 1968-
MYS FIC OWENS The other side of everything : a novel Owens, Lauren Doyle, 1978-
SF FIC BUTLER Kindred Butler, Octavia E.
SF FIC SALVATO The silent blade Salvatore, R. A., 1959-
YA FIC SHUSTER Thunderhead Shusterman, Neal