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New Materials 8/23/13 - 8/29/13

Call Number Title Author
BIO ALI ALI The soul of a butterfly : reflections on life's journey Ali, Muhammad, 1942-
BIO CHAN CHAN I am Jackie Chan : my life in action Cheng, Long, 1954-
BIO GORE GIPSON From Carthage to Oslo : a biography of Al Gore Gipson, Troy.
BIO INGERSO JACOBY The great agnostic : Robert Ingersoll and American freethought Jacoby, Susan, 1945-
BIO LINCOLN BAKER Mary Todd Lincoln : a biography Baker, Jean H.
BIO LINK LINK Bootstrapper : from broke to badass on a northern Michigan farm Link, Mardi
BIO LOUIS XIV WILKINS Louis XIV Wilkinson, Richard
BIO LUGOSI RHODES No traveler returns : the lost years of Bela Lugosi Rhodes, Gary Don, 1972-
BIO LUTHER BAINTON Here I stand : A life of Martin Luther Bainton, Roland Herbert, 1894-
CD FIC MACOMBE 8cds 9hrs Rose Harbor in bloom [sound recording] : a novel Macomber, Debbie
CD FIC MACOMBER 5cds 6hrs Twenty wishes [sound recording] Macomber, Debbie
CD FIC PATTERS 9cds 10hrs Mistress [sound recording] Patterson, James, 1947-
CD FIC ROBARDS 13.5hrs 11cds The last kiss goodbye [sound recording] : a novel Robards, Karen
DVD FIC A LATE QUARTET A late quartet [videorecording]
DVD FIC EPIC Epic [videorecording]
DVD FIC KON TIKI Kon-Tiki Kon-Tiki (Motion picture : 2012)
E A Fly Guy vs. the fly swatter Arnold, Tedd
E B Monkey math Brimner, Larry Dane
E D Pete the cat : Pete at the beach Dean, James, 1957-
E D Pete the cat : Pete at the beach Dean, James, 1957-
E F The Story of Fish and Snail Freedman, Deborah (Deborah Jane), 1960-
E M Two homes Masurel, Claire
E N If you take a mouse to school Numeroff, Laura Joffe
E P The adventures of Amelia Bedelia Parish, Peggy
E R Margret & H.A. Rey's Merry Christmas, Curious George Hapka, Cathy
E R Family photo Rau, Dana Meachen, 1971-
E R Steam train, dream train Rinker, Sherri Duskey
E S I've lost my hat Simon, Charnan
E S Pumpkin fever Simon, Charnan
E W Number one puppy Wilson, Zachary, 1975-
FIC BRADBURY The illustrated man Bradbury, Ray, 1920-
FIC CAMERON Emory's gift Cameron, W. Bruce
FIC REMARQUE All quiet on the western front Remarque, Erich Maria, 1898-1970
GRAPHIC NOVEL MERIDIAN FLYING SOLO Meridian, flying solo Kesel, Barbara
BB DRISCOLL Monster Halloween party Driscoll, Laura
DVD JUV FIC CARS Cars [videorecording (DVD)]
JUV FIC BENTON Dear dumb diary, that's what friends aren't for Benton, Jim
JUV FIC BENTON My pants are haunted : by Jamie Kelly Benton, Jim
JUV FIC BENTON Nobody's perfect. I'm as close as it gets Benton, Jim
JUV FIC HOBBS The last best days of summer Hobbs, Valerie
JUV FIC MARGOLIS Boys are dogs Margolis, Leslie
JUV FIC MARGOLIS Girls acting catty Margolis, Leslie
JUV FIC MASS 13 gifts Mass, Wendy, 1967-
JUV FIC MASS Finally Mass, Wendy, 1967-
JUV 398.2 BROWN Arthur's really helpful bedtime stories Brown, Marc Tolon
JUV 398.2 CRUZ MARTINEZ The woman who outshone the sun : the legend of Lucia Zenteno = La mujer que brillaba aun mas que el sol : la leyenda de Lucia Zenteno Cruz Martinez, Alejandro, -1987
LP FIC UNGER Darkness, my old friend : [large print] a novel Unger, Lisa, 1970-
LP 261.8 DANTONIO Mortal sins : sex, crime, and the era of Catholic scandal D'Antonio, Michael
LP 612.3 ROACH Gulp : adventures on the alimentary canal Roach, Mary
MYS FIC KAUFMAN Steal the show : a mystery Kaufman, Thomas
155.43 GURIAN The purpose of boys : helping our sons find meaning, significance, and direction in their lives Gurian, Michael
248.4 OSTEEN I declare : 31 promises to speak over your life Osteen, Joel
362.29 KNAPP Drinking : a love story Knapp, Caroline, 1959-2002
616.7 RUMPF The Sjogren's syndrome survival guide Rumpf, Teri P.
618.92 BARKLEY Taking charge of ADHD : the complete, authoritative guide for parents Barkley, Russell A., 1949-
641.2 KREIDER Uncorked : the novice's guide to wine Kreider, Paul, 1945-
808.066 LEDOUX Turning memories into memoirs : a handbook for writing lifestories Ledoux, Denis
940.54 LORD Incredible victory Lord, Walter, 1917-2002
977 LASKIN The children's blizzard Laskin, David, 1953-
FIC HURWITZ Tell no lies Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew
FIC MCBRIDE The good lord bird McBride, James, 1957-
FIC MCLAUGH The first affair : a novel McLaughlin, Emma
FIC MOTT The returned Mott, Jason author.
FIC WHITE Compound fractures White, Stephen, 1951-
MYS FIC PATTERS Mistress Patterson, James, 1947-
SF FIC ASIMOV Second Foundation Asimov, Isaac, 1920-
YA FIC ARNOLD Burning Arnold, Elana K.
YA FIC BARDUGO Siege and storm Bardugo, Leigh
YA FIC BRADBUR A moment comes Bradbury, Jennifer
YA FIC BROWN Born of illusion Brown, Teri J.
YA FIC CASTLE You look different in real life Castle, Jennifer
YA FIC CHARBON The Testing Charbonneau, Joelle
YA FIC FLEMING The Saturday boy Fleming, David, 1971-
YA FIC GOO Since you asked-- Goo, Maurene
YA FIC HOWSON Linked Howson, Imogen
YA FIC LEWIS The secret ingredient Lewis, Stewart
YA FIC METZGER A trick of the light Metzger, Lois
YA FIC PHILBIN Rules of summer : a novel Philbin, Joanna
YA FIC QUICK Boy21 Quick, Matthew, 1973-
YA FIC QUINN Another little piece Quinn, Kate Karyus
YA FIC REED Over you Reed, Amy Lynn
YA FIC ROSS Belle epoque Ross, Elizabeth (Elizabeth Anne)
YA FIC SHUSTER Ship out of luck Shusterman, Neal
YA FIC SPOTSWO Star cursed Spotswood, Jessica
YA FIC VACCO My chemical mountain Vacco, Corina
YA FIC VALENTIN How (not) to find a boyfriend Schrier, Allyson Valentine
YA FIC WHITNEY When you were here Whitney, Daisy
YA FIC ZADOFF Boy Nobody Zadoff, Allen
YA FIC ZAFON The watcher in the shadows Ruiz Zafon, Carlos, 1964-

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New Materials 8/16/13 - 8/22/13

Call numberTitleAuthor
BIO CROMWELL GENTLES Oliver Cromwell : God's warrior and the English Revolution Gentles, I. J.
BIO DALE DALE Sumer in Ireland : life and golf on the Emerald Isle Dale, Taba
BIO FORD CANNON Gerald R. Ford : an honorable life Cannon, James M., 1918-2011
BIO HANDEL LANG George Frideric Handel Lang, Paul Henry, 1901-1991
BIO HAWTHOR MILDER Hawthorne's habitations : a literary life Milder, Robert
BIO IRVING JONES Washington Irving : the definitive biography of America's first bestselling author Jones, Brian Jay
BIO JACKSON RAFUSE Stonewall Jackson : a biography Rafuse, Ethan Sepp, 1968-
BIO LAFAYETT LANE General and Madame de Lafayette : partners in liberty's cause in the American and French Revolutions Lane, Jason, 1929-
BIO LEITZEL JENSEN Queen of the air : a true story of love and tragedy at the circus Jensen, Dean
BIO LENIN SERVICE Lenin, a biography Service, Robert
BIO LEWIS DANISI Uncovering the truth about Meriwether Lewis Danisi, Thomas, 1951-
BIO MANSON GUINN Manson : the life and times of Charles Manson Guinn, Jeff
CD FIC SPARKS 9CDs 10hrs True believer [sound recording] Sparks, Nicholas
DVD FIC THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES The place beyond the pines
E H The case of the two masked robbers Hoban, Lillian
E K Basketberry blues Kirk, David, 1955-
E K A bug-a-boo day play Kirk, David, 1955-
E K The bug flu Kirk, David, 1955-
E K Dashing through the snow Kirk, David, 1955-
E K Eight legs up Kirk, David, 1955-
E K Flower power Kirk, David, 1955-
E K Giddy up bugs / David Kirk. Kirk, David, 1955-
E K Humbug! Kirk, David, 1955-
E K I'll fly away Kirk, David, 1955-
E K The listening walk Kirk, David, 1955-
E K The prince, the princess, and the bee Kirk, David, 1955-
E K Sing it, sister! Kirk, David, 1955-
E K Top o' Big Tree Kirk, David, 1955-
E K Wiggle's squiggles Kirk, David, 1955-
E K Bedtime story Kirk, David
E K Bug your mom day Kirk, David
E K Happy Heartwood Day Kirk, David
E K The most perfect parent Kirk, David
FIC THOMAS Private arrangements Thomas, Sherry (Sherry M.)
GRAPHIC NOVEL HOBBIT The hobbit, or, There and back again Dixon, Chuck, 1954-
GRAPHIC NOVEL LEGEND OF ZELDA VOL 2 The legend of Zelda : ocarina of time Himekawa, Akira
DVD JUV 792.8 LET'S DANCE! BALLET FUN Bella Dancerella home ballet studio. Let's dance! Ballet fun [videorecording]
DVD JUV FIC BARBIE OF SWAN LAKE Barbie of swan lake (DVD) [videorecording(DVD)]
DVD JUV FIC MADELINE BEST MANNERS Madeline's best manners [videorecording (DVD)]
DVD JUV FIC SCOOBY- DOO'S ORIGINAL MYSTERI Scooby-Doo's original mysteries [videorecording]
DVD JUV FIC STEAMIES VS. DIESELS Steamies vs. diesels [videorecording (DVD)]
DVD JUV FIC THOMAS AND THE MAGIC Thomas and the magic railroad [DVD] Thomas and the magic railroad (Motion picture)
DVD JUV FIC TRACTOR ADVENTUR Tractor adventures [videorecording (DVD)]
DVD JUV FIC VALIANT Valiant [videorecording (DVD)]
JUV FIC MEADOWS Chloe, the topaz fairy Meadows, Daisy
JUV FIC MEADOWS Emily, the emerald fairy Meadows, Daisy
JUV FIC MEADOWS Sophie the sapphire fairy Meadows, Daisy
JUV 973.09 TOWNSEND Where do presidents come from? : and other presidential stuff of super great importance. Townsend, Michael (Michael Jay), 1981-
616.80 HART High price : a neuroscientist's journey of self-discovery that challenges everything you know about drugs and society Hart, Carl L.
616.89 MOEZZI Haldol and hyacinths : a bipolar life Moezzi, Melody, 1979-
745.5 BEDFORD Made by Dad : 67 blueprints for making cool stuff Bedford, Scott
781.642 STREISS OUTLAW : Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and the Renegades of Nashville Streissguth, Michael
796.1 BERRY Fantasy life : the outrageous, uplifting, and heartbreaking world of fantasy sports from the guy who's lived it Berry, Matthew, 1969-
929.3748 FARRELL Keystone tombstones. Civil War Farrell, Joe author.
940.4 ANDERSON Lawrence in Arabia : war, deceit, imperial folly and the making of the modern Middle East Anderson, Scott, 1959-
958.104 GEZARI The tender soldier : a true story of war and sacrifice Gezari, Vanessa M.
973.738 CAUBLE The surrender proceedings, April 9, 1865, Appomattox Court House Cauble, Frank P.
FIC BAUERME The lost art of mixing Bauermeister, Erica
FIC BAUERME The lost art of mixing Bauermeister, Erica
FIC FAGAN The panopticon : a novel Fagan, Jenni
FIC GALBRAI The cuckoo's calling Galbraith, Robert.
FIC GREER The impossible lives of Greta Wells Greer, Andrew Sean
FIC HAIG The humans : a novel Haig, Matt, 1975-
FIC MOYES The girl you left behind Moyes, Jojo, 1969-
FIC PESSL Night Film : A Novel Pessl, Marisha
FIC REICHS Bones of the lost : a novel Reichs, Kathy
FIC SHANNON The bone season Shannon, Samantha, 1991-
MYS FIC COOK Sandrine's case Cook, Thomas H.
MYS FIC DAVIDSO The whole enchilada Davidson, Diane Mott
MYS FIC PENNY How the light gets in : Chief Inspector Gamache novel Penny, Louise
MYS FIC PERRY Blind Justice : a William Monk novel Perry, Anne

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New Materials 8/9/13 - 8/15/13

Call Number Title Author
BIO CARROLL WOOLF The mystery of Lewis Carroll : discovering the whimsical, thoughtful and sometimes lonely man who created Alice in Wonderland Woolf, Jenny
BIO GABLE HARRIS Clark Gable : a biography Harris, Warren G.
BIO GANDHI FRANK Indira : the life of Indira Nehru Gandhi Frank, Katherine.
BIO GARFIELD MILLARD The destiny of the republic : a tale of madness, medicine and the murder of a president Millard, Candice
BIO HARDING DEAN Warren G. Harding Dean, John W. (John Wesley), 1938-
BIO HAWK HAWK How did I get here? : the ascent of an unlikely CEO Hawk, Tony
BIO HEMINGWAY HOTCHNER Papa Hemingway : a personal memoir Hotchner, A. E.
BIO HENRY VIII SMITH Henry VIII Smith, Lacey Baldwin, 1922-
BIO HIROHITO BIX Hirohito and the making of modern Japan Bix, Herbert P.
BIO HITLER MUELLER Canaris : the life and death of Hitler's spymaster Mueller, Michael, 1965-
BIO JACKSON BRUNS Jesse Jackson : a biography Bruns, Roger A., 1941-
BIO JOAN OF ARC GOLDSTO The maid and the queen : the secret history of Joan of Arc Goldstone, Nancy Bazelon.
BIO JONES CALLO John Paul Jones : America's first sea warrior Callo, Joseph F., 1929-
BIO JUNG LACHMAN Jung the mystic : the esoteric dimensions of Carl Jung's life and teachings : a new biography Lachman, Gary, 1955-
BIO KENNEDY ANDERSE These few precious days : the final year of Jack with Jackie Andersen, Christopher P.
BIO KIPLING GILMOUR The long recessional : the imperial life of Rudyard Kipling Gilmour, David, 1952-
DVD FIC G.I.JOE RETALIA G.I. Joe [videorecording (videodisc)] : retaliation
DVD FIC THE SWEETER SIDE OF LIFE The sweeter side of life [videorecording]
DVD 917.478 FINGER LAKES WINE TOUR Finger Lakes wine tour [videorecording].
FIC WITEMEY Stealing the preacher Witemeyer, Karen
DVD JUV FIC ADVENTURES IN ZAMBEZIA Adventures in Zambezia Zambezia (Motion picture)
JUV 649.1 SMITH Babysitting secrets [kit] Smith, Molly
LP FIC BOX The highway Box, C. J.
LP FIC BURKE Light of the world : a Dave Robicheaux novel Burke, James Lee, 1936-
LP FIC GREGORY The White Princess : The Cousins' War Gregory, Philippa.
LP FIC JOHANSEN Hunting Eve Johansen, Iris
LP FIC KAVA Stranded : a Maggie O'Dell novel Kava, Alex
LP FIC MALLERY Three Little Words Mallery, Susan
LP FIC SCHWARZ The edge of the Earth Schwarz, Christina
LP FIC ZAN The never list Zan, Koethi
MYS FIC LOWE The 24th letter Lowe, Tom, 1952-
232.9 ASLAN Zealot : the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth Aslan, Reza
323.4 WHITEHE A government of wolves : the emerging American police state Whitehead, John W., 1946-
364.106 RUSSELL Undercover cop : how I brought down the real-life Sopranos Russell, Michael, 1950-
576.8 NEWITZ Scatter, adapt, and remember : how humans will survive a mass extinction Newitz, Annalee, 1969-
638.1 BENJAMIN Keeping bees and making honey Benjamin, Alison
641.2 JOHNSON Hugh Johnson's pocket wine book 2013. Johnson, Hugh, 1939-
641.2 SZABO Pairing food & wine for dummies Szabo, John
641.3 DARLING Di Bruno Bros. house of cheese : a guide to wedges, recipes, and pairings Darlington, Tenaya, 1971-
641.5 PATRONI In season : more than 150 fresh and simple recipes from New York magazine inspired by farmers' market ingredients Patronite, Rob
737.4973 YEOMAN 2013 A guide book of United States coins Yeoman, R. S. (Richard S.)
746 GREY Paper, metal, and stitch : creating surfaces with color and texture Grey, Maggie, 1947-
REF 347.748 PENNSYL RULES OF COURT v I Pennsylvania rules of court. State and federal.
REF 347.748 PENNSYL RULES OF COURT v II Pennsylvania rules of court. State and federal.
REF 347.748 PENNSYL RULES OF COURT v IIA Pennsylvania rules of court. State and federal.
FIC BARCLAY A tap on the window Barclay, Linwood
FIC CLARK The Rathbones Clark, Janice, 1954-
FIC COLGAN Meet me at the Cupcake Cafe : a novel with recipes Colgan, Jenny
FIC CONLEY Paris was the place Conley, Susan, 1967-
FIC DANIEL Sea creatures Daniel, Susanna
FIC DAVIDSON Undead and unsure Davidson, MaryJanice
FIC FREMANT Queen's gambit Fremantle, Elizabeth
FIC GARLOCK Under a Texas sky Garlock, Dorothy
FIC MACOMBER Rose Harbor in bloom : a novel Macomber, Debbie
FIC MCKENZIE Close My Eyes McKenzie, Sophie
FIC ROBARDS The last kiss goodbye : a novel Robards, Karen
FIC TANENBA Tragic Tanenbaum, Robert
FIC THOR Hidden order : a thriller Thor, Brad
MYS FIC CAIN Let me go Cain, Chelsea
MYS FIC DELANY A cold white sun : a Constable Molly Smith mystery Delany, Vicki, 1951-
MYS FIC KELLERM The beast : a Decker/Lazarus novel Kellerman, Faye
MYS FIC PATTERS Mistress Patterson, James, 1947-
YA FIC HOUCK Tiger's quest Houck, Colleen
YA FIC HOUCK Tiger's voyage Houck, Colleen
YA FIC MEYER New moon Meyer, Stephenie, 1973-
YA FIC MEYER Twilight Meyer, Stephenie, 1973-

Thursday, August 08, 2013

New Materials 8/2/13 - 8/8/13

Title Author Call Number
Against their will : the secret history of medical experimentation on children in cold war America / Allen M. Hornblum, Judith L. Newman, Gregory J. Dober. Hornblum, Allen M. 174.2 HORNBLUM
This town : two parties and a funeral--plus, plenty of valet parking!--in America's gilded capital / Mark Leibovich. Leibovich, Mark 306.209 LEIBOVICH
Rise of the warrior cop : the militarization of America's police forces / Radley Balko. Balko, Radley 363.209 BALKO
Eat your vegetables : bold recipes for the single cook / Joe Yonan. Yonan, Joe 641.6 YONAN
JFK's last hundred days : the transformation of a man and the emergence of a great president / Thurston Clarke. Clarke, Thurston. 973.922 CLARKE
Colors / Anne Geddes. Geddes, Anne BB GEDDES
Steve Jobs / Walter Isaacson. Isaacson, Walter. BIO JOBS ISAACSO
Shirley Jones : a memoir / Shirley Jones with Wendy Leigh. Jones, Shirley, 1934 March 31- BIO JONES JONES
Franz Kafka : the poet of shame and guilt / Saul Friedlander. Friedlander, Saul, 1932- BIO KAFKA FRIEDLA
Rose Kennedy : the life and times of a political matriarch / Barbara A. Perry. Perry, Barbara A. (Barbara Ann), 1956- BIO KENNEDY PERRY
Bombshell [sound recording] / Catherine Coulter. Coulter, Catherine CD FIC COULTER 10cds 11.5hrs
Hotshot / Julie Garwood. Garwood, Julie FIC GARWOOD
The last witness / W.E.B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth IV. Griffin, W. E. B. FIC GRIFFIN
Kind of cruel / Sophie Hannah. Hannah, Sophie, 1971- FIC HANNAH
Fin & Lady / Cathleen Schine. Schine, Cathleen FIC SCHINE
On the come up : a novel, based on a true story / Hannah Weyer. Weyer, Hannah FIC WEYER
Justice for Sara / Erica Spindler. Spindler, Erica, 1957- MYS FIC SPINDLER

Thursday, August 01, 2013

New Materials 7/26/13 - 8/1/13

Title Author Call Number
Outlaws : one man's rise through the savage world of renegade bikers, Hell's Angels, and global crime / Tony Thompson. Thompson, Tony, 1965- 364.106 THOMPSON
A street cat named Bob : and how he saved my life / James Bowen. Bowen, James, 1979- 636.80 BOWEN
True food : seasonal, sustainable, simple, pure / Andrew Weil and Sam Fox, with Michael Stebner ; photographs by Ditte Isager. Weil, Andrew 641.563 WEIL
Totally tangled : zentangle and beyond / by Sandy Steen Bartholomew. Bartholomew, Sandy Steen 741.201 BARTHOL
Witch wraith [sound recording] : Shannara's Dark Legacy / Terry Brooks. Brooks, Terry CD FIC BROOKS 13cds 15.5hrs
The English girl [sound recording] / Daniel Silva. Silva, Daniel, 1960- CD FIC SILVA 10cds 12hrs
Miracle [videorecording (DVD)] / Walt Disney Pictures ; Mayhem Pictures ; produced by Mark Ciardi and Gordon Gray ; written by Eric Guggenheim ; directed by Gavin O'Connor. O'Connor, Gavin DVD FIC MIRACLE
Fire in the night / Linda Byler. Byler, Linda FIC BYLER
The last alibi / David Ellis. Ellis, David, 1967- FIC ELLIS
& sons : a novel / David Gilbert. Gilbert, David, 1967- FIC GILBERT
The husband's secret / Liane Moriarty. Moriarty, Liane FIC MORIARTY
Me before you / Jojo Moyes. Moyes, Jojo, 1969- FIC MOYES
The vanishing act of Esme Lennox / Maggie O'Farrell. O'Farrell, Maggie, 1972- FIC O'FARRELL
The blood of heaven / Kent Wascom. Wascom, Kent. FIC WASCOM
Soldier dog / Sam Angus. Angus, Sam JUV FIC ANGUS
Doll bones / Holly Black. Black, Holly JUV FIC BLACK
In harm's way / Andrew Clements ; illustrated by Adam Stower. Clements, Andrew, 1949- JUV FIC CLEMENTS
On the far side of the mountain / written and illustrated by Jean Craighead George. George, Jean Craighead, 1919- JUV FIC GEORGE
Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's library / Chris Grabenstein. Grabenstein, Chris JUV FIC GRABENST
Football genius / Tim Green. Green, Tim, 1963- JUV FIC GREEN
Tallstar's revenge / Erin Hunter. Hunter, Erin JUV FIC HUNTER
Hollywood, dead ahead / Kate Klise ; illustrated by M. Sarah Klise. Klise, Kate JUV FIC KLISE
The colossus rises / Peter Lerangis. Lerangis, Peter JUV FIC LERANGIS
Pi in the sky / Wendy Mass. Mass, Wendy, 1967- JUV FIC MASS
The apprentices / Maile Meloy ; [illustrated by Ian Schoenherr]. Meloy, Maile JUV FIC MELOY
How I survived bullies, broccoli, and Snake Hill / James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts ; illustrated by Laura Park. Patterson, James, 1947- JUV FIC PATTERSON
A dandelion wish / written by Kiki Thorpe ; illustrated by Jana Christy. Thorpe, Kiki JUV FIC THORPE
A treacherous paradise [large type] / Henning Mankell ; translated from the Swedish by Laurie Thompson. Mankell, Henning, 1948- LP FIC MANKELL
Death angel / Linda Fairstein. Fairstein, Linda A. MYS FIC FAIRSTEIN