Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Materials 6/24/11 - 6/30/11

Title Author Prefix / Call Number
Emus loose in Egnar : big stories from small towns Muller, Judy 071.3 MULLER
Fringe-ology : how I tried to explain away the unexplainable-and couldn't Volk, Steve 130 VOLK
Catfish [videorecording] Catfish (Motion picture : 2010) DVD 302.302 CATFISH
Imperial Vollmann, William T. 304.8 VOLLMANN
Countdown to zero [videorecording] Walker, Lucy, director. DVD 327.1 COUNT DOWN TO ZERO
Freakonomics [videorecording] Gibney, Alex DVD 330 FREAKO NOMICS
Last train home [videorecording] Fan, Lixin DVD 331.544 LAST TRAIN HOME
The next big play McGraw, Seamus 333.79 MCGRAW
Clarence Darrow : attorney for the damned Farrell, John A. (John Aloysius) 340.092 FARRELL
Area 51 : an uncensored history of America's top secret military base Jacobsen, Annie 358.4 JACOBSE
Jihad Joe : Americans who go to war in the name of Islam Berger, J. M. (John M.) 363.325 BERGER
The cyanide canary Hilldorfer, Joseph 364.142 HILLDORF
Mortal danger and other true cases Rule, Ann 364.152 RULE
The big roads : the untold story of the engineers, visionaries, and trailblazers who created the American superhighways Swift, Earl, 1958- 388.1 SWIFT
America walks into a bar : a spirited history of taverns and saloons, speakeasies, and grog shops Sismondo, Christine 394.1 SISMOND
A traveler's guide to the planets [videorecording] Poor, Bray DVD 523.2 NATIONAL GEOGRAP PLANETS
How the hippies saved physics : science, counterculture, and the quantum revival Kaiser, David 530.092 KAISER
The architecture and design of man and woman : the marvel of the human body, revealed Tsiaras, Alexander 611 TSIARAS
Crazy : notes on and off the couch Dobrenski, Rob 616.89 DOBRENS
Weeds : in defense of nature's most unloved plants Mabey, Richard, 1941- 632.5 MABEY
Fast, fresh garden edibles Courtier, Jane 635 COURTIE
Terrarium craft : create 50 magical, miniature worlds Bryant Aiello, Amy 635.9 AIELLO
Small green roofs : low-tech options for greener living Dunnett, Nigel 635.9 DUNNETT
Oogy [text (large print)] : the dog only a family could love Levin, Larry (Laurence M.) LP 636.7009 LEVIN
The stocked kitchen Kallio, Sarah 640.73 KALLIO
Beers of the world : over 350 classic beers, lagers, ales, and porters Kenning, David. 641.23 KENNING
The complete homebrew beer book : 200 easy recipes from ales & lagers to extreme beers & international favorites Hummel, George, 1954- 641.873 HUMMEL
The Elements of Graphic Design : Space, Unity, Page Architecture, and Type White, Alex W. 686.2 WHITE
Exit through the gift shop [videorecording] Ifans, Rhys, 1968- DVD 751.7 EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP
The Tillman story [videorecording] Bar-Lev, Amir DVD 796.33 THE TILLMAN STORY
The way of baseball : finding stillness at 95 mph Green, Shawn 796.357 GREEN
Storycraft : the complete guide to writing narrative nonfiction Hart, Jack, 1946- 808.066 HART
The rocking chair reader : coming home : true inspirational tales of family and community Polaski, Helen Kay, ed. LP 920.073 POLASKI
Then & now Perring, Stefania 930 PERRING
America [videorecording] : the story of us Schreiber, Liev DVD 973.22 AMERICA THE STORY OF US
A world on fire : Britian's crucial role in the American Civil War Foreman, Amanda, 1968- 973.7 FOREMAN
John Winthrop : America's forgotten founding father Bremer, Francis J. 974.402 BREMER
Client 9 [videorecording] : the rise and fall of Eliot Spitzer Gibney, Alex DVD 974.7 CLIENT 9
Turn right at Machu Picchu : rediscovering the lost city one step at a time Adams, Mark, 1967- 985.37 ADAMS
Machiavelli : a biography Unger, Miles BIO MACHIAV UNGER
From Barcelona, with love Adler, Elizabeth (Elizabeth A.) FIC ADLER
Untold story : a novel Ali, Monica, 1967- FIC ALI
The storm at the door : a novel Block, Stefan Merrill FIC BLOCK
Persuader : a Reacher novel Child, Lee FIC CHILD
Anna Hastings : the story of a Washington newspaperwoman! Drury, Allen FIC DRURY
American gods : a novel Gaiman, Neil FIC GAIMAN
Silver girl : a novel Hilderbrand, Elin FIC HILDERB
Dreadfully ever after [sound recording] Hockensmith, Steve CD FIC HOCKENS 8CDS 9.25HRS
Just go with it [videorecording] Dugan, Dennis DVD FIC JUST GO WITH IT
Kill the Irishman [videorecording] Hensleigh, Jonathan DVD FIC KILL THE IRISHMAN
Thunder of heaven LaHaye, Tim F. FIC LAHAYE
Drawing conclusions [sound recording] / [sound recordin Leon, Donna CD FIC LEON 8CDS 9.25HRS
Blood trust [sound recording] Lustbader, Eric CD FIC LUSTBAD 11CDS 14.5HRS
The borrower : a novel Makkai, Rebecca FIC MAKKAI
Dragon's time McCaffrey, Anne SF FIC MCCAFFR
Sashenka Montefiore, Sebag, 1965- FIC MONTEFIO
What Alice forgot Moriarty, Liane FIC MORIART
Ghost squall Noone, Elaine Mary. FIC NOONE
Home to Italy Pezzelli, Peter FIC PEZZELLI
White shotgun : an FBI special agent Ana Grey mystery Smith, April, 1949- FIC SMITH
Watch me die Spindler, Erica, 1957- MYS FIC SPINDLE
Once a spy Thomson, Keith, 1965- FIC THOMSON
Unknown [videorecording] Unknown (Motion picture : 2011) DVD FIC UNKNOWN
Battle Royale Takami, Koushun GRAPHIC NOVEL BATTLE ROYALE 1
Battle Royale Takami, Koushun GRAPHIC NOVEL BATTLE ROYALE 2
Battle Royale Takami, Koushun GRAPHIC NOVEL BATTLE ROYALE 3
Battle Royale Takami, Koushun GRAPHIC NOVEL BATTLE ROYALE 4
Battle Royale Takami, Koushun GRAPHIC NOVEL BATTLE ROYALE 5
Calvin and Hobbes Watterson, Bill. GRAPHIC NOVEL CALVIN AND HOBBES
The authoritative Calvin and Hobbes : a Calvin and Hobbes treasury Watterson, Bill. GRAPHIC NOVEL CALVIN AND HOBBES AUTHORIT
The revenge of the baby-sat : a Calvin and Hobbes collection Watterson, Bill. GRAPHIC NOVEL CALVIN AND HOBBES REVENGE
There's treasure everywhere : a Calvin and Hobbes collection Watterson, Bill. GRAPHIC NOVEL CALVIN AND HOBBES THERE'S
Weirdos from another planet! : a Calvin and Hobbes collection Watterson, Bill. GRAPHIC NOVEL CALVIN AND HOBBES WEIRDOS
Naruto Kishimoto, Masashi GRAPHIC NOVEL NARUTO 2
Naruto Kishimoto, Masashi GRAPHIC NOVEL NARUTO 3
Naruto Kishimoto, Masashi GRAPHIC NOVEL NARUTO 4
Peach girl, Change of heart. 10 Ueda, Miwa GRAPHIC NOVEL PEACH GIRL CHANGE OF HEART 10
Peach girl, Change of heart. v.9 Ueda, Miwa GRAPHIC NOVEL PEACH GIRL CHANGE OF HEART 9
Scryed Kuroda, Yosuke GRAPHIC NOVEL SCRYED 1
Scryed Kuroda, Yosuke GRAPHIC NOVEL SCRYED 2
Squee's wonderful big giant book of unspeakable horrors Vasquez, Jhonen GRAPHIC NOVEL SQUEE'S WONDERFU BIG GIANT
Trigun : # 1, deep space planet future gun action!! Nightow, Yasuhiro GRAPHIC NOVEL TRIGUN 1
Trigun. #2 Nightow, Yasuhiro GRAPHIC NOVEL TRIGUN 2
How to eat fried worms Rockwell, Thomas, 1933- JUV FIC ROCKWELL
Ever by my side [text (large print)] : a memoir in eight [Acts] pets Trout, Nick LP BIO TROUT TROUT
A painted house [text (large print)] : a novel Grisham, John LP FIC GRISHAM
Archangel [large print] : a novel Harris, Robert, 1957- LP FIC HARRIS
On the run : (text) large print. Johansen, Iris LP FIC JOHANSEN
Back on Blossom Street [large print] Macomber, Debbie LP FIC MACOMBER
Split image Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010. LP FIC PARKER
The lake house [text (large print)] : a novel Patterson, James, 1947- LP FIC PATTERSON
999 : new stories of horror and suspense Sarrantonio, Al, ed. SS FIC SARRANTO

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Materials 6/17/11 - 6/23/11

Title Author Prefix / Call Number
Monsters : an investigator's guide to magical beings Greer, John Michael 001.944 GREER
Google speaks : secrets of the world's greatest billionaire entrepreneurs, Sergey Brin and Larry Page Lowe, Janet 005.1092 LOWE
Microsoft Windows 7 illustrated Johnson, Steve 005.446 JOHNSON
Microsoft Office 2010 : illustrated : second course Beskeen, David W. 005.5 MICROSO OFFICE 2010
50 philosophical ideas you really need to know Dupre, Ben 100 DUPRE
An illustrated guide to runes Dee, Jonathan 133.33 DEE
The book of Alchemy : learn the secrets of the alchemists to transform mind, body, and soul Melville, Francis 135 MELVILLE
The Book of the dead; the papyrus of Ani in the British Museum. Budge, E. A. Wallis 299.3 BUDGE
Googled : the end of the world as we know it Auletta, Ken. 338.7 AULETTA
BlackBerry planet : the story of Research in Motion and the little device that took the world by storm Sweeny, Alastair 338.7 SWEENY
Public domain : how to find & use copyright-free writings, music, art & more Fishman, Stephen 346.7304 FISHMAN
The art of war : the Denma translation Sunzi, 6th cent. B.C. 355.02 SUNZI
It's our turn to eat : the story of a Kenyan whistle-blower Wrong, Michela, 1961- 364.1 WRONG
Murder city : Ciudad Juarez and the global economy's new killing fields Bowden, Charles, 1945- 364.152 BOWDEN
Evening's empire : the story of my father's murder Lazar, Zachary 364.152 LAZAR
Dear Dr. Thompson : felony murder, Hunter S. Thompson, and the last Gonzo campaign Moseley, Matthew L 364.1523 MOSELEY
Glass slipper, gold sandal : a worldwide Cinderella Fleischman, Paul JUV 398.2 FLEISHM
The vampire encyclopedia Bunson, Matthew 398.45 BUNSON
E=mco : the great ideas that shaped our world Moore, Pete, 1962- 500 MOORE
30-second theories : the 50 most thought-provoking theories in science, each explained in half a minute Parsons, Paul, 1971- 501 PARSONS
Huck : the remarkable true story of how one lost puppy taught a family- and a whole town- about hope and happy endings Elder, Janet 636.72 ELDER
Our iceberg is melting : changing and succeeding under any conditions Kotter, John P., 1947- 650.1 KOTTER
Ignore everybody : and 39 other keys to creativity MacLeod, Hugh, 1965- 650.1 MACLEOD
The ten commandments for business failure Keough, Donald R. 658 KEOUGH
Creating competitive advantage : give customers a reason to choose you over your competitors Smith, Jaynie L. 658.4 SMITH
What clients love : a field guide to growing your business Beckwith, Harry, 1949- 658.8 BECKWITH
Kick your own ass : the will, skill, and drill of selling more than you ever thought possible Johnson, Robert Early, 1962- 658.85 JOHNSON
The lives of the great composers Schonberg, Harold C. 780.92 SCHONBER
Infamous players : a tale of movies, the mob (and sex) Bart, Peter 791.4302 BART
The ultimate book of martial arts Goodman, Fay 796.8 GOODMAN
Kung-fu masters Fraguas, Jose M. 796.815 FRAGUAS
The art of weapons : armed and unarmed self-defense Tedeschi, Marc 796.815 TEDESCHI
Haiku : seasons of Japanese poetry Brownell, Johanna, ed. 808.81 BROWNELL
Sh*t my dad says Halpern, Justin, 1980- 818.602 HALPERN
Mystery of the Nile : the epic story of the first descent of the world's deadliest river Bangs, Richard, 1950- 916.204 BANGS
Warbirds / American Legends of World War II Ethell, Jeffrey L. 940.544 ETHELL
The civil war of 1812 : American citizens, British subjects, Irish rebels, & Indian allies Taylor, Alan, 1955- 973.52 TAYLOR
Cushing of Gettysburg : the story of a Union artillery commander Brown, Kent Masterson, 1949- 973.7 BROWN
Southern storm : Sherman's march to the sea Trudeau, Noah Andre, 1949- 973.7 TRUDEAU
The Delaware and Raritan Canal Barth, Linda J. 974.9 BARTH
Corduroy's party Freeman, Don, 1908-1978 BB CORDUR PARTY
First rhymes Swift, Jane, ill. BB FIRST RHYMES
First songs Swift, Jane BB FIRST SONGS
Sandy's big good-bye Koeppel, Ruth BB KOEPPEL
Numbers Shooter, Howard BB NUMBERS
Big little Patricelli, Leslie BB PATRICEL
SpongeBob's Valentine's surprise Sollinger, Emily BB SOLLING
The last playboy : the high life of Porfirio Rubirosa Levy, Shawn BIO RUBIROSA LEVY
Lady blue eyes : my life with Frank Sinatra Sinatra, Barbara BIO SINATRA SINATRA
Arthur babysits Brown, Marc Tolon E B
Arthur writes a story Brown, Marc E B
Corduroy's Christmas surprise E C
Dora's chilly day Thorpe, Kiki E T
One summer Baldacci, David LP FIC BALDACC
The black tower Bayard, Louis FIC BAYARD
The wettest county in the world : a novel based on a true story Bondurant, Matt, 1971- FIC BONDURA
Disturbance Burke, Jan MYS FIC BURKE
Long gone Burke, Alafair FIC BURKE
Sweet Clover : a romance of the White City Burnham, Clara Louise, 1854-1927 FIC BURNHAM
Kismet Burns, Monica FIC BURNS
Breaking silence Castillo, Linda FIC CASTILLO
Day after night : a novel Diamant, Anita FIC DIAMANT
Diary of a wimpy kid [videorecording] : Rodrick rules Bowers, David DVD FIC DIARY OF A WIMPY KID
So brave, young, and handsome Enger, Leif FIC ENGER
Smokin' seventeen : a Stephanie Plum novel Evanovich, Janet MYS FIC EVANOVI
Felicity [videorecording] : an American girl adventure Harden, Marcia Gay DVD FIC FELICITY
A storm in the blood : a novel Fink, Jon Stephen FIC FINK
Strawberry shortcake murder : a Hannah Swensen mystery Fluke, Joanne, 1943- MYS FIC FLUKE
Peach cobbler murder Fluke, Joanne, 1943- MYS FIC FLUKE
Mercury in retrograde : a novel Froelich, Paula FIC FROELICH
Paul is undead : the British zombie invasion Goldsher, Alan, 1966- FIC GOLDSHER
American subversive : a novel Goodwillie, David, 1972- FIC GOODWILL
The good son : a novel Gruber, Michael, 1940- FIC GRUBER
The negotiator Henderson, Dee FIC HENDERSO
In hovering flight Hinnefeld, Joyce FIC HINNEFELD
The girl who disappeared twice Kane, Andrea MYS FIC KANE
In the company of angels : a novel Kennedy, Thomas E., 1944- FIC KENNEDY
The hypnotist Kepler, Lars FIC KEPLER
The secret life of bees Kidd, Sue Monk FIC KIDD
Learning Kingsbury, Karen FIC KINGSBURY
The ridge Koryta, Michael LP FIC KORYTA
The Devil's company : a novel Liss, David, 1966- FIC LISS
The owl killers : a novel Maitland, Karen FIC MAITLAND
The dog who came in from the cold : a Corduroy Mansions novel McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948- MYS FIC MCCALL SMITH
Creed's honor Miller, Linda Lael FIC MILLER
The informer : a novel Nova, Craig. FIC NOVA
The grove : [a novel] Rector, John FIC RECTOR
The devil colony : a Sigma Force novel Rollins, James, 1961- FIC ROLLINS
The three Weissmanns of Westport Schine, Cathleen FIC SCHINE
Dreams of joy : a novel See, Lisa LP FIC SEE
Fallen : a novel Slaughter, Karin, 1971- FIC SLAUGHT
Husband and wife : a novel Stewart, Leah, 1973- FIC STEWART
Heat wave : a novel Thayer, Nancy, 1943- FIC THAYER
The adjustment bureau [videorecording] Nolfi, George DVD FIC THE ADJUSTM BUREAU
Agaat Van Niekerk, Marlene FIC VAN NIEKERK
The terror of living : a novel Waite, Urban FIC WAITE
Amelia Whitlock, Brand, 1869-1934 FIC WHITLOCK
Fayette : a time to love Winters, Donna FIC WINTERS
Jenny of L'Anse Bay Winters, Donna FIC WINTERS
Mackinac Winters, Donna FIC WINTERS
Isabelle's inning Winters, Donna FIC WINTERS
Rosalie of Grand Traverse Bay Winters, Donna FIC WINTERS
Cowboy Bebop Nanten, Yutaka GRAPHIC NOVEL COWBOY BEBOP 1
Cowboy Bebop Nanten, Yutaka GRAPHIC NOVEL COWBOY BEBOP 2
Cowboy Bebop Nanten, Yutaka GRAPHIC NOVEL COWBOY BEBOP 3
Cowboy Bebop, shooting star Kuga, Cain GRAPHIC NOVEL COWBOY BEBOP SHOOTING STAR 1
Cowboy Bebop, shooting star Kuga, Cain GRAPHIC NOVEL COWBOY BEBOP SHOOTING STAR 2
Culdcept Kaneko, Shinya GRAPHIC NOVEL CULDCEPT 1
Culdcept Kaneko, Shinya GRAPHIC NOVEL CULDCEPT 2
Culdcept Kaneko, Shinya GRAPHIC NOVEL CULDCEPT 3
Hellsing Hirano, Kohta GRAPHIC NOVEL HELLSING 1
Hellsing Hirano, Kohta GRAPHIC NOVEL HELLSING 2
Hellsing Hirano, Kohta GRAPHIC NOVEL HELLSING 3
Shaman king. Vol. 3, The lizard man Takei, Hiroyuki. GRAPHIC NOVEL SHAMAN KING 3
A gathering of days : a New England girl's journal, 1830-32 : a novel Blos, Joan W. JUV FIC BLOS
Rahi beasts Farshtey, Greg JUV FIC FARSHTEY
Gnomeo & Juliet [videorecording] McAvoy, James, 1979- DVD JUV FIC GNOMEO AND JULIET
No frills [sound recording] Smith, Paul, 1953- prf. CD MUSIC SMITH
Murder at the PTA Alden, Laura MYS FIC ALDEN
Midnight fugue : a Dalziel and Pascoe mystery Hill, Reginald MYS FIC HILL
Let's cook Gwyther, Pamela PEACE PROJECT
Chili-chili-chin-chin Yang, Belle PEACE PROJECT
50 simple things you can do to save the earth Earth Works Group (U.S.) PEACE PROJECT
The little penguin Wood, A. J., 1960- PEACE PROJECT
The Serendipity collection : featuring Serendipity and her friends Cosgrove, Stephen PEACE PROJECT
A celebration of being : photographs of the Hopi and Navajo Page, Susanne PEACE PROJECT
Growing up Native American Riley, Patricia, 1950- PEACE PROJECT
Six by Seuss. Seuss, Dr. PEACE PROJECT
Stargazer to the sultan, Walker, Barbara K. PEACE PROJECT
A time of angels Hesse, Karen PEACE PROJECT
If I had a dragon / Si yo tuviera un dragon / escrito e ilustrado por Tom y Amanda Ellery ; traducido al espanol por Teresa Mlawer. Ellery, Tom PEACE PROJECT
Native American tales and legends Macfarlan, Allan A. PEACE PROJECT
Hold up the sky : and other Indian tales from Texas and the Southern Plains Curry, Jane Louise. PEACE PROJECT
The wonderful sky boat : and other Native American tales of the Southeast Curry, Jane Louise. PEACE PROJECT
Eight keys to a better me Briggs, William J., 1935- PEACE PROJECT
My America and my world Moore, Judy Hull PEACE PROJECT
Pictures of Hollis Woods Giff, Patricia Reilly. PEACE PROJECT
Discover America! : a scenic tour of the fifty states. National Geographic Society (U.S.) PEACE PROJECT
Nancy Ward, Cherokee Felton, Harold W., 1902- PEACE PROJECT
All across America Liu, Daphne. PEACE PROJECT
A Mother for Choco Kasza, Keiko. PEACE PROJECT
Let's dance! Ancona, George PEACE PROJECT
Code talker : a novel about the Navajo Marines of World War Two Bruchac, Joseph, 1942- PEACE PROJECT
When this box is full Lillie, Patricia. PEACE PROJECT
Native women of courage Fournel, Kelly, 1976- PEACE PROJECT
I can read about Indians Warren, Elizabeth, 1960- PEACE PROJECT
How to be a Chicana role model Serros, Michele M. PEACE PROJECT
Digging to America : a novel Tyler, Anne. PEACE PROJECT
A deepness in the sky Vinge, Vernor SCI FIC VINGE
Darwin's children Bear, Greg, 1951- SF FIC BEAR
Fallen dragon Hamilton, Peter F. SF FIC HAMILTON
The Conan chronicles Jordan, Robert, 1948-2007 SF FIC JORDAN
Yellow blue tibia Roberts, Adam (Adam Charles) SF FIC ROBERTS
A sorcerer's treason Zettel, Sarah SF FIC ZETTEL
The spot : stories Means, David, 1961- SS FIC MEANS
Crossing Fukuda, Andrew Xia YA FIC FUKUDA

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Materials 6/10/11 - 6/16/11

Title Author Prefix / Call Number
Type talk at work : how 16 personality types determine your success on the job Kroeger, Otto 155.264 KROEGER
SEAL Team Six : memoirs of an elite Navy seal sniper Wasdin, Howard E. 359.009 WASDIN
The murder of the century : the gilded age crime that scandalized a city & sparked the tabloid wars Collins, Paul, 1969- 364.152 COLLINS
The wizard of lies : Bernie Madoff and the death of trust Henriques, Diana B. 364.16 HENRIQU
Those guys have all the fun : inside the world of ESPN Miller, James Andrew 384.55 MILLER
Demon fish : travels through the hidden world of sharks Eilperin, Juliet 597.3 EILPERIN
Jaws of the Pacific [videorecording] Gennaro, Caterina. DVD 597.3 JAWS OF THE PACIFIC
Brain fitness2 [dvd] : sight & sound Coyote, Peter DVD 612.82 BRAIN FITNESS2
Just tell me what to eat! : the delicious 6-week weight loss plan for the real world Harlan, Timothy S., 1958- 613.2 HARLAN
Ultra-metabolism [videorecording] : the simple plan for automatic weight loss Hyman, Mark, M.D. DVD 613.25 ULTRA-META
Deadly choices : how the anti-vaccine movement threatens us all Offit, Paul A. 614.4 OFFIT
Special diets for special kids : understanding and implementing a gluten and casein free diet to aid in the treatment of autism and related developmental disorders Lewis, Lisa S. 615.8 LEWIS
Overcoming cardiovascular disease naturally [DVD] Null, Gary. DVD 616.12 OVERCOMI CARDIOVA DISEASE
Are you tired and wired? : your proven 30-day program for overcoming adrenal fatigue and feeling fantastic again Pick, Marcelle, 1952- CD 616.45 PICK 6CDS 6HRS
Arthritis [videorecording]: a natural approach Null, Gary. DVD 616.722 ARTHRITIS
Foods to fight cancer : essential foods to help prevent cancer Beliveau, Richard 616.994 BELIVEAU
How to talk to an autistic kid Stefanski, Daniel JUV 618.92 STEFANS
Amazing dogs : a cabinet of canine curiosities Bondeson, Jan 636.7 BONDESO
The anti-cancer cookbook : how to cut your risk with the most powerful, cancer-fighting foods Greer, Julia B., 1970- 641.5 GREER
Family handyman's best organizing solutions : cut clutter, store more, and gain closet space 648.8 FAMILY HANDYMA
Rembrandt's eyes Schama, Simon 759.9492 SCHAMA
To do : a book of alphabets and birthdays Stein, Gertrude, 1874-1946 813.52 STEIN
The greater journey : Americans in Paris, 1830-1900 McCullough, David G. 920.009 MCCULLO
Sea of thunder : four commanders and the last great naval campaign, 1941-1945 Thomas, Evan, 1951- 940.54 THOMAS
The Borinqueneers [videorecording] Elizondo, Hector DVD 951.904 BORINQUE
East of Gettysburg : a gray shadow crosses York County, Pa. McClure, James, 1954- 973.7 MCCLURE
Ray [videorecording] Foxx, Jamie DVD BIO RAY
Tammy Wynette : tragic country queen McDonough, Jimmy BIO WYNETTE MCDONOU
The very fairy princess takes the stage Andrews, Julie E A
Will it be a baby brother? Bunting, Eve, 1928- E B
Arthur turns green Brown, Marc Tolon E B
The very hungry caterpillar Carle, Eric E C
The voyage of Turtle Rex Cyrus, Kurt E C
Charlie the ranch dog Drummond, Ree E D
Clink DiPucchio, Kelly S. E D
Three by the sea Grey, Mini E G
Little white rabbit Henkes, Kevin E H
Me-- Jane McDonnell, Patrick, 1956- E M
To market, to market McClure, Nikki E M
Quiet Bunny's many colors McCue, Lisa E M
The Honeybee Man Nargi, Lela E N
Stellar stargazer! O'Connor, Jane E O
Fancy Nancy and the mean girl O'Connor, Jane E O
You can't eat a Princess! Rogerson, Gillian E R
Goodnight, goodnight, construction site Rinker, Sherri Duskey E R
This + that : life equations Rosenthal, Amy Krouse E R
Ladder to the moon Soetoro-Ng, Maya, 1970- E S
The little red pen Stevens, Janet E S
Press here Tullet, Herve E T
The loud book! Underwood, Deborah E U
The watcher : the story of Jane Goodall Winter, Jeanette. E W
Hooray for Amanda & her alligator! Willems, Mo E W
Dream big little pig Yamaguchi, Kristi E Y
13 going on 30 [videorecording] Winick, Gary. DVD FIC 13 GOING ON 30
Long drive home : a novel Allison, Will FIC ALLISON
Alpha dog [videorecording] Hirsch, Emile, 1985- DVD FIC ALPHA DOG
One summer Baldacci, David FIC BALDACC
Batman. Gotham knight [videorecording] Rucka, Greg DVD FIC BATMAN GOTHAM KNIGHT
Joy for beginners Bauermeister, Erica FIC BAUERME
Sisterhood everlasting : a novel Brashares, Ann FIC BRASHAR
The Astral : a novel Christensen, Kate, 1962- FIC CHRISTE
Against all enemies Clancy, Tom, 1947- FIC CLANCY
City of fallen angels Clare, Cassandra YA FIC CLARE
The summer we came to life Cloyed, Deborah. FIC CLOYED
Best staged plans Cook, Claire, 1955- FIC COOK
The first husband Dave, Laura FIC DAVE
Carte blanche : the new James Bond novel Deaver, Jeffery FIC DEAVER
Doc Hollywood [videorecording] Caton-Jones, Michael DVD FIC DOC HOLLYWOOD
Drive angry [videorecording] Cage, Nicolas, 1965- DVD FIC DRIVE ANGRY
Drumline (dvd) [videorecording] Saldana, Zoe DVD FIC DRUMLINE
E.T., the extra-terrestrial [videorecording] Spielberg, Steven, 1946- DVD FIC E.T.
The family man [videorecording] Ratner, Brett DVD FIC FAMILY MAN
Four weddings and a funeral [videorecording (DVD) ] Bennett, Richard Rodney DVD FIC FOUR WEDDINGS AND A
Folly Beach Frank, Dorothea Benton FIC FRANK
French kiss [videorecording (DVD)] Kasdan, Lawrence, 1949- DVD FIC FRENCH KISS
Ghostbusters 1 & 2 [videorecording] : double feature gift set Aykroyd, Dan DVD FIC GHOSTBUS 1&2 2DVDS
Gladiator [videorecording (DVD)] Nielsen, Connie DVD FIC GLADIATOR
Good Will Hunting [videorecording (DVD)] Van Sant, Gus DVD FIC GOOD WILL HUNTING
Secret daughter Gowda, Shilpi Somaya FIC GOWDA
Grey's anatomy. Season one [videorecording] Grey's anatomy (Television program). Season 1. DVD FIC GREY'S ANATOMY 1 2DVDS
Grey's anatomy. Complete second season uncut [videorecording] DVD FIC GREY'S ANATOMY 2 6DVDS
Grey's anatomy. Season three: seriously extended [videorecording] Grey's anatomy (Television program). Season 3. DVD FIC GREY'S ANATOMY 3 7DVDS
The expediter Hagberg, David FIC HAGBERG
The Hollywood Knights [videorecording] Pfeiffer, Michelle, 1957- DVD FIC HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS
Summer in the South : a novel Holton, Cathy FIC HOLTON
Hope floats [videorecording] Hope floats (Motion picture) DVD FIC HOPE FLOATS
How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days [DVD] Alexander, Michelle DVD FIC HOW TO LOSE A GUY
The hulk [videorecording] Elliott, Sam, 1944- DVD FIC HULK
If these walls could talk [videorecording] Cher, 1946- DVD FIC IF THESE WALLS COULD
The Incredibles [videorecording] Jackson, Samuel L. DVD FIC INCREDIBLES
Jaws [videorecording] Spielberg, Steven, 1946- DVD FIC JAWS
Monty Python's Life of Brian [videorecording] Idle, Eric aus act. DVD FIC LIFE OF BRIAN
Like Mike [DVD] Schultz, John DVD FIC LIKE MIKE
When passion rules Lindsey, Johanna FIC LINDSEY
The devil she knows Loehfelm, Bill FIC LOEHFEL
To be sung underwater McNeal, Tom FIC MCNEAL
Attila : the judgment Napier, William, 1965- FIC NAPIER
Attila : the gathering of the storm Napier, William, 1965- FIC NAPIER
Rounders [DVD videorecording] Norton, Edward act. DVD FIC ROUNDERS
Runaway Bride [dvd] Marshall, Garry DVD FIC RUNAWAY BRIDE
Say anything Say anything (Motion picture) DVD FIC SAY ANYTHING
Dreams of joy [sound recording] : a novel See, Lisa CD FIC SEE 13CDS 15.5HRS
Serendipity [DVD] Cusack, John, 1966- DVD FIC SERENDIP
Sleepless in Seattle [videorecording] Hanks, Tom, 1956- DVD FIC SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE
Space Ghost coast to coast. Volume 1 [videorecording] Lowe, George, actor. DVD FIC SPACE GHOST COAST
Star Wars trilogy [videorecording] Ford, Harrison, 1942- DVD FIC STAR WARS TRILOGY
Maine : a novel Sullivan, J. Courtney FIC SULLIVAN
The mechanic [videorecording (videodisc)] Statham, Jason, 1972- DVD FIC THE MECHANIC
The west wing. The complete first season [videorecording] West Wing (Television program). Season 1. DVD FIC WEST WING 1 4DVDS
The west wing. The complete second season [videorecording] West Wing (Television program). Season 2. DVD FIC WEST WING 2 4DVDS
Robopocalypse : a novel Wilson, Daniel H. (Daniel Howard), 1978- SF FIC WILSON
Larkspur Cove Wingate, Lisa FIC WINGATE
Mr. Popper's penguins Atwater, Richard. JUV FIC ATWATER
The golden ghost Bauer, Marion Dane. JUV FIC BAUER
Are you there God? It's me, Margaret Blume, Judy JUV FIC BLUME
Freckle juice Blume, Judy JUV FIC BLUME
The big wave Buck, Pearl S. (Pearl Sydenstricker), 1892-1973 JUV FIC BUCK
Theodore Boone : the abduction Grisham, John JUV FIC GRISHAM
Salamandastron Jacques, Brian JUV FIC JACQUES
Mossflower Jacques, Brian JUV FIC JACQUES
The Rogue Crew Jacques, Brian JUV FIC JACQUES
Dork diaries : tales from a not-so-talented pop star Russell, Rachel Renee JUV FIC RUSSELL
Darke Sage, Angie JUV FIC SAGE
The corpse wore tartan Dunnett, Kaitlyn MYS FIC DUNNETT
The kenken killings : a puzzle lady mystery Hall, Parnell MYS FIC HALL
Ghost in trouble Hart, Carolyn G. MYS FIC HART
Merry wives of Maggody : an Arly Hanks mystery Hess, Joan. MYS FIC HESS
Murder your darlings : an Algonquin Round Table mystery Murphy, J. J. MYS FIC MURPHY
Threats at three Purser, Ann MYS FIC PURSER
Everything I was Demas, Corinne YA FIC DEMAS

Thursday, June 09, 2011

New Materials 6/3/11 - 6/9/11

Title Author Prefix / Call Number
You are not your brain : the 4-step solution for ending destructive behavior, changing bad habits, and taking control of your life Schwartz, Jeffrey, 1951- 158.1 SCHWART
The hole in our Gospel Stearns, Richard (Richard E.) 248.4 STEARNS
Demonic : how the liberal mob is endangering America Coulter, Ann H. 320.51 COULTER
Day of empire : how hyperpowers rise to global dominance--and why they fall Chua, Amy 327.112 CHUA
Poisoned legacy : the human cost of BP's rise to power Magner, Mike 338.7 MAGNER
Jessica Lost : a story of birth and adoption Crumpacker, Bunny 362.73 CRUMPAC
Letters to a young teacher Kozol, Jonathan 371.1 KOZOL
The excellent 11 : qualities teachers and parents use to motivate, inspire and educate children Clark, Ron, 1971- 371.102 CLARK
The dreamkeepers : successful teachers of African American children Ladson-Billings, Gloria, 1947- 371.829 LADSON-B
Science secrets : the truth about Darwin's finches, Einstein's wife, and other myths Martinez, Alberto A. 500 MARTINEZ
Acupressure's potent points : a guide to self-care for common ailments Gach, Michael Reed 615.8 GACH
The acupressure atlas Kolster, Bernard C. 615.8 KOLSTER
Motorcycle operator manual Pennsylvania. Bureau of Driver Licensing REF 629.28 PENN MOTORCYC OPERATOR MANUAL
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania commercial driver's manual Pennsylvania. Dept. of Transportation. REF 629.283 PENN COMMERCI DRIVER'S ENGLISH
Manual del conductor comercial REF 629.283 PENN COMMERCI DRIVER'S SPANISH
Pennsylvania driver's manual, 2005; English version. REF 629.283 PENN DRIVER'S MANUAL ENGLISH
Manual del conductor Pennsylvania. Dept. of Transportation. REF 629.283 PENN DRIVER'S MANUAL SPANISH
Pennsylvania commercial driver's license : hazardous materials endorsement renewal manual REF 629.283 PENN HAZARDOU MATERIA RENEWAL
In the kitchen with Rosie : Oprah's favorite recipes Daley, Rosie LP 641.5 DALEY
The complete Caribbean cookbook : : totally tropical recipes from the paradise islands Le Blanc, Beverley. 641.5972 COMPLETE CARIBBEAN COOKBOOK
Artisan bread in five minutes a day : the discovery that revolutionizes home baking Hertzberg, Jeff 641.8 HERTZBE
Good things for easy entertaining: the best of Martha Stewart Living Editors of Martha Stewart Living. 642.4 STEWART
Stories in stone : a field guide to cemetery symbolism and iconography Keister, Douglas 731.549 KEISTER
If you ask me [sound recording] : (and of course you won't) White, Betty, 1922- CD 791.45 WHITE 2CDS 2.5HRS
Lies that Chelsea Handler told me Handler, Chelsea 818.6 HANDLER
100 mistakes that changed history : backfires and blunders that collapsed empires, crashed economies, and altered the course of our world Fawcett, Bill 909.22 FAWCETT
A brilliant solution : inventing the American Constitution Berkin, Carol 973.3 BERKIN
Did Lincoln own slaves? : and other frequently asked questions about Abraham Lincoln Prokopowicz, Gerald J. 973.7092 PROKOPOW
Isla Dorros, Arthur E D
Mystery Geisert, Arthur E G
Angelina and the Princess Holabird, Katharine E H
Tortoise solves a problem Katz, Avner E K
America's sweethearts [videorecording] Crystal, Billy DVD FIC AMERICA'S SWEETHEA
American beauty [videorecording] Mendes, Sam DVD FIC AMERICAN BEAUTY
American dreamz [videorecording] Grant, Hugh DVD FIC AMERICAN DREAMZ
Summer rental Andrews, Mary Kay, 1954- FIC ANDREWS
Summer rental Andrews, Mary Kay, 1954- LP FIC ANDREWS
Threading the needle Bostwick, Marie FIC BOSTWICK
Clueless [videorecording] Heckerling, Amy DVD FIC CLUELESS
The mistress's revenge : a novel Cohen, Tamar, 1963- FIC COHEN
Leviathan wakes Corey, James S. A. SF FIC COREY
The kingdom Cussler, Clive FIC CUSSLER
The kingdom Cussler, Clive LP FIC CUSSLER
Big girl small DeWoskin, Rachel YA FIC DEWOSKI
A simple act of violence Ellory, Roger Jon FIC ELLORY
Ferris Bueller's day off [videorecording] Hughes, John, 1950-2009 DVD FIC FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF
Footloose [videorecording] Ross, Herbert, 1927-2001 DVD FIC FOOTLOOSE
Destined for an early grave [sound recording] Frost, Jeaniene CD FIC FROST 8CDS 9.5HRS
The wedding shawl Goldenbaum, Sally MYS FIC GOLDENB
Austin Powers in Goldmember [videorecording] Myers, Mike, 1963- DVD FIC GOLDMEMB
The love of my youth Gordon, Mary, 1949- LP FIC GORDON
Hit list Hamilton, Laurell K. FIC HAMILTON
Honeymoon in Vegas [videorecording] Bergman, Andrew DVD FIC HONEYMOON IN VEGAS
Fallout Hopkins, Ellen YA FIC HOPKINS
Bloodmoney : a novel of espionage Ignatius, David, 1950- FIC IGNATIUS
Born to die Jackson, Lisa MYS FIC JACKSON
Don't bargain with the devil [sound recording] Jeffries, Sabrina CD FIC JEFFRIES 8CDS 9.75HRS
The girl who disappeared twice Kane, Andrea LP FIC KANE
Lessons in French Kinsale, Laura FIC KINSALE
Sister : a novel Lupton, Rosamund FIC LUPTON
Maid in Manhattan [videorecording] Wang, Wayne, 1949- DVD FIC MAID IN MANHATTA
Against the law Martin, Kat LP FIC MARTIN
We are now beginning our descent Meek, James, 1962- FIC MEEK
MIIB [videorecording] : Men in black II Men in black II (Motion picture) DVD FIC MEN IN BLACK II
Mama Ruby Monroe, Mary. FIC MONROE
The diviner's tale [sound recording] : a novel Morrow, Bradford, 1951- CD FIC MORROW 10 CDS 12HRS
Never been kissed [videorecording] Barrymore, Drew DVD FIC NEVER BEEN KISSED
Night shift [videorecording] Howard, Ron DVD FIC NIGHT SHIFT
Office space [videorecording] Livingston, Ron DVD FIC OFFICE SPACE
The outsiders [videorecording (DVD)] Coppola, Francis Ford, 1939- DVD FIC OUTSIDERS
State of Wonder : a novel Patchett, Ann FIC PATCHET
Pretty in pink [videorecording] Cryer, Jon, 1965- DVD FIC PRETTY IN PINK
Bloodshot [sound recording] Priest, Cherie CD FIC PRIEST 10CDS 11.25HRS
The princess bride : 20th anniversary collector's edition [videorecording] Princess bride (Motion picture) DVD FIC PRINCESS BRIDE
The heart specialist Rothman, Claire, 1958- FIC ROTHMAN
Scary movie [videorecording (DVD)] Wayans, Keenen Ivory DVD FIC SCARY MOVIE
Shine [videorecording] Taylor, Noah DVD FIC SHINE
Sisterhood of the traveling pants [videorecording] Kwapis, Ken DVD FIC SISTERHO OF THE TRAVELIN
Some kind of wonderful [videorecording] Hague, Stephen DVD FIC SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL
Watch me die Spindler, Erica, 1957- LP FIC SPINDLE
Strange brew [videorecording] Moranis, Rick DVD FIC STRANGE BREW
Sweet home Alabama [videorecording] Tennant, Andy DVD FIC SWEET HOME ALABAMA
The wedding planner [videorecording] Pritzker, Gigi DVD FIC WEDDING PLANNER
The wedding singer [videorecording] Sandler, Adam DVD FIC WEDDING SINGER
What a girl wants [videorecording] Firth, Colin, 1960- DVD FIC WHAT A GIRL WANTS
When Harry met Sally [videorecording] Reiner, Rob, 1945- DVD FIC WHEN HARRY MET SALLY
While you were sleeping [videorecording (DVD)] Bullock, Sandra DVD FIC WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING
The uncoupling Wolitzer, Meg. LP FIC WOLITZER
Father of the Bride [dvd] Shyer, Charles DVD FIV FATHER OF THE BRIDE
The Penderwicks at Point Mouette Birdsall, Jeanne JUV FIC BIRDSALL
Small persons with wings Booraem, Ellen JUV FIC BOORAEM
Shantorian Carman, Patrick JUV FIC CARMAN
Out at second Christopher, Matt JUV FIC CHRISTO
Gossip from the girls' room : a blogtastic! novel Cooper, Rose (Barbara Rose), 1978- JUV FIC COOPER
The trouble with chickens : a J.J. Tully mystery Cronin, Doreen JUV FIC CRONIN
Times squared DeVillers, Julia JUV FIC DEVILLE
Take two DeVillers, Julia JUV FIC DEVILLE
Take me to the river Hobbs, Will. JUV FIC HOBBS
Dr. Seuss' how the Grinch stole Christmas [videorecording] Carrey, Jim, 1962- DVD JUV FIC HOW THE GRINCH STOLE
Ruby Lu, star of the show Look, Lenore JUV FIC LOOK
Cloudy with a chance of boys McDonald, Megan JUV FIC MCDONALD
Monsters, Inc. [videorecording] Docter, Pete DVD JUV FIC MONSTERS, INC.
Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation Myklusch, Matt JUV FIC MYKLUSCH
Liar, liar : the theory, practice, and destructive properties of deception Paulsen, Gary JUV FIC PAULSEN
Like pickle juice on a cookie Sternberg, Julie JUV FIC STERNBER
The girl who circumnavigated Fairyland in a ship of her own making Valente, Catherynne M., 1979- JUV FIC VALENTE
Elvis & Olive : super detectives Watson, Stephanie Elaine, 1979- JUV FIC WATSON
Odd girl in Whittemore, Jo, 1977- JUV FIC WHITTEMO
Doodlebug : a novel in doodles Young, Karen Romano JUV FIC YOUNG
The god of mischief Bajoria, Paul. YA FIC BAJORIA
City of ashes Clare, Cassandra YA FIC CLARE

Thursday, June 02, 2011

New Materials 5/26/11 - 6/2/11

Title Author Prefix / Call Number
The pleasures of reading in an age of distraction Jacobs, Alan, 1958- 028.8 JACOBS
Philosophy on tap : pint-sized puzzles for the pub philosopher Lawrence, Matt, 1963- 100 LAWRENC
Fundamentalism Connolly, Sean JUV 200.9 CONNOLLY
Globalization McGregor, Harriet JUV 303.48 MCGREGOR
Women of the U.S. Army : pushing limits Llanas, Sheila Griffin, 1958- JUV 355.0082 LLANAS
Women of the U.S. Air Force Schwartz, Heather E. JUV 358.4008 SCHWARTZ
Women of the U.S. Navy Llanas, Sheila Griffin, 1958- JUV 359.0082 LLANAS
Women of the U.S. Marine Corps : breaking barriers Schwartz, Heather E. JUV 359.96 SCHWARTZ
Prison puppies Goldish, Meish JUV 362.4 GOLDISH
The girl's guide to homelessness Karp, Brianna, 1985- 362.509 KARP
Terrorism Woolf, Alex, 1964- JUV 363.325 WOOLF
The beekeeper's lament : how one man and half a billion honey bees help feed America Nordhaus, Hannah. 595.79 NORDHAU
Zebra shark Nuzzolo, Deborah JUV 597.3 NUZZOLO
Megamouth shark Nuzzolo, Deborah JUV 597.3 NUZZOLO
Whale shark Nuzzolo, Deborah JUV 597.3 NUZZOLO
Tiger shark Nuzzolo, Deborah JUV 597.34 NUZZOLO
This won't hurt a bit : my education in medicine and motherhood Au, Michelle 610.92 AU
Defeating depression : the calm and sense way to find happiness and satisfaction Battenhausen, Leo J 616.8527 BATTENHAU
Eco dogs Stamper, Judith Bauer JUV 636.708 STAMPER
A monster cookbook : simple recipes for kids Schuette, Sarah L., 1976- JUV 641.5 SCHUETTE
An astronaut cookbook : simple recipes for kids Schuette, Sarah L., 1976- JUV 641.5 SCHUETTE
A princess cookbook : simple recipes for kids Schuette, Sarah L., 1976- JUV 641.5 SCHUETTE
A pirate cookbook : simple recipes for kids Schuette, Sarah L., 1976- JUV 641.5 SCHUETTE
The new wood finishing book Dresdner, Michael M. 684.084 DRESDNER
Bird, bee & bug houses : simple projects for your garden Jones, Derek 690.89 JONES
All about drawing horses & pets Farrell, Russell JUV 743.6 FARRELL
All about drawing dinosaurs & reptiles Fisher, Diana JUV 743.6 FISHER
75 Chinese, Celtic, and ornamental knots : a directory of knots and knotting techniques-plus exquisite jewelry projects to make and wear Williams, Laura, jewelry-maker. 745.59 WILLIAMS
Beading for the first time Benson, Ann 745.5942 BENSON
The irresistible bead : designing & creating exquisite beadwork jewelry Kenzle, Linda Fry 745.5942 KENZLE
Creative bead jewelry : weaving, looming, stringing, wiring, making beads Taylor, Carol, 1943- 745.5942 TAYLOR
Exotic beads : 45 distinctive beaded jewelry designs Withers, Sara 745.5942 WITHERS
Picture framing Wright-Smith, Rosamund 749.7 WRIGHT
VIP pass to a pro basketball game day : from the locker room to the press box (and everything in between) Latimer, Clay, 1952- JUV 796.323 LATIMER
VIP pass to a pro football game day: from the locker room to the press box (and everything in between) Latimer, Clay, 1952- JUV 796.332 LATIMER
VIP pass to a pro baseball game day : from the locker room to the press box (and everything in between) Latimer, Clay, 1952- JUV 796.357 LATIMER
VIP pass to a pro hockey game day: from the locker room to the press box (and everything in between) Latimer, Clay, 1952- JUV 796.962 LATIMER
Baghdad pups Goldish, Meish JUV 956.7044 GOLDISH
Gettysburg, the second day Pfanz, Harry W. (Harry Willcox), 1921- 973.7 PFANZ
Truth be told King, Larry, 1933- BIO KING KING
Marsha makes me sick Bottner, Barbara. E B
Franklin and Harriet Bourgeois, Paulette E B
Franklin fibs Bourgeois, Paulette E B
The house book Du Quette, Keith E D
Pooh's honey tree Gaines, Isabel E G
When I grow up--- Horn, Peter E H
Backwards day Holub, Joan E H
Tiger's birthday Mayer, Mercer, 1943- E M
Once upon a time, there was you : a novel Berg, Elizabeth LP FIC BERG
I am number four [videorecording] Caruso, D. J. DVD FIC I AM NUMBER FOUR
10th anniversary Patterson, James, 1947- LP FIC PATTERS
The abstinence teacher [sound recording] Perrotta, Tom, 1961- CD FIC PERROTTA 9CDS 10.5HRS
The fool's girl Rees, Celia YA FIC REES
Here, home, hope Rouda, Kaira. FIC ROUDA
44 Charles Street : a novel Steel, Danielle LP FIC STEEL
The Green Hornet [videorecording] Green Hornet (Motion picture : 2011) DVD FIC THE GREEN HORNET
The miracle worker. Bancroft, Anne, 1931-2005 DVD FIC THE MIRACLE WORKER
Beach Lane Woods, Sherryl FIC WOODS
Batman & Demon : a tragedy Grant, Alan, 1949- GRAPHIC NOVEL BATMAN & DEMON
Batman gothic Morrison, Grant GRAPHIC NOVEL BATMAN GOTHIC
Batman/Houdini : the devil's workshop Chaykin, Howard V. GRAPHIC NOVEL BATMAN HOUDINI
Batman : collected legends of the Dark Knight Robinson, James GRAPHIC NOVEL BATMAN: COLLECTE LEGENDS
Gotham by gaslight : a tale of the Batman Augustyn, Brian GRAPHIC NOVEL BATMAN: GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT
Batman : prey Moench, Doug, 1948- GRAPHIC NOVEL BATMAN: PREY
Batman : Shaman O'Neil, Dennis, 1939- GRAPHIC NOVEL BATMAN: SHAMAN
Yukon ho! : a Calvin and Hobbes collection Watterson, Bill. GRAPHIC NOVEL CALVIN& HOBBES YUKON
Daredevil : born again Miller, Frank, 1957- GRAPHIC NOVEL DAREDEVIL: BORN AGAIN
The Sensational Spider-Man O'Neil, Dennis, 1939- GRAPHIC NOVEL SENSATIO SPIDER -MAN
Superman & Batman vs. vampires & werewolves VanHook, Kevin GRAPHIC NOVEL SUPERMAN AND BATMAN
Dear dumb diary, that's what friends aren't for Benton, Jim JUV FIC BENTON
It's not my fault I know everything : by Jamie Kelly Benton, Jim JUV FIC BENTON
Never underestimate your dumbness : by Jamie Kelly Benton, Jim JUV FIC BENTON
The worst things in life are also free Benton, Jim JUV FIC BENTON
Okay, so maybe I do have superpowers : by Jamie Kelly Benton, Jim JUV FIC BENTON
Once upon a SpongeBob Gelsey, James JUV FIC GELSEY
SpongeBob MoviePants Gelsey, James JUV FIC GELSEY
The phantom of Pine Hill Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
The ghost of Blackwood Hall. Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
The spider sapphire mystery Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
The clue of the whistling bagpipes Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
The mystery of the 99 steps Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
Sealed with a kiss Palmer, Robin, 1969- JUV FIC PALMER
Swimsuit : a novel Patterson, James, 1947- MYS FIC PATTERSON
Homecoming harmony : the memory of Earth, the call of Earth [and] the ships of Earth. Card, Orson Scott SF FIC CARD