Thursday, June 25, 2015

New Materials 6/19/15 - 6/25/15

Call Number Title Author
EBOOK OVERDRIVE The lost and the blind [electronic resource] : A Contemporary Thriller Set in Rural Ireland. Burke, Declan
DVD FIC DOG WHO SAVED SUMMER The dog who saved summer
DVD FIC PADDING TON Paddington Paddington (Motion picture).
DVD FIC SPONGE BOB MOVIE The SpongeBob movie : sponge out of water SpongeBob movie, sponge out of water (Motion picture)
DVD FIC STRANGE MAGIC Strange magic Strange magic (Motion picture : 2015).
E B God found us you Bergren, Lisa Tawn
E E Dodsworth in New York Egan, Tim
E M We all need forgiveness Mayer, Mercer, 1943-
E M Jesus A to Z McGrath, Michael O'Neill
E M Take me out to the Yakyu Meshon, Aaron
E P Xander's panda party Park, Linda Sue
E R Minette's feast : the delicious story of Julia Child and her cat Reich, Susanna
E R Blackout Rocco, John
E R Annie and Snowball and the Teacup Club : the third book of their adventures Rylant, Cynthia
E S The sign painter Say, Allen
E S Gregory, the terrible eater Sharmat, Mitchell
E W Have I got a book for you! Watt, Melanie, 1975-
FIC WILDE The picture of Dorian Gray Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900
FIC WILDE The picture of Dorian Gray Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900
JUV BIO BOWMAN MCGOWEN Jesse Bowman : a Union boy's war story McGowen, Tom.
JUV BIO GIBSON STAUFFAC Nothing but trouble : the story of Althea Gibson Stauffacher, Sue, 1961-
JUV BIO KNOX SILVEY Henry Knox : bookseller, soldier, patriot Silvey, Anita
JUV BIO OHR GREENBE The mad potter : George E. Ohr, eccentric genius Greenberg, Jan, 1942-
JUV BIO WEBSTER FERRIS Noah Webster and his words Ferris, Jeri
JUV FIC APPLEGA Home of the brave Applegate, Katherine
JUV FIC BEATY Dorko the magnificent Beaty, Andrea
JUV FIC BIRNEY Adventure according to Humphrey Birney, Betty G.
JUV FIC BROACH The miniature world of Marvin & James Broach, Elise
JUV FIC BUTLER The case of the lost boy Butler, Dori Hillestad
JUV FIC CARMICHA Wild things Carmichael, Clay
JUV FIC CLEMENTS Jake Drake, bully buster Clements, Andrew, 1949-
JUV FIC CODY Powerless Cody, Matthew
JUV FIC CURTIS The mighty Miss Malone Curtis, Christopher Paul
JUV FIC DOWELL Shooting the moon Dowell, Frances O'Roark
JUV FIC FEHLER Never blame the umpire Fehler, Gene, 1940-
JUV FIC GRIMES Almost zero : a Dyamonde Daniel book Grimes, Nikki
JUV FIC GUTMAN Back in time with Benjamin Franklin : a Qwerty Stevens adventure Gutman, Dan
JUV FIC HADDIX Dexter the tough Haddix, Margaret Peterson
JUV FIC HARPER Just Grace goes green Harper, Charise Mericle
JUV FIC IGNATOW The popularity papers : research for the social improvement and general betterment of Lydia Goldblatt & Julie Graham-Chang Ignatow, Amy
JUV FIC JONES Sand dollar summer Jones, Kimberly, 1957-
JUV FIC KARWOSKI Surviving Jamestown : the adventures of young Sam Collier Karwoski, Gail, 1949-
JUV FIC LARSON Duke Larson, Kirby
JUV FIC LUPICA Two-minute drill Lupica, Mike
JUV FIC PALACIC Wonder Palacio, R. J.
JUV FIC PALEY Hooper finds a family : a Hurricane Katrina dog's survival tale Paley, Jane
JUV FIC PHILBRIC Zane and the hurricane : a story of Katrina Philbrick, W. R. (W. Rodman)
JUV FIC POGUE Abby Carnelia's one & only magical power Pogue, David, 1963-
JUV FIC PRIMAVE Libby of High Hopes Primavera, Elise
JUV FIC SLEATOR The boy who reversed himself Sleator, William
JUV FIC SLOAN Counting by 7s Sloan, Holly Goldberg, 1958-
JUV FIC THURBER The 13 clocks Thurber, James, 1894-1961
JUV FIC TOOKE King of the mound : my summer with Satchel Paige Tooke, Wes
JUV FIC VAN EEKHOUT The boy at the end of the world Van Eekhout, Greg
JUV FIC WEEKS Pie Weeks, Sarah
JUV FIC WEEKS So B. It : a novel Weeks, Sarah
JUV FIC WOODRUFF George Washington's spy Woodruff, Elvira
JUV 158.1 MCCLOUD Have you filled a bucket today? : a guide to daily happiness for kids McCloud, Carol
JUV 305.23 FREEDMAN Children of the Great Depression Freedman, Russell
JUV 328.73 KENNEDY My senator and me : a dog's eye view of Washington, D.C. Kennedy, Edward M. (Edward Moore), 1932-2009
JUV 359.9 RITLAND Navy SEAL dogs : my tale of training canines for combat Ritland, Mike
JUV 513.212 MURPHY Monster musical chairs Murphy, Stuart J., 1942-
JUV 519.2 LEEDY It's probably Penny Leedy, Loreen.
JUV 551.5 SIMON Weather Simon, Seymour.
JUV 567.9 KUDLINS Boy, were we wrong about dinosaurs! Kudlinski, Kathleen V.
JUV 597.98 GIBBONS Alligators and crocodiles Gibbons, Gail.
JUV 599.74 SIMON Wolves Simon, Seymour.
JUV 746.97 SWEET Balloons over Broadway : the true story of the puppeteer of Macy's Parade Sweet, Melissa, 1956-
JUV 759.4 MACLACH The iridescence of birds : a book about Henri Matisse MacLachlan, Patricia
JUV 780 ALIKI Ah, music! Aliki
JUV 796.357 BILDNER The unforgettable season : the story of Joe Dimaggio, Ted Williams and the record-setting summer of '41 Bildner, Phil
JUV 883 SUTCLIFF Black ships before Troy : the story of the Iliad Sutcliff, Rosemary
JUV 940.53 AMBROSE The good fight : how World War II was won Ambrose, Stephen E.
JUV 940.5449 STONE Courage has no color : the true story of the Triple Nickles : America's first Black paratroopers Stone, Tanya Lee
JUV 973.3 CASTROV Revolutionary friends : General George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette Castrovilla, Selene, 1966-
JUV 973.3 MAESTRO Liberty or death : the American Revolution, 1763-1783 Maestro, Betsy.
JUV 973.332 MURPHY The crossing : how George Washington saved the American Revolution Murphy, Jim, 1947-
JUV 973.709 SWANSON Chasing Lincoln's killer Swanson, James L., 1959-
305.5509 KIERNAN American mojo, lost and found : restoring our middle class before the world blows by Kiernan, Peter D.
320.973 PAUL Taking a stand : moving beyond partisan politics to unite America Paul, Rand
508 MERTON When the trees say nothing : writings on nature Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968
620 SHALLY- JENSEN Careers in technical services & equipment repair Shally-Jensen, Michael, ed.
649.1 TUTTLE The child whisperer : the ultimate handbook for raising happy, successful, cooperative children Tuttle, Carol
820.9 ZALESKI The fellowship : the literary lives of the Inklings: J.R.R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Owen Barfield, Charles Williams Zaleski, Philip
974.811 KEELS Chestnut Hill Keels, Thomas H.
FIC BAKOPOU Summerlong : a novel Bakopoulos, Dean
FIC BUSHNELL Killing Monica Bushnell, Candace
FIC DEVERAU Ever after : a Nantucket brides novel Deveraux, Jude
FIC GREEN Summer secrets : a novel Green, Jane, 1968-
FIC HANNON Hope Harbor : a novel Hannon, Irene
FIC JAMES Grey James, E. L.
FIC SHAARA The fateful lightning : a novel of the Civil War Shaara, Jeff, 1952-
FIC WALBERT The sunken cathedral : a novel Walbert, Kate, 1961-
MYS FIC PATTERS Truth or die Patterson, James
SF FIC PRATCHE The long Utopia : a novel Pratchett, Terry
YA FIC BRYANT The trial : a novel Bryant, Jennifer
YA FIC FLANAGAN The ruins of Gorlan Flanagan, John (John Anthony)
YA FIC MYERS Assassin Myers, Anna
YA FIC PAULSEN Notes from the dog Paulsen, Gary
YA FIC PAULSEN Woods runner Paulsen, Gary
YA FIC SONNENB Drums, girls, & dangerous pie Sonnenblick, Jordan
YA FIC ZANCAN Local girls : a novel Zancan, Caroline

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New Materials 6/12/15 - 6/18/15

Call Number Title Author
BIO MUSK VANCE Elon Musk : Tesla, SpaceX, and the quest for a fantastic future Vance, Ashlee
BIO NIXON THOMAS Being Nixon : a man divided Thomas, Evan, 1951-
BIO WIESEL WIESEL Night Wiesel, Elie, 1928-
BIO WIESEL WIESEL Night Wiesel, Elie, 1928-
DVD FIC CHAMBER The Chamber [videorecording]
DVD FIC DELIVERAN Deliverance [videorecording]
DVD FIC GETTYS BURG Gettysburg [videorecording (DVD)]
DVD FIC LEGENDS OF THE FALL Legends of the fall [DVD]
DVD FIC MIRACLE WORKER The miracle worker [videorecording]
DVD FIC THE DUFF The Duff (DVD) [videorecording].
DVD FIC TRACERS Tracers Tracers (Motion picture : 2015 : Benmayor).
DVD FIV ALONG CAME A SPIDER Along came a spider [videorecording] Along came a spider (Motion picture)
DVD 330.9 UNTOUCHA The Untouchables [videorecording] : money, power and Wall Street
E F Blue chicken Freedman, Deborah (Deborah Jane), 1960-
E H The gift box Henry, Rohan
E P Ava's poppy Pfister, Marcus
FIC SCHWAB Vicious Schwab, Victoria
GRAPHIC NOVEL BLOOM COUNTY BABYLON Bloom County Babylon : five years of basic naughtiness Breathed, Berke
GRAPHIC NOVEL SHAMAN KING 2 Shaman King Takei, Hiroyuki.
JUV FIC AUXIER The night gardener : a scary story Auxier, Jonathan
JUV FIC AVI Catch you later, traitor Avi, 1937-
JUV FIC CHEVERT Last Stand on the Ocean Shore : The Mystery of Herobrine: Book Three: a Gameknight999 Adventure: an Unofficial Minecrafter's Adventure. Cheverton, Mark
JUV FIC CONNOR Waiting for normal Connor, Leslie
JUV FIC PAULSEN Hatchet Paulsen, Gary
JUV FIC WHITE The Thickety : a path begins White, J. A.
JUV FIC YEE Stanford Wong flunks big-time Yee, Lisa
JUV 513.2 STEFFORA Adding with ants Steffora, Tracey
JUV 623.4 SHEINKIN Bomb : the race to build and steal the world's most dangerous weapon Sheinkin, Steve
JUV 974.8 SKEWES Larry gets lost in Philadelphia Skewes, John
SPANISH YOUNGER ZALDIVAR Robert goes fishing : Roberto va de pesca Puig Zaldivar, Raquel
307.76 BAUSUM Stonewall : breaking out in the fight for gay rights Bausum, Ann.
370.973 ROBINSON Creative schools : the grassroots revolution that's transforming education Robinson, Ken, 1950-
388.097 KANTER Move : putting America's infrastructure back in the lead Kanter, Rosabeth Moss
616.7 ANSARI Modern romance Ansari, Aziz, 1983-
616.85 FINCH The journal of best practices : a memoir of marriage, Asperger syndrome, and one man's quest to be a better husband Finch, David, 1977-
629.132 VANHOEN Skyfaring : a journey with a pilot Vanhoenacker, Mark
641.86 TACK Cake my day Tack, Karen
663.309 LEBOW The United States of craft beer Lebow, Jess
791.43 GAINES We don't need roads : the making of the Back to the future trilogy Gaines, Caseen, 1986-
792.02 PHILLIPS Judy & Liza & Robert & Freddie & David & Sue & me... : a memoir Phillips, Stevie, 1936-
812.54 WILLIAMS A streetcar named desire Williams, Tennessee, 1911-1983
910.916 KURSON Pirate hunters : the search for the Golden Fleece Kurson, Robert
919.89 LANSING Endurance : Shackleton's incredible voyage Lansing, Alfred.
PB 2 CHRISTOPHER Secret of the Templars Christopher, Paul, 1949-
PB 2 CONNOLLY An early wake Connolly, Sheila
PB 2 MCKINLAY At the drop of a hat McKinlay, Jenn
PB 2 MORAN Well read, then dead Moran, Terrie Farley
PB 2 PERRY Caught dead handed Perry, Carol J.
FIC BLACKWOOD Tom Clancy under fire Blackwood, Grant
FIC COLLINS The Santangelos : a novel Collins, Jackie
FIC GERRITS Never say die Gerritsen, Tess
FIC HAWKINS The girl on the train Hawkins, Paula
FIC HILDERB The rumor : a novel Hilderbrand, Elin
FIC LINDSEY Wildfire in his arms Lindsey, Johanna
FIC MELTZER The President's shadow Meltzer, Brad
FIC REICH Invasion of privacy : a novel Reich, Christopher, 1961-
FIC STEEL Country : a novel Steel, Danielle
FIC WATSON Second life : a novel Watson, S. J. (Steven J.)
SF FIC FLINT 1635 : the papal stakes Flint, Eric
SF FIC FLINT 1636 : Commander Cantrell in the West Indies Flint, Eric
YA FIC O'BRIEN Z for Zachariah O'Brien, Robert C.
YA FIC HINTON Rumble fish Hinton, S. E.
YA FIC NIXON The kidnapping of Christina Lattimore Nixon, Joan Lowery
YA FIC PEACOCK Eye of the crow Peacock, Shane
YA FIC SMITH Moonsong Smith, L. J. (Lisa J.)
YA FIC SPINELLI Eggs Spinelli, Jerry

Thursday, June 11, 2015

New Materials 6/5/15 - 6/11/15

Call Number Title Author
CD FIC JOHANSEN 9cds 11hrs Your next breath [sound recording] : a novel Johansen, Iris
CD FIC KING 5CDs 5hrs Dolan's Cadillac [sound recording] : and other stories King, Stephen, 1947-
CD 155.66 WILLIAMS 4CDs The age of miracles [sound recording] : [embracing the new midlife] Williamson, Marianne, 1952-
CD 158.5 COHEN 3CDs 2hrs You can negotiate anything [sound recording] Cohen, Herb
CD 204.4 TOLLE 2CDs 1.5hrs Finding your life's purpose [CD recording] Tolle, Eckhart, 1948-
CD 616.85 WEEKES 2CDs 2hrs Pass through panic [sound recording] Weekes, Claire
CD 646.7 PAGE 8CDs 9hrs If I'm so wonderful, why am I still single? [sound recording] : 10 strategies that will change your love life forever Page, Susan.
DVD FIC DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES Dawn of the planet of the apes Dawn of the planet of the apes (Motion picture)
DVD FIC FUNNY THING HAPPENE ON THE WAY A funny thing happened on the way to the forum [videorecording (DVD)]
DVD FIC GUESS WHO Guess who [videorecording]
DVD FIC KON-TIKI Kon-Tiki [videorecording]
DVD FIC NAMESAKE The namesake [videorecording] Namesake (Motion picture)
DVD FIC NET The net [videorecording]
DVD FIC PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER The perks of being a wallflower [videorecording] Perks of being a wallflower (Motion picture)
DVD FIC PROXIMITY Proximity [videorecording]
DVD FIC REAR WINDOW Alfred Hitchcock's rear window [videorecording] Rear window (Motion picture)
DVD 155.7 ORIGINS OF THE HUMAN guide Origins of the human mind [DVD] Hinshaw, Stephen P.
DVD 155.7 ORIGINS OF THE HUMAN Origins of the human mind [DVD] Hinshaw, Stephen P.
FIC ADLER-OLSEN The Marco Effect : a Department Q novel Adler-Olsen, Jussi
DVD JUV FIC CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS A Charlie Brown Christmas [videorecording] Charlie Brown Christmas (Television program)
JUV FIC BALL Blast off! Ball, Nate
JUV FIC BALL The science unfair Ball, Nate
JUV FIC BARKLEY Amy's very merry Christmas Barkley, Callie
JUV FIC BRUEL Bad Kitty : drawn to trouble Bruel, Nick
JUV FIC CASANOVA Grace Casanova, Mary
JUV FIC CASANOVA Grace stirs it up Casanova, Mary
JUV FIC KOGGE Droids in distress Kogge, Michael
JUV FIC KOGGE The rebellion begins Kogge, Michael
JUV FIC KOGGE Star Wars rebels. Rise of the rebels Kogge, Michael
JUV FIC LEGO Danger in the Outlands Farshtey, Greg
JUV FIC LEGO Fire and ice Farshtey, Greg
JUV FIC LEGO The search for Zane Howard, Kate
JUV FIC LEGO Yoda's secret missions Landers, Ace
JUV FIC LEGO A team divided West, Tracey, 1965-
JUV FIC LOCK Terrors of the deep Lock, Deborah
JUV FIC PLATT Galactic mission Platt, Richard
JUV FIC POKEMON ADVENTU GOLD v.10 Pokemon adventures. Volume 10, Gold & silver Kusaka, Hidenori
JUV FIC POKEMON ADVENTU GOLD v.11 Pokemon adventures. Volume 11, Gold & Silver Kusaka, Hidenori
JUV FIC POKEMON ADVENTU GOLD v.12 Pokemon adventures. 12 Kusaka, Hidenori
JUV FIC POKEMON ADVENTU GOLD v.13 Pokemon adventures. Volume 13, Gold & Silver Kusaka, Hidenori
JUV FIC POKEMON ADVENTU GOLD v.14 Pokemon adventures. Volume 14, Gold & silver Jones, Gerard, 1957-
JUV FIC POKEMON ADVENTU GOLD v.8 Pokemon adventures 8, Gold & silver Kusaka, Hidenori
JUV FIC POKEMON ADVENTU GOLD v.9 Pokemon adventures. Volume 9, Gold & Silver Kusaka, Hidenori
LP FIC ANDREWS Beach town Andrews, Mary Kay, 1954-
LP FIC BROWN Tail Gait : a Mrs. Murphy Mystery Brown, Rita Mae
LP FIC CHILDS Ming tea murder : a tea shop mystery Childs, Laura
LP FIC CUSSLER Piranha Cussler, Clive
LP FIC DAILEY Texas tough Dailey, Janet
LP FIC DELINSKY Blueprints Delinsky, Barbara
LP FIC EPHRON Night night, sleep tight Ephron, Hallie
LP FIC FINDER The fixer Finder, Joseph
LP FIC HARMAN The reluctant midwife : a Hope River novel Harman, Patricia, 1943-
LP FIC PALMER Trauma Palmer, Michael, 1942-2013.
KOREAN YOUNG AESOP Aesop's fables. Aesop
KOREAN YOUNG BRONTE Jane Eyre. Bronte, Charlotte.
KOREAN YOUNG SHELLEY Story of Frankenstein. Shelley, Mary.
KOREAN YOUNG STEVENS Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Stevenson, Robert Louis
320.408 LAWLESS Running from office : why young Americans are turned off to politics Lawless, Jennifer L., 1975-
363.738 GOLDSMITH Uninhabitable : a case for caution Goldsmith, Craig Scott.
395 TOKSVIG The tricky art of co-existing : how to behave decently no matter what life throws your way Toksvig, Sandi
615.321 WORWOOD The complete book of essential oils and aromatherapy Worwood, Valerie Ann, 1945-
746.43 CARR Geek knits : over 30 projects for fantasy fanatics, science fiction fiends, and knitting nerds Carr, Toni
793.734 WILLIAMS Word nerd : dispatches from the games, grammar, and geek underground Williams, John D., Jr.
942.046 DEAN The world of Richard III Dean, Kristie
947.086 MEZRICH Once upon a time in Russia : the rise of the oligarchs--a true story of ambition, wealth, betrayal, and murder Mezrich, Ben, 1969-
973.09 HAYWARD The politically incorrect guide to the presidents : from Wilson to Obama Hayward, Steven F.
973.56 INSKEEP Jacksonland : President Andrew Jackson, Cherokee Chief John Ross, and a great American land grab Inskeep, Steve
REF 348.784 PURDON'S PA STATUTES 1 Purdon's Pennsylvania statutes and consolidated statutes. Pennsylvania.
REF 348.784 PURDON'S PA STATUTES 2 Purdon's Pennsylvania statutes and consolidated statutes. Pennsylvania.
REF 348.784 PURDON'S PA STATUTES 3 Purdon's Pennsylvania statutes and consolidated statutes. Pennsylvania.
REF 348.784 PURDON'S PA STATUTES 4 Purdon's Pennsylvania statutes and consolidated statutes. Pennsylvania.
REF 348.784 PURDON'S PA STATUTES 5 Purdon's Pennsylvania statutes and consolidated statutes. Pennsylvania.
REF 348.784 PURDON'S PA STATUTES 6 Purdon's Pennsylvania statutes and consolidated statutes. Pennsylvania.
REF 348.784 PURDON'S PA STATUTES 7 Purdon's Pennsylvania statutes and consolidated statutes. Pennsylvania.
REF 348.784 PURDON'S PA STATUTES 8 Purdon's Pennsylvania statutes and consolidated statutes. Pennsylvania.
FIC ATTENBERG Saint Mazie : a novel Attenberg, Jami
FIC BARROWS The truth according to us : a novel Barrows, Annie
FIC DELINSKY Blueprints : a novel Delinsky, Barbara
FIC FINDER The fixer Finder, Joseph
FIC FRANK All the single ladies Frank, Dorothea Benton
FIC HAMILTON Dead ice Hamilton, Laurell K.
FIC HARUF Our souls at night Haruf, Kent.
FIC KOVALY Innocence ; or, murder on Steep Street Kovaly, Heda, 1919-2010
FIC NICHOLS The rocks Nichols, Peter, 1950-
FIC PEKKANEN Things you won't say : a novel Pekkanen, Sarah
FIC ROBY The ultimate betrayal Roby, Kimberla Lawson
SF FIC BROOKS The darkling child : the defenders of Shannara Brooks, Terry
SF FIC MCCAMMON Border. McCammon, Robert.
YA FIC CABOT Royal wedding Cabot, Meg
YA FIC HOLDER The evil within : a Possessions novel Holder, Nancy
YA FIC KINSELLA Finding Audrey Kinsella, Sophie

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New Materials 5/29/15 - 6/4/15

Call Number Title Author
CD FIC ILES 26cds 32hrs The bone tree [sound recording] Iles, Greg
CD FIC LESCROA 9cds 11.25hrs The fall [sound recording] : a novel Lescroart, John T.
CD FIC MICHAELS 7cds 8.5hrs Perfect match [sound recording] Michaels, Fern.
DVD FIC HOMELAND SEASON 3 Homeland. The complete third season [DVD]
FIC CROSBY Spare change : a novel Crosby, Bette Lee
FIC JUDISCH The lost loves of World War II collection : 3 novels of questions unsolved since World War II Judisch, Bruce.
FIC MONROE The book club Monroe, Mary Alice
GRAPHIC NOVEL DOCTOR WHO Doctor Who : the Tenth Doctor. Vol 1, Revolutions of terror Abadzis, Nick
GRAPHIC NOVEL KELMAN Battle lines : a graphic history of the Civil War Kelman, Ari, 1968-
JUV FIC BARKLEY Ellie's lovely idea Barkley, Callie
JUV FIC BARKLEY Liz at Marigold Lake Barkley, Callie
JUV FIC HAMILTON Free spirit Hamilton, Sable, 1949-
JUV FIC HAMILTON A star is born Hamilton, Sable, 1949-
JUV FIC HAMILTON Wildfire Hamilton, Sable, 1949-
JUV FIC MAY Lulu : my glamorous life May, Kyla
JUV FIC MAY Mika : my new life May, Kyla
JUV FIC POKEMON ADVENTUR RED v.1 Pokemon adventures. 1 Kusaka, Hidenori
JUV FIC POKEMON ADVENTUR RED v.2 Pokemon adventures. 2 Kusaka, Hidenori
JUV FIC POKEMON ADVENTUR RED v.3 Pokemon adventures. 3 Kusaka, Hidenori
JUV FIC POKEMON ADVENTUR RED v.4 Pokemon adventures. 4 Kusaka, Hidenori
JUV FIC POKEMON ADVENTUR RED v.5 Pokemon adventures. 5 Kusaka, Hidenori
JUV FIC POKEMON ADVENTUR RED v.6 Pokemon adventures. 6 Kusaka, Hidenori
JUV FIC POKEMON ADVENTUR RED v.7 Pokemon adventures. 7 Kusaka, Hidenori
JUV FIC STINE My alien parents Stine, R. L.
JUV FIC STINE Three faces of me Stine, R. L.
JUV 793.7 DISNEY Look and find fun with friends
JUV 793.7 DISNEY PRINCES Look and find winter dreams Mawhinney, Art
JUV 793.7 INSIDE OUT Look and find inside out
JUV 793.7 MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHO Look and find Mickey Mouse clubhouse
JUV 793.7 SESAME STREET Look and find let's go to the zoo!
JUV 793.7 SNOOPY Look and find Snoopy
JUV 793.7 SOFIA THE FIRST Look and find Sofia the first
JUV 818.602 DAHL Scooby-Doo! Animal jokes Dahl, Michael
JUV 818.602 DAHL Scooby-Doo! Food jokes / by Michael Dahl ; illustrated by Scott Jeralds ; Editor: Eliza Leahy. Dahl, Michael
JUV 818.602 DAHL Scooby-Doo monster jokes Dahl, Michael
JUV 818.602 DAHL Scooby-Doo! On the go jokes Dahl, Michael
LP FIC DEAVER Solitude creek [text (large print)] Deaver, Jeffery
LP FIC PATTERS 14th deadly sin Patterson, James, 1947-
SPANISH OLDER BELLO Gramatica de la lengua castellana Bello, Andres, 1781-1865
629.28 CHILTON'S Chilton's General Motors Lumina/Grand Prix/Cutlass Supreme/Regal 1988-92 repair manual
153.8 SEGAR No sweat : how the simple science of motivation can bring you a lifetime of fitness Segar, Michelle L.
170.44 TWORKOW If you feel too much : thoughts on things found and lost and hoped for Tworkowski, Jamie
325.73 COULTER Adios, America : the left's plan to turn our country into a third world hellhole Coulter, Ann H.
359.009 WEBB Among heroes : true stories of friendship, sacrifice, and heroism in the U.S. Navy SEAL teams Webb, Brandon
378.1 SAT 2016 500+ practice questions for the new SAT
658.4 ARISON The doing good model : activate your goodness in business Arison, Shari, 1957-
663.52 MITENBU Bourbon empire : the past and future of America's whiskey Mitenbuler, Reid
796.83 BUTLER The domino diaries : my decade boxing with Olympic champions and chasing Hemingway's ghost in the last days of Castro's Cuba Butler, Brin-Jonathan
940.54 MURPHY 81 days below zero : the incredible survival story of a World War II pilot in Alaska's frozen wilderness Murphy, Brian, 1959-
940.54 TRIMBLE Beyond the call : the true story of one World War II pilot's covert mission to rescue POWs on the Eastern Front Trimble, Lee, 1950-
973.0496 THOMAS Lest we forget : the passage from Africa to slavery and emancipation Thomas, Velma Maia
973.91 JORDAN American warlords : how Roosevelt's high command led America to victory in World War II Jordan, Jonathan W., 1967-
974.7 MARTIN Primates of Park Avenue : a memoir Martin, Wednesday
978 SONNTAG Write, if you live to get there : tracing westward expansion through 120 years of family letters Sonntag, Mary Keefer
FIC BLUME In the unlikely event Blume, Judy
FIC CORLEONE Robert Ludlum's The Janson equation Corleone, Douglas
FIC DAVE Eight hundred grapes : a novel Dave, Laura
FIC GRIPPAN Cash landing : a novel Grippando, James, 1958-
FIC HARVEY The governor's wife Harvey, Michael T.
FIC INDRIDA Reykjavik nights : an Inspector Erlendur novel Arnaldur Indri ason, 1961-
FIC KING Finders keepers King, Stephen, 1947-
FIC KIRK Method 15/33 : a novel Kirk, Shannon
FIC KNOLL Luckiest girl alive Knoll, Jessica
FIC ROBERTS The liar Roberts, Nora
FIC SEFTON Purl up and die Sefton, Maggie
MYS FIC HILLERM Rock with wings Hillerman, Anne, 1949-
MYS FIC SANDFORD Gathering prey Sandford, John, 1944 February 23-
SF FIC JORDAN The path of daggers Jordan, Robert, 1948-