Thursday, October 16, 2008

New materials added 10/9/08 - 10/16/08

Night of the dragons by Weis, Margaret SF FIC WEIS PT. 2
Cast of characters : common people in the hands of an uncommon God by Lucado, Max 242.5 LUCADO
Love your life : living happy, healthy, and whole by Osteen, Victoria 248.4 OSTEEN
The limits of power : the end of American Exceptionalism by Bacevich, A. J. 320.973 BACEVICH
Patriotic grace : what it is and why we need it now by Noonan, Peggy, 1950- 323.65 NOONAN
The ten roads to riches : the way the wealthy got there (and how you can too!) by Fisher, Kenneth L. 332.024 FISHER
An insider's guide to refinancing your mortgage : money-saving secrets you need to know by Reed, David (Carl David), 1957- 332.7 REED
The trouble with boys by Tyre, Peg 371.821 TYRE
The way we work : getting to know the amazing human body by Macaulay, David. 612 MACCAULA
How not to die : surprising lessons on living longer, safer, and healthier from America's favorite medical examiner by Garavaglia, Jan 614.1 GARAVAGL
Hide & seek : how I laughed at depression, conquered my fears and found happiness by Aron, Wendy 616.85 ARON
Feeling good : the new mood therapy by Burns, David D. 616.85 BURNS
The feeling good handbook by Burns, David D. 616.891 BURNS
Babies with Down syndrome : a new parents' guide by Skallerup, Susan J. 618.92 SKALLERU
The hungry scientist handbook : electric birthday cakes, edible undies, and other DIY projects for techies, tinkerers, and foodies by Buckley, Patrick 643.3 BUCKLEY
The new rules of marketing and PR : how to use news releases, blogs, podcasts, viral marketing and online media to reach your buyers directly by Scott, David Meerman 658.872 SCOTT
Hitchcock's notebooks : an authorized and illustrated look inside the creative mind of Alfred Hitchcock by Auiler, Dan 791.430233 AUILER
Boys will be boys : the glory days and party nights of the Dallas Cowboys dynasty by Pearlman, Jeff 796.332 PEARLMAN
The forever war by Filkins, Dexter 956.7044 FILKINS
Angler : the Cheney vice presidency by Gellman, Barton, 1960- 973.9310 GELLMAN
The wordy shipmates by Vowell, Sarah, 1969- 974.0088 VOWELL
Against medical advice : a true story by Patterson, James, 1947- BIO FRIEDMAN PATTERSO
Growing up Grogan by Grogan, John, 1957- BIO GROGAN
Through the storm : a real story of fame and family in a tabloid world by Spears, Lynne BIO SPEARS
1,000 dollars and an idea : entrepreneur to billionaire by Wyly, Sam BIO WYLY
The lucky one [sound recording] by Sparks, Nicholas FIC 9CDS 10.5HOURS SPARKS
Extreme measures by Flynn, Vince FIC FLYNN
Helen of Troy by George, Margaret, 1943- FIC GEORGE
I see you everywhere by Glass, Julia, 1956- FIC GLASS
Dark summer by Johansen, Iris FIC JOHANSEN
The longing by Lewis, Beverly, 1949- FIC LEWIS
Animosity by Lindsey, David L. FIC LINDSEY
Testimony : a novel by Shreve, Anita FIC SHREVE
Caillou. Caillou's winter wonders [videorecording]. by Caillou (Television program). Selections. JUV FIC CAILLOU
A Charlie Brown Christmas [videorecording]. by Warner Home Video (Firm) JUV FIC CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMA
Eloise's rawther unusual Halloween [videorecording] by Me, Eloise (Television program). Selections. JUV FIC ELOISES RAWTHER UNUSUAL HALLOW
The pirates who don't do anything, a VeggieTales movie by Nawrocki, Michael, direction, production, voice. JUV FIC VEGGIE TALES PIRATES
Rough weather by Parker, Robert B., 1932- MYS FIC PARKER
American Dietetic Association complete food and nutrition guide by Duyff, Roberta Larson. REF 613.2 DUYFF
American painting by Goddard, Donald Letcher. REF 759.13 GODDARD
Front page : 100 years of the Los Angeles times, 1881-1981 by Diehl, Digby REF 909.82 DIEHL
Paul of Dune by Herbert, Brian. SF FIC HERBERT
Order 66 : a Republic commando novel by Traviss, Karen SF FIC TRAVISS
A rumor of dragons by Weis, Margaret SF FIC WEIS PT. 1
Night of the dragons by Weis, Margaret SF FIC WEIS PT. 2
The nightmare lands by Weis, Margaret SF FIC WEIS PT. 3
To the gates of Palanthas by Weis, Margaret SF FIC WEIS PT. 4
Hope's flame by Weis, Margaret SF FIC WEIS PT. 5
A dawn of dragons by Weis, Margaret SF FIC WEIS PT. 6
The merchant of death by MacHale, D. J. YA FIC MACHALE BK. 1
The lost city of Faar by MacHale, D. J. YA FIC MACHALE BK. 2
The never war by MacHale, D. J. YA FIC MACHALE BK. 3
The reality bug by MacHale, D. J. YA FIC MACHALE BK. 4
Black water by MacHale, D. J. YA FIC MACHALE BK. 5

Thursday, October 09, 2008

New Materials 10/2/2008 - 10/9/2008

Beyond tolerance : searching for interfaith understanding in America by Niebuhr, Gustav 201 NIEBUHR
Change we can believe in : Barack Obama's plan to renew America's promise by Obama, Barack 328.73 OBAMA
Medal of Honor : portraits of valor beyond the call of duty by Collier, Peter, 1939- 355.1342 COLLIER
Jack the Ripper : letters from hell by Evans, Stewart P. 364.15 EVANS
Breast cancer : the complete guide by Hirshaut, Yashar 616.99 HIRSHAUT
Dewey : a small-town library cat who touched the world by Myron, Vicki 636.809 MYRON
If I had a hammer : more than 100 easy fixes and weekend projects by Ridout, Andrea 643.7 RIDOUT
Please stand by : a prehistory of television by Ritchie, Michael, 1938-2001 791.45 RITCHIE
Spore : Prima official game guide by Hodgson, David S. J. 794.82 HODGSON
Tales from the Phillies dugout by Westcott, Rich 796.35764 WESTCOTT
The illustrated pirate diaries : a remarkable eyewitness account of Captain Morgan and the buccaneers by Exquemelin, A. O. (Alexandre Olivier) 910.45 EXQUEMEL
The Great Wall by Man, John, 1941- 951 MAN
The Smithsonian book of North American Indians : before the coming of the Europeans by Kopper, Philip 970.01 KOPPER
The American dream : stories from the heart of our nation by Rather, Dan 973.92 RATHER
Philadelphia then & now by Mauger, Edward Arthur 974.811 MAUGER
Tommy Dorsey, livin' in a great big way : a biography by Levinson, Peter J. BIO DORSEY LEVINSON
The Mogul : Eddie Gottlieb, Philadelphia sports legend and pro basketball pioneer by Westcott, Rich BIO GOTTLIEB WESTCOT
Sarah : how a hockey mom turned the political establishment upside down by Johnson, Kaylene, 1961- BIO PALIN JOHNSON
The drillmaster of Valley Forge : the Baron de Steuben and the making of the American Army by Lockhart, Paul Douglas, 1963- BIO STEUBEN LOCKHAR
Spencer Tracy by King, Alison BIO TRACY KING
Video resources on the Constitution [DVD]. by Kennedy, Anthony M., 1936- DVD 342.73 VIDEO RESOURC ON THE CONSTITU
Adventures in courage [DVD] by Bennett, William J. (William John), 1943-. The book of virtues. DVD JUV FIC ADVENTU IN COURAGE
Adventures in faith [DVD] by Bennett, William J. (William John), 1943- DVD JUV FIC ADVENTU IN FAITH
Adventures in honesty [DVD] by Bennett, William J. (William John), 1943- DVD JUV FIC ADVENTU IN HONESTY
Curious George sails with the pirates [videorecording] : and other curious capers! by Public Broadcasting Service (U.S.) DVD JUV FIC CURIOUS GEORGE SAILS WITH
Percy's ghostly trick & other Thomas stories [videorecording] by DVD JUV FIC THOMAS &FRIENDS PERCY'S GHOSTL
The brass verdict : a novel by Connelly, Michael, 1956- FIC CONNELLY
Waiting for daybreak by Cushman, Kathryn FIC CUSHMAN
A Wallflower Christmas by Kleypas, Lisa FIC KLEYPAS
Between here and April : a novel by Kogan, Deborah Copaken FIC KOGAN
My sister Dilly by Lang, Maureen FIC LANG
A lion among men by Maguire, Gregory FIC MACGUIRE
Rogue Warrior--Vengeance by Marcinko, Richard FIC MARCINKO
The right mistake : the further philosophical investigations of Socrates Fortlow by Mosley, Walter FIC MOSLEY
One extraordinary day by Myra, Harold Lawrence, 1939- FIC MYRA
A tale out of luck by Nelson, Willie, 1933- FIC NELSON
Wedding belles by Smith, Haywood, 1949- FIC SMITH
The book of Mordred by Vande Velde, Vivian. FIC VELDE
Dale Earnhardt Jr. by Doeden, Matt JUV BIO EARNHARDT DOEDEN
Jeff Gordon by Doeden, Matt JUV BIO GORDON DOEDEN
Kevin Harvick by Doeden, Matt JUV BIO HARVICK DOEDEN
Jimmie Johnson by Doeden, Matt JUV BIO JOHNSON DOEDEN
Kasey Kahne by Doeden, Matt JUV BIO KAHNE DOEDEN
Matt Kenseth by Doeden, Matt JUV BIO KENSETH DOEDEN
Clue of the black keys. by Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
The clue in the crumbling wall. by Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
The clue in the old album by Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
The haunted showboat by Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
The ringmaster's secret by Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
The witch tree symbol by Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
The secret in the old attic. by Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
The scarlet slipper mystery by Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
The hidden window mystery by Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
The ghost of Blackwood Hall. by Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
The clue in the jewel box. by Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
Quest of the missing map. by Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
Clue of the velvet mask. by Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
Mystery of the tolling bell. by Keene, Carolyn JUV FIC KEENE
Case of the missing gold by Lewman, David JUV FIC LEWMAN
Comanche moon by Anderson, Catherine (Adeline Catherine) LP FIC ANDERSON
A Cedar Cove Christmas by Macomber, Debbie LP FIC MACOMBER
Collateral damage by Michaels, Fern. LP FIC MICHAELS
A spoonful of poison : an Agatha Raisin mystery by Beaton, M. C. MYS FIC BEATON
A slaying in Savannah : a Murder, she wrote mystery by Bain, Donald, 1935- MYS FIC FLETCHER
Murder in Little Italy : a gaslight mystery by Thompson, Victoria (Victoria E.) MYS FIC THOMPSON
The consumer action handbook. by Federal Consumer Information Center (U.S.) REF 381.3 CONSUME ACTION
Lehigh Valley Transit Company's Liberty Bell route : a photographic history with chronology, historical recollections, and bibliography by McKelvey, William J. REF 388 MCKELVEY
Dictionary of medical terms by Rothenberg, Mikel A. REF 610.3 ROTHENB
Jeff May's healthy home tips : a workbook for detecting, diagnosing, & eliminating pesky pests, stinky stenches, musty mold, and other aggravating home problems by May, Jeffrey C. REF 613 MAY
The state of health atlas : mapping the challenges and causes of disease by O'Donovan, Diarmuid REF 614.4 ODONOVA
Desk reference to nature's medicine by Foster, Steven, 1957- REF 615.321 FOSTER
PDR for nonprescription drugs, dietary supplements, and herbs. by REF 615.704 PDR
A consumer's dictionary of household, yard, and office chemicals : complete information about harmful and desirable chemicals found in everyday home products, yard poisons, and office polluters by Winter, Ruth, 1930- REF 615.9 WINTER
Annual report, 2007 by Montgomery County Planning Commission. REF 917.4812 MONTGOM COUNTY PLANNIN COMMISS
The pirate king by Salvatore, R. A., 1959- SF FIC SALVATOR
Angelslayer : the winnowing war by Wright, K. Michael SF FIC WRIGHT
Oil by Friedman, Lauri S. YA 333.8 FRIEDMAN
The Iraq War by Friedman, Lauri S. YA 956.7044 FRIEDMAN
Allies of the night by Shan, Darren YA FIC SHAN
Cirque du Freak by Shan, Darren YA FIC SHAN
Hunters of the dusk by Shan, Darren YA FIC SHAN
Killers of the dawn by Shan, Darren YA FIC SHAN
Lord of the shadows by Shan, Darren YA FIC SHAN
The Lake of Souls by Shan, Darren YA FIC SHAN
The Vampire Prince by Shan, Darren YA FIC SHAN
The vampire's assistant by Shan, Darren YA FIC SHAN
Trials of death by Shan, Darren YA FIC SHAN
Tunnels of blood by Shan, Darren YA FIC SHAN
Vampire Mountain by Shan, Darren YA FIC SHAN

Thursday, October 02, 2008

New materials added 9/25/08 - 10/2/08

Facebook for dummies by Abram, Carolyn 006.7 ABRAM
Ted, white, and blue : the Nugent manifesto by Nugent, Ted 320.2509 NUGENT
Clean, well-lighted sentences : a guide to avoiding the most common errors in grammar and punctuation by Bell, Janis 428.2 BELL
Health care job explosion! : high growth health care careers and job locator by Damp, Dennis V. 610.69 DAMP
The 10 best questions for surviving breast cancer : the script you need to take control of your health by Bonner, Dede 616.99 BONNER
Almost green : how I built an eco-room, ditched my SUV, alienated my in-laws, and saved 1/6th of a billionth of the planet by Glave, James 690.804 GLAVE
A Smithsonian book of comic-book comics by Barrier, J. Michael 741.5 BARRIER
Getting started knitting socks by Budd, Ann, 1956- 746.43 BUDD
How football explains America by Paolantonio, Sal, 1956- 796.332 PAOLANTO
Lion tales : thirty years hunting the American cougar by Kibler, Jonathon. 799.2 KIBLER
Howl, growl, mooo, whooo, a book of animal sounds by Carroll, Molly BB C
The terminal spy : a true story of espionage, betrayal, and murder by Cowell, Alan BIO LITVINEN COWELL
Mother warriors : a nation of parents healing autism against all odds by McCarthy, Jenny, 1972- BIO MCCARTHY
Epilogue : a memoir by Roiphe, Anne Richardson, 1935- BIO ROIPHE
Outlaw journalist : the life and times of Hunter S. Thompson by McKeen, William, 1954- BIO THOMPSON MCKEEN
Brida [sound recording] by Coelho, Paulo CD F COELHO
The other queen [sound recording] by Gregory, Philippa. CD F GREGORY
The Aviary Gate [sound recording] by Hickman, Katie CD F HICKMAN
A summer affair [sound recording] : a novel by Hilderbrand, Elin CD F HILDERBR
Faith [sound recording] : stories from the collection More news from Lake Wobegon by Keillor, Garrison CD F KEILLOR
The girl with the dragon tattoo by Larsson, Stieg, 1954-2004 CD F LARSSON
The private lives of Pippa Lee [sound recording] by Miller, Rebecca, 1962- CD F MILLER
Devil bones [sound recording] by Reichs, Kathy CD F REICHS
Heat lightning [sound recording] by Sandford, John, 1944 Feb. 23- CD F SANDFORD
The protector's war [sound recording] by Stirling, S. M. CD F STIRLING
88 minutes [videorecording] by Avnet, Jon, 1949- DVD FIC 88 MINUTES
Deception [DVD] by Bushell, David L. DVD FIC DECEPTION
The love guru [videorecording] by Schnabel, Marco DVD FIC LOVE GURU
Made of honor [videorecording] by Weiland, Paul. DVD FIC MADE OF HONOR
Married life [videorecording] by Married life (Motion picture : 2007) DVD FIC MARRIED LIFE
Sex and the city [videorecording] : the movie by Sex and the city (Motion picture) DVD FIC SEX AND THE CITY
Snow angels [videorecording] by Snow angels (Motion picture : 2007) DVD FIC SNOW ANGELS
Speed Racer, the next generation. The beginning [videorecording] by Schwarz, Larry. DVD FIC SPEED RACER
Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley by Blabey, Aaron E B
Boo! made you jump! by Child, Lauren E C
I can do anything that's everything all on my own by Child, Lauren E C
But I am an alligator by Child, Lauren E C
The very snowy Christmas by Hendry, Diana, 1941- E H
You can do it, Sam by Hest, Amy. E H
Puzzle dinosaurs by Leigh, Susannah E L
Mrs. Watson wants your teeth by McGhee, Alison, 1960- E M
Apples and pumpkins by Rockwell, Anne F. E R
Pete's party by Scieszka, Jon E S
Zoom! boom! bully by Scieszka, Jon E S
God's dream by Tutu, Desmond. E T
Tea for Ruby by York, Sarah Mountbatten-Windsor, Duchess of, 1959- E Y
Curious you : you're on your way! by Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner E Z
Man in the dark by Auster, Paul, 1947- FIC AUSTER
Supreme courtship : a novel by Buckley, Christopher, 1952- FIC BUCKLEY
Before the storm by Chamberlain, Diane, 1950- FIC CHAMBERL
The quilter's kitchen : an Elm Creek Quilts novel with recipes by Chiaverini, Jennifer FIC CHIAVERI
Grace by Evans, Richard Paul FIC EVANS
The other queen by Gregory, Philippa. FIC GREGORY
The given day : a novel by Lehane, Dennis FIC LEHANE
Fresh kills by Loehfelm, Bill FIC LOEHFELM
Room for love by Meyer, Andrea, 1968- FIC MEYER
Hounded to death : a novel by Brown, Rita Mae FIC MYS BROWN
The silver linings playbook by Quick, Matthew, 1973- FIC QUICK
Home by Robinson, Marilynne. FIC ROBINSON
American wife : a novel by Sittenfeld, Curtis FIC SITTENFE
The road home : a novel by Tremain, Rose FIC TREMAIN
The mad scientist's notebook : warning: dangerously wacky experiments inside by Harris, Elizabeth Snoke, 1973- JUV 507.8 HARRIS
Under one rock : bugs, slugs, and other ughs by Fredericks, Anthony D. JUV 591.757 FREDERICK
On one flower : butterflies, ticks and a few more icks by Fredericks, Anthony D. JUV 595.7 FREDERICK
Weapons of World War I by Doeden, Matt JUV 623.409 DOEDEN
Weapons of World War II by Doeden, Matt JUV 623.409 DOEDEN
Weapons of the Revolutionary War by Doeden, Matt JUV 623.40941 DOEDEN
Weapons of the Civil War by Doeden, Matt JUV 623.40973 DOEDEN
Weapons of ancient times by Doeden, Matt JUV 623.441 DOEDEN
Weapons of the Middle Ages by Doeden, Matt JUV 623.441 DOEDEN
The greatest basketball records by Doeden, Matt JUV 796.323 DOEDEN
The greatest football records by Dougherty, Terri JUV 796.332 DOUGHERTY
The greatest baseball records by Doeden, Matt JUV 796.357 DOEDEN
The greatest hockey records by Doeden, Matt JUV 796.962 DOEDEN
Win or lose by Alexander, Heather JUV FIC ALEXANDER
A thief in the theater by Buckey, Sarah Masters, 1955- JUV FIC BUCKEY
The runaway friend : a Kirsten mystery by Ernst, Kathleen, 1959- JUV FIC ERNST
Dulcie's taste of magic by Herman, Gail, 1959- JUV FIC HERMAN
Silvermist and the ladybug curse by Herman, Gail, 1959- JUV FIC HERMAN
Truly Winnie by Jacobson, Jennifer, 1958- JUV FIC JACOBSON
Traitor in Williamsburg : a Felicity mystery by Jones, Elizabeth McDavid, 1958- JUV FIC JONES
Sweet revenge by King, M. C. JUV FIC KING
Really truly Ruthie by Tripp, Valerie, 1951- JUV FIC TRIPP
Real life : preparing for the 7 most challenging days of your life by McGraw, Phillip C., 1950- LP 158 MCGRAW
One Fifth Avenue by Bushnell, Candace LP FIC BUSHNELL
Small favor : a novel of the Dresden files by Butcher, Jim, 1971- LP FIC BUTCHER
The front by Cornwell, Patricia Daniels LP FIC CORNWELL
A dangerous age by Gilchrist, Ellen, 1935- LP FIC GILCHRIS
Deadly night by Graham, Heather LP FIC GRAHAM
The Edge of Desire [large type] by Laurens, Stephanie LP FIC LAURENS
The whiskey rebels by Liss, David, 1966- LP FIC LISS
Hot mahogany : a Stone Barrington novel by Woods, Stuart LP FIC MAHOGANY
The letters by Rice, Luanne. LP FIC RICE
Barron's guide to medical & dental schools. by Barron's Educational Series, inc. REF 610 BARRON
Taber's cyclopedic medical dictionary. by Taber, Clarence Wilbur, 1870-1968. REF 610.3 TABER
Ticks, and what you can do about them by Drummond, Roger O., 1931- REF 614.4 DRUMMON
Consumer drug reference. by Consumer Reports Books REF 615 CONSUME REPORTS