Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Materials 8/18/11 - 8/25/11

Title Author Prefix / Call Number
The Americana annual; an encyclopedia of current events. McDannald, A. H. (Alexander Hopkins), 1877- ed. REF 031 AMERICANA SCIENCE ANNUAL 2012
Panorama of psychology Vardanyan, Vilen 150.9 VARDANYAN
Power thoughts [sound recording] Meyer, Joyce, 1943- CD 248.4 MEYER 8CDS 9.5HRS
Clark Howard's living large in lean times : 250+ ways to buy smarter, spend smarter, and save money Howard, Clark, 1955- 332.02 HOWARD
This time is different : eight centuries of financial folly Reinhart, Carmen M. 338.542 REINHART
Railroads across North America : an illustrated history Wiatrowski, Claude A. 385.0973 WIATROW
Black belt parenting : the art of raising children for success Brenner, Solomon. 649.64 BRENNER
Baseball, a celebration! Buckley, James, 1963- 796.357 BUCKLEY
Selected poems Frost, Robert. 811.52 FROST
Red Army resurgent Shaw, John, 1931 (May 10)- 940.54 TIME-LIFE
The Italian campaign Wallace, Robert, 1919- 940.54 TIME-LIFE
The Battle of the Bulge Goolrick, William K., 1920- 940.54 TIME-LIFE
The air war in Europe Bailey, Ronald H. 940.54 TIME-LIFE
Liberation Blumenson, Martin 940.54 TIME-LIFE
The road to Tokyo Wheeler, Keith. 940.54 TIME-LIFE
The Taliban shuffle : strange days in Afghanistan and Pakistan Barker, Kim, 1970- 958.104 BARKER
The hare with amber eyes : a hidden inheritance De Waal, Edmund BIO EPHRUSSI DE WAAL
Frederick the Great : the magnificent enigma Asprey, Robert B. BIO FREDERICK ASPREY
Gustavus Adolphus the great Ahnlund, Nils, 1889-1957 BIO GUSTAVUS AHNLUND
Peter the Great, his life and world Massie, Robert K., 1929- BIO PETER MASSIE
The things that keep us here Buckley, Carla (Carla S.) FIC BUCKLEY
To die for : a novel Byrd, Sandra FIC BYRD
Chain reaction [DVD] Davis, Andrew, 1946- DVD FIC CHAIN REACTION
Dexter. The complete fifth season [DVD] Carpenter, Jennifer, 1979- DVD FIC DEXTER SEASON 5
What is the what : the autobiography of Valentino Achak Deng : a novel Eggers, Dave FIC EGGERS
The hand that trembles : a mystery Eriksson, Kjell, 1953- MYS FIC ERIKSSO
Jane Eyre [videorecording] Jane Eyre (Motion picture : 2011) DVD FIC JANE EYRE
Summer session Jones, Merry Bloch FIC JONES
The first day of the rest of my life Lamb, Cathy FIC LAMB
The jade jewel box Laudeman, Virginia. FIC LAUDEM
The most dangerous thing Lippman, Laura, 1959- MYS FIC LIPPMAN
The explorer's code : a novel Pilgrim, Kitty FIC PILGRIM
The devil all the time : a novel Pollock, Donald Ray, 1954- FIC POLLOCK
Cold vengeance Preston, Douglas J. LP FIC PRESTON
Cold vengeance [sound recording] : a novel Preston, Douglas J. CD FIC PRESTON 12CDS 13HRS
Flash and bones : a novel Reichs, Kathy FIC REICHS
The guardian angel diary Schnarr, Grant R. FIC SCHNARR
Burnt Mountain : a novel Siddons, Anne Rivers. LP FIC SIDDONS
Something borrowed [videorecording] Something borrowed (Motion picture : 2011) DVD FIC SOME THING BORROWE
The grace card [videorecording] Gossett, Louis, 1936- DVD FIC THE GRACE CARD
Hitler's war : the war that came early Turtledove, Harry FIC TURTLE
The chaos Ward, Rachel YA FIC WARD
Me! : (just like you, only better) : by Jamie Kelly Benton, Jim JUV FIC BENTON
The secret garden Burnett, Frances Hodgson, 1849-1924 JUV FIC BURNETT
Henry and the paper route Cleary, Beverly JUV FIC CLEARY
The fox and the hound [videorecording] ; The fox and the hound II. Kammerud, Jim DVD JUV FIC FOX AND THE HOUND
The witchy worries of Abbie Adams Hayter, Rhonda JUV FIC HAYTER
Password to Larkspur Lane Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
The invisible intruder Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
The missing horse mystery Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
The clue of the broken locket Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
Mystery of the moss-covered mansion. Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
Secret of the golden pavilion. Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
The whispering statue. Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
The accidental cheerleader McCoy, Mimi JUV FIC MCCOY
How to steal a dog : a novel O'Connor, Barbara JUV FIC O'CONNOR
Stage fright on a summer night Osborne, Mary Pope JUV FIC OSBORNE
Click here : (to find out how I survived seventh grade), a novel Vega, Denise YA FIC VEGA
Access denied : (and other eighth grade error messages) : a novel Vega, Denise YA FIC VEGA

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Materials 8/12/11 - 8/18/11

Title Author Prefix / Call Number
The principles of self-management : the key to personal and professional success Marshall, John C., Ph.D. 158.1 MARSHALL
World beyond world : God, mankind and the truth U, Myong REF 158.128 WOO
World beyond world : God, mankind and the truth U, Myong 158.128 WOO
Absolute monarchs : a history of the papacy Norwich, John Julius, 1929- 262.13 NORWICH
A first-rate madness : uncovering the links between leadership and mental illness Ghaemi, S. Nassir 303.3 GHAEMI
The rhythm of family : discovering a sense of wonder through the seasons Soule, Amanda Blake 306.85 SOULE
Generation freedom : the Middle East uprisings and the remaking of the modern world Feiler, Bruce S. 322.109 FEILER
Aftershock : protect yourself and profit in the next global financial meltdown Wiedemer, David (John David) 332.024 WIEDEM
The original argument : the federalists' case for the Constitution, adapted for the 21st century Beck, Glenn 342.73 BECK
An anatomy of addiction : Sigmund Freud, William Halsted and the miracle drug, cocaine Markel, Howard 362.29 MARKEL
The secrets of the FBI Kessler, Ronald, 1943- 363.25 KESSLER
The fatal gift of beauty : the trials of Amanda Knox Burleigh, Nina 364.152 BURLEIGH
Toll-free phone book USA : a directory of toll-free telephone numbers for business and organizations nationwide. Omnigraphics, Inc. REF 384.6 TOLL-FRE PHONE 2011
The tattoo chronicles Von D, Kat, 1982- 391.65 VON D
Unlikely friendships : 47 remarkable stories from the animal kingdom Holland, Jennifer S. 590 HOLLAND
Nothing to lose, everything to gain : how I went from gang member to multimillionaire entrepreneur Blair, Ryan 658.1 BLAIR
Starting on a shoestring : building a business without a bankroll Goldstein, Arnold S. 658.1 GOLDSTEI
Guts! : companies that blow the door off business-as-usual Freiberg, Kevin, 1958- 658.4 FREIBERG
The complete pond builder : creating a beautiful water garden Nash, Helen, 1944- 690.89 NASH
Step-by-step landscaping : planning, planting, building. 712.6 STEP BY STEP LANDSCAP
Supergods Morrison, Grant 741.5 MORRISO
CliffsNotes Shelley's Frankenstein Coghill, Jeff 809 COGHILL
Roseannearchy : dispatches from the nut farm Roseanne, 1952- 814.6 BARR
Of thee I zing : America's cultural decline from muffin tops to body shots Ingraham, Laura 818.602 INGRAHA
1493 : uncovering the new world Columbus created Mann, Charles C. 909.4 MANN
The most controversial decision : Truman, the atomic bombs, and the defeat of Japan Miscamble, Wilson D., 1954- 940.54 MISCAMB
Ireland Sexton, Colleen A., 1967- JUV 941.5 SEXTON
England Simmons, Walter (Walter G.) JUV 942 SIMMONS
Germany Simmons, Walter (Walter G.) JUV 943 SIMMONS
Welcome to Poland Ryan, Patrick, 1948- JUV 943.8 RYAN
France Koestler-Grack, Rachel A., 1973- JUV 944 KOESTLER-
Italy Simmons, Walter (Walter G.) JUV 945 SIMMONS
Spain Koestler-Grack, Rachel A., 1973- JUV 946 KOESTLER-
Russia Bartell, Jim JUV 947 BARTELL
Sweden Koestler-Grack, Rachel A., 1973- 948.5 KOESTLER-
Denmark Zobel, Derek, 1983- 948.9 ZOBEL
Switzerland Zobel, Derek, 1983- JUV 949.4 ZOBEL
Greece Bartell, Jim JUV 949.5 BARTELL
China Simmons, Walter (Walter G.) JUV 951 SIMMONS
Welcome to South Korea Ryan, Patrick, 1948- JUV 951.95 RYAN
Japan Sexton, Colleen A., 1967- JUV 952 SEXTON
Welcome to Saudi Arabia Temple, Bob JUV 953.8 TEMPLE
India Bartell, Jim JUV 954 BARTELL
Pakistan Simmons, Walter (Walter G.) JUV 954.91 SIMMONS
Iran Simmons, Walter (Walter G.) JUV 955 SIMMONS
Iraq Owings, Lisa JUV 956.7 OWINGS
Israel Simmons, Walter (Walter G.) JUV 956.94 SIMMONS
Afghanistan Owings, Lisa JUV 958.1 OWINGS
Thailand Simmons, Walter (Walter G.) JUV 959.3 SIMMONS
Vietnam Simmons, Walter (Walter G.) JUV 959.7 SIMMONS
Welcome to Indonesia Ryan, Patrick, 1948- JUV 959.8 RYAN
Egypt Simmons, Walter (Walter G.) JUV 962 SIMMONS
Kenya Bartell, Jim JUV 967.62 BARTELL
Welcome to Somalia Schemenauer, Elma JUV 967.73 SCHEMENA
Welcome to South Africa Ryan, Patrick, 1948- JUV 968 RYAN
Canada Sexton, Colleen A., 1967- JUV 971 SEXTON
Mexico Sexton, Colleen A., 1967- JUV 972 SEXTON
Costa Rica Bartell, Jim JUV 972.86 BARTELL
Cuba Simmons, Walter (Walter G.) JUV 972.91 SIMMONS
Haiti Bartell, Jim JUV 972.94 BARTELL
After America Steyn, Mark 973.932 STEYN
The complete Route 66 lost & found Olsen, Russell A., 1954- 978.033 OLSEN
Brazil Sexton, Colleen A., 1967- JUV 981 SEXTON
Welcome to New Zealand Ryan, Patrick, 1948- JUV 993 RYAN
Australia Sexton, Colleen A., 1967- JUV 994 SEXTON
Vivien : the life of Vivien Leigh Walker, Alexander BIO LEIGH WALKER
Clifford the firehouse dog / Norman Bridwell. Bridwell, Norman E B
The umbrella Brett, Jan, 1949- E B
How does your garden grow? Layman, Barbara. E L
Blow, wind, blow Parent, Nancy E P
I spy shapes Saxon, Victoria E S
The measure of the magic : legends of Shannara Brooks, Terry SF FIC BROOKS
Blood oath Farnsworth, Christopher FIC FARNSWOR
The ideal man [sound recording] : a novel Garwood, Julie CD FIC GARWOOD 8CDS 8.75HRS
Sacred evil Graham, Heather FIC GRAHAM
The constant princess Gregory, Philippa. FIC GREGORY
Fearscape Holt, Simon YA FIC HOLT
Hoodwinked too! [videorecording] : Hood vs. evil Close, Glenn, 1947- DVD FIC HOOD WINKED TOO
Notorious pleasures Hoyt, Elizabeth, 1970- FIC HOYT
Claire de Lune Johnson, Christine, 1978- YA FIC JOHNSON
Second grave on the left Jones, Darynda FIC JONES
Jumping the broom [videorecording] Bassett, Angela DVD FIC JUMPING THE BROOM
Wyoming brides [sound recording] Macomber, Debbie CD FIC MACOMBER 10CDS 12.5HRS
Stealing Mona Lisa : a mystery Morton, Carson MYS FIC MORTON
The last letter from your lover Moyes, Jojo, 1969- FIC MOYES
The Cruisers Myers, Walter Dean, 1937- YA FIC MYERS
Fat vampire : a never coming of age story Rex, Adam YA FIC REX
Dreamers of the day : a novel Russell, Mary Doria, 1950- FIC RUSSELL
Conquistadora : a novel Santiago, Esmeralda FIC SANTIAGO
The Grimm legacy Shulman, Polly YA FIC SCHULMA
Rules of civility Towles, Amor FIC TOWLES
Star wars, choices of one Zahn, Timothy SF FIC ZAHN
Guardian of the Gate Zink, Michelle YA FIC ZINK
Circle of fire Zink, Michelle YA FIC ZINK
Solomon's oak [large print] : a novel Mapson, Jo-Ann LP FIC MAPSON
Immortal Shields, Gillian YA FIC SHIELDS

Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Materials 8/5/11 - 8/11/11

Title Author Prefix / Call Number
The complete idiot's guide to philosophy Stevenson, Jay 100 STEVENSO
Meditation for dummies Bodian, Stephan 158.12 BODIAN
You : breathing easy [cd recorded book] Roizen, Michael F. CD 158.128 ROIZEN 2CDS 2HRS
Fathermothergod : my journey out of Christian Science Greenhouse, Lucia 289.509 GREENHO
Protecting your parents' money : the essential guide to helping Mom and Dad navigate the finances of retirement Opdyke, Jeff D. 332.024 OPDYKE
Legal rights of the seriously ill and injured: a family guide Romano, Joseph L. REF 346.7301 ROMANO
The triple agent : the al-Qaeda mole who infiltrated the CIA Warrick, Joby 363.325 WARRICK
Skyjack : the hunt for D.B. Cooper Gray, Geoffrey 364.15 GRAY
Random House Webster's large print thesaurus. Random House (Firm) LP 423 RANDOM HOUSE
German dictionary plus grammar Fortsch, Dagmar. 433 GERMAN DICTIONA
Life on a coral reef Rhodes, Mary Jo. JUV 577.7 RHODES
Best-ever backyard birding tips : hundreds of easy ways to attract the birds you love to watch Martin, Deborah L. 598.072 MARTIN
The wisdom of your cells [sound recording] Lipton, Bruce H. CD 599.935 LIPTON 8CDS 8.25HRS
Overcoming depression & anxiety disorders naturally [videorecording] : DVD 616.89 OVERCOMI DEPRESSI & ANXIETY
Poodles Fernandez, Amy 636.72 FERNANDE
Taste of home annual recipes Bretl, Michelle 641.5 TASTE OF HOME 2002
The complete cartoons of the New Yorker Mankoff, Robert REF 741.5 COMPLETE CARTOONS
The decorated doll house : how to design and create miniature interiors Ridley, Jessica 745.5923 RIDLEY
The complete book of hold'em poker : a comprehensive guide to playing and winning Carson, Gary 795.4 CARSON
The killer angels : [study guide] Shaara, Michael 813.091 SPARKNOTES
Grendel : John Gardner. 813.54 SPARKNOTES
A tale of two cities notes : including critical biography of Dickens, introduction to the novel, list of characters, brief synopsis of the novel, chapter summaries, critical commentaries of the chapters, character analyses, time scheme of the novel Weigel, James. 823.8 WEIGEL
The Count of Monte Cristo : notes Roberts, James 842.8 ROBERTS
The plague : notes Carey, Gary 843.914 CAREY
aOdyssey, Homer [study guide]. Homer 883.01 SPARKNOTES
Family record : and other matters which, it is hoped, will be good for the souls of men and women Godshalk, Abraham. REF 929.2 GODSHALK
Black Elk speaks : being the life story of a holy man of the Ogalala Sioux Black Elk, 1863-1950 978.004 BLACK ELK
First look and find Sesame Street Elmo & friends DiCicco Studios BB SEESAME STREET
Trees for the okapis Aguirre, Jorge E A
Spider-man and the movie mystery Alexander, Heather, 1967- E A
The cloud Cumming, Hannah E C
Maisy goes to the library Cousins, Lucy E C
Maisy goes camping Cousins, Lucy E C
Don't be silly, Mrs. Millie! Cox, Judy E C
Maisy, Charley, and the wobbly tooth Cousins, Lucy E C
Wild west showdown! Depken, Kristen L. E D
Toot & Puddle Hobbie, Holly E H
Toot & Puddle : charming Opal Hobbie, Holly E H
Batman and the toxic terror Huelin, Jodi E H
Little Rabbit goes to school Horse, Harry E H
SpongeBob to the rescue! : a trashy tale about recycling Inches, Alison E I
Every drop counts! Johanson, Sarah Margaret, 1968- E J
My day care friends Johanson, Sarah Margaret, 1968- E J
Where's Gilbert? Johanson, Sarah Margaret, 1968- E J
The magic of compost Johanson, Sarah Margaret, 1968- E J
I am Spider-Man Merkel, Joe F. E M
Subway ride Miller, Heather E M
Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, are you waking up? Martin, Bill, 1916-2004 E M
Why are my shoes shrinking? Raymond, N. T. E R
The chugger championship Steele, Michael Anthony E S
Plumber's helper Sacks, Marcy Goldberg, 1974- E S
Rain or shine Zappy, Erica E Z
Unsaid : a novel Abramson, Neil, 1964- FIC ABRAMSO
Brick lane : a novel Ali, Monica, 1967- FIC ALI
The secret mistress Balogh, Mary LP FIC BALOGH
The accident : a novel Barclay, Linwood FIC BARCLAY
A fierce radiance : a novel Belfer, Lauren FIC BELFER
Dragon's oath Cast, P. C. YA FIC CAST
Split second Coulter, Catherine LP FIC COULTER
Bannon brothers : trust Dailey, Janet FIC DAILEY
Bannon brothers : trust Dailey, Janet LP FIC DAILEY
Toward the gleam : a novel Doran, T. M. MYS FIC DORAN
Spycatcher : a novel Dunn, Matthew, 1968- FIC DUNN
Michael Vey : the prisoner of cell 25 Evans, Richard Paul YA FIC EVANS
The ideal man Garwood, Julie LP FIC GARWOOD
The ideal man Garwood, Julie FIC GARWOOD
The omen machine Goodkind, Terry FIC GOODKIN
Victory and honor Griffin, W. E. B. FIC GRIFFIN
22 Brittannia Road Hodgkinson, Amanda LP FIC HODGKIN
Quinn Johansen, Iris LP FIC JOHANSE
Turn of mind LaPlante, Alice, 1958- LP FIC LAPLANT
The butterfly's daughter Monroe, Mary Alice LP FIC MONROE
The importance of being earnest : a trivial novel for serious people Osborne, Charles, 1927- FIC OSBORNE
Acceptable loss : a William Monk novel Perry, Anne FIC PERRY
Okay for now Schmidt, Gary D. YA FIC SCHMIDT
This beautiful life : a novel Schulman, Helen FIC SCHULMA
Northwest corner : a novel Schwartz, John Burnham FIC SCHWART
Trust [videorecording] Davis, Viola, 1965- DVD FIC TRUST
Darkness, my old friend : a novel Unger, Lisa, 1970- FIC UNGER
The Batman strikes! : duty calls Matheny, Bill GRAPHIC NOVEL BATMAN STRIKES!
Zeus : king of the gods O'Connor, George GRAPHIC NOVEL ZEUS KING OF THE
Star wars : the clone wars : deadly hands of Shon-Ju Barlow, Jeremy. JUV FIC BARLOW
Star of the show Bentley, Sue, 1951- JUV FIC BENTLEY
Double trouble Bentley, Sue, 1951- JUV FIC BENTLEY
Star dreams Bentley, Sue, 1951- JUV FIC BENTLEY
The amazing Mexican secret Greenhut, Josh JUV FIC BROWN
The African safari discovery Greenhut, Josh JUV FIC BROWN
Babymouse : burns rubber! Holm, Jennifer L. JUV FIC HOLM
Babymouse : cupcake tycoon Holm, Jennifer L. JUV FIC HOLM
Aphrodite the beauty Holub, Joan JUV FIC HOLUB
Artemis the brave Holub, Joan JUV FIC HOLUB
The Fenway foul-up Kelly, David A. (David Andrew), 1964- JUV FIC KELLY
The pinstripe ghost Kelly, David A. (David Andrew), 1964- JUV FIC KELLY
Rio [videorecording] Rio (Motion picture : 2011) DVD JUV FIC RIO
May magic Roy, Ron, 1940- JUV FIC ROY
June jam Roy, Ron, 1940- JUV FIC ROY
Weirdo Halloween Stine, R. L. JUV FIC STINE
Slappy new year Stine, R. L. JUV FIC STINE
The wizard of ooze Stine, R. L. JUV FIC STINE
Wings of fear Wilkins, Kay JUV FIC WILKINS
Sub-zero survival Wilkins, Kay JUV FIC WILKINS
The lost island Wilkins, Kay JUV FIC WILKINS
Shock horror Wilkins, Kay JUV FIC WILKINS
Enchantment [sound recording] Church, Charlotte, 1986- CD MUSIC CHURCH
Beauty and the beat [sound recording] Go Go's (Musical group) CD MUSIC GO GO'S
Castle Kelly [sound recording] Riley, Laurie CD MUSIC RILEY
L is for lawless Grafton, Sue MYS FIC GRAFTON
A clockwork orange Burgess, Anthony, 1917- SF FIC BURGESS
Firstborn Clarke, Arthur C. (Arthur Charles), 1917-2008 SF FIC CLARKE
The January dancer Flynn, Michael (Michael F.) SF FIC FLYNN

Thursday, August 04, 2011

New Materials 7/29/11 - 8/4/11

Title Author Prefix / Call Number
The Darwin Awards countdown to extinction Northcutt, Wendy 081 NORTHCUTT
The tripping point in leadership : overcoming organizational apathy Byrd, David 153.8 BYRD
The tripping point in leadership : overcoming organizational apathy [sound recording] Byrd, David CD 153.8 BYRD 2CDS
The promise of hope : how true stories of hope and inspiration saved my life and how they can transform yours : nine keys to powerful personal change Grinnan, Edward. 155.2 GRINNAN
Freakonomics [videorecording] Gibney, Alex DVD 330 FREAKO NOMICS
Pennsylvania career guide Pennsylvania. Center for Workforce Information and Analysis REF 331.702 PENNSYLVA CAREER GUIDE 2010-11
Pennsylvania career guide Pennsylvania. Center for Workforce Information and Analysis 331.702 PENNSYLVA CAREER GUIDE 2010-11
Benefits & rights for older Pennsylvanians. Pennsylvania State Lottery 362.6097 BENEFITS & RIGHTS 2011
Sex on the Moon : the amazing story behind the most audacious heist in history Mezrich, Ben, 1969- 364.16 MEZRICH
The three sisters Indian cookbook : flavours and spices of India Kaul, Sereena. 641.5 KAUL
Box-making basics : design, technique, projects Freedman, David M. 745.593 FREEDMAN
Concert for Diana [videorecording]. Clinton, Bill, 1946- DVD 782.42163 CONCERT FOR DIANA
30 years of National Geographic specials [videorecording] National Geographic Society (U.S.) DVD 910.9 NATIONAL GEOGRAPH
Atlas of world history Black, Jeremy REF 911 ATLAS OF WORLD HISTORY
Don't you know there's a war on? : life on the home front during World War II Steers, Edward 940.53 STEERS
Receding tide : Vicksburg and Gettysburg : the campaigns that changed the Civil War Bearss, Edwin C. 973.7 BEARSS
Hooray! it's Passover! Kimmelman, Leslie BB KIMMELM
Just one catch : a biography of Joseph Heller Daugherty, Tracy BIO HELLER DAUGHER
A horse and a hero Alberto, Daisy E A
Eggs mark the spot Auch, Mary Jane E A
Trouble in the tunnel Awdry, W. Railway series E A
Flat stanely and the haunted house Brown, Jeff E B
Wilson and the ice cream fair Conlon, Mara E C
Cats vs. dogs Carney, Elizabeth, 1981- E C
Barn storm Ghigna, Charles E G
A picnic adventure Gallo, Lisa E G
Marley and the runaway pumpkin Grogan, John E G
Angelina, prima ballerina Holabird, Katharine E H
Angelina's new school Craig, Helen, ill. E H
Snow dog, Marley Hill, Susan, 1942- E H
We love you, Strawberry Shortcake! Harimann, Sierra E H
Ballet school Harimann, Sierra E H
A fairy tale Jordan, Apple E J
The spooky sound Lagonegro, Melissa E L
Beautiful brides Lagonegro, Melissa E L
Outside my window Lagonegro, Melissa E L
Show me the honey Rabe, Tish E R
Please don't feed the tiger lily! Redbank, Tennant E R
Paddywack Spinner, Stephanie. E S
Trucks line up Scieszka, Jon E S
Trains Shields, Amy E S
Deadliest animals Stewart, Melissa E S
Barbie I can be-- a ballerina Webster, Christy E W
Dinosaurs Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner E Z
Final theory : a novel Alpert, Mark, 1961- FIC ALPERT
The swinger : a novel Bamberger, Michael, 1960- FIC BAMBERG
Back of beyond Box, C. J. MYS FIC BOX
A small hotel Butler, Robert Olen FIC BUTLER
The winter rose : a novel Donnelly, Jennifer FIC DONNELLY
Smokin' seventeen [sound recording] Evanovich, Janet CD FIC EVANOVICH 5CDS 6.5HRS
Dick Francis's gamble Francis, Felix MYS FIC FRANCIS
On mystic lake Hannah, Kristin FIC HANNAH
Confessions of a beauty addict Haobsh, Nadine FIC HAOBSH
The guardian angel's journal Jess-Cooke, Carolyn, 1978- FIC JESS COOKE
Dead man's switch Kaehler, Tammy MYS FIC KAEHLER
Retribution Kenyon, Sherrilyn, 1965- FIC KENYON
The hypnotist [sound recording] : [a novel] Kepler, Lars CD FIC KEPLER 15CDS 17.5HRS
The book of love McGowan, Kathleen, 1963- FIC MCGOWAN
Fabulously fashionable McQueen, Holly FIC MCQUEEN
The eternal engagement Morrison, Mary B. FIC MORRISO
My life [videorecording] Rubin, Bruce Joel DVD FIC MY LIFE
Where the shadows lie Ridpath, Michael MYS FIC RIDPATH
A watershed year Schoenberger, Susan FIC SCHOENB
The sixes : a novel White, Kate, 1950- FIC WHITE
Wanted-- Mud Blossom Byars, Betsy Cromer JUV FIC BYARS
The Watsons go to Birmingham--1963 : a novel Curtis, Christopher Paul JUV FIC CURTIS
James and the giant peach Dahl, Roald JUV FIC DAHL
The matchlock gun Edmonds, Walter Dumaux, 1903- JUV FIC EDMONDS
The whipping boy Fleischman, Sid, 1920-2010 JUV FIC FLEISHMAN
Princess Alice and the magical mirror French, Vivian JUV FIC FRENCH
Julie of the wolves George, Jean Craighead, 1919- JUV FIC GEORGE
Crookedstar's promise Hunter, Erin JUV FIC HUNTER
In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson Lord, Bette JUV FIC LORD
Saving Shiloh Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds JUV FIC NAYLOR
Tom's midnight garden Pearce, Philippa JUV FIC PEARCE
Super diaper baby 2 : the invasion of the potty snatchers Pilkey, Dav. JUV FIC PILKEY
Freaky Friday Rodgers, Mary, 1931- JUV FIC RODGERS
Missing May Rylant, Cynthia JUV FIC RYLANT
Wayside School is falling down Sachar, Louis, 1954- JUV FIC SACHAR
Wayside School gets a little stranger Sachar, Louis, 1954- JUV FIC SACHAR
Roller skates Sawyer, Ruth, 1880-1970 JUV FIC SAWYER
The witch of Blackbird Pond Speare, Elizabeth George JUV FIC SPEARE
Abel's island Steig, William, 1907-2003 JUV FIC STEIG
Transition Banks, Iain, 1954- SCI FIC BANKS
Collected stories of William Faulkner. Faulkner, William, 1897-1962 SS FIC FAULKNER
This lullaby : a novel Dessen, Sarah YA FIC DESSEN
Middle school, the worst years of my life Patterson, James, 1947- YA FIC PATTERSON