Friday, September 26, 2008

New materials added 9/18/2008 - 9/25/2008

Click : what millions of people are doing online and why it matters by Tancer, Bill 006.3 TANCER
Mike's election guide, 2008 by Moore, Michael, 1954 Apr. 23- 324.97 MOORE
The new elite : inside the minds of the truly wealthy by Taylor, Jim, 1947- 332.024 TAYLOR
Green, inc. : an environmental insider reveals how a good cause has gone bad by MacDonald, Christine C. 333.7206 MAC DONALD
Hot, flat, and crowded : why we need a green revolution--and how it can renew America by Friedman, Thomas L. 333.79 FRIEDMAN
Ford Motor Company, the first 100 years : a chronological picture history of Ford Motor Company over the first century by Kreipke, Robert C. 338.7 KREIPKE
Planet Google : one company's audacious plan to organize everything we know by Stross, Randall E. 338.7 STROSS
You are here : the surprising link between what we do and what that does to the planet by Kostigen, Thomas 363.7 KOSTIGEN
The book of animal ignorance by Lloyd, John, 1951- 590 LLOYD
We bought a zoo : [the amazing true story of a young family, a broken down zoo, and the 200 wild animals that changed their lives forever : a memoir] by Mee, Benjamin 590.7342 MEE
Green goes with everything : simple steps to a healthier life and a cleaner planet by Barnett, Sloan 613 BARNETT
Breakthrough : eight steps to wellness by Somers, Suzanne, 1946- 613 SOMERS
The stress answer : train your brain to conquer depression and anxiety in 45 days by Lawlis, G. Frank 616.85 LAWLIS
The wizard of oz and other narcissists : coping with the one-way relationship in work, love, and family by Payson, Eleanor D. 616.85 PAYSON
Anticancer : a new way of life by Servan-Schreiber, David 616.99 SERVAN
Pregnancy for dummies by Stone, Joanne 618.2 STONE
America in space : NASA's first fifty years by Dick, Steven J. 629.409 AMERICA
The three big questions for a frantic family : a leadership fable--about restoring sanity to the most important organization in your life by Lencioni, Patrick, 1965- 646.7 LENCIONI
All kids are our kids : what communities must do to raise caring and responsible children and adolescents by Benson, Peter L. 649.10973 BENSON
The 29% solution : 52 weekly networking success strategies by Misner, Ivan R., 1956- 650.13 MISNER
The barn house : confessions of an urban rehabber by Zotti, Ed. 690.837 ZOTTI
Trash to treasure by Van Wagner Childs, Anne 745.5 VAN WAGNER CHILDS
An American celebration : the art of Charles Wysocki by Wysocki, Charles. 759.13 WYSOCKI
The official James Bond 007 movie book by Hibbin, Sally 791.43 HIBBON
Wilderness pleasures : a practical guide to camping bliss by Callan, Kevin 796.54 CALLAN
The irregulars : Roald Dahl and the British spy ring in wartime Washington by Conant, Jennet 940.54 CONANT
Native Americans by Lagomarsino, James 970.0049 LAGOMARS
A promise to ourselves : a journey through fatherhood and divorce by Baldwin, Alec, 1958- BIO BALDWIN
Samuel Johnson : a biography by Martin, Peter, 1940- BIO JOHNSON MARTIN
Getting into Guinness : one man's longest, fastest, highest journey inside the world's most famous record book by Olmstead, Larry BIO OLMSTED
Somewhere in heaven : the remarkable love story of Dana and Christopher Reeve by Andersen, Christopher P. BIO REEVE ANDERSE
The day after he left for Iraq : a story of love, family & reunion by Seligman, Melissa BIO SELIGMAN
Black wave : a family's adventure at sea and the disaster that saved them by Silverwood, John BIO SILVER WOOD
Phony! : how I faked my way through life by Collashaw, Andrea, 1972- BIO STANFIE
Why Shakespeare? [videorecording] by Bridges, Lawrence drt. DVD 822.3 WHY SHAKESP
Muse of fire [videorecording] by Bridges, Lawrence DVD 956.7 MUSE OF FIRE
Entourage. The complete fourth season [DVD] by Piven, Jeremy DVD FIC ENTOURAGE SEASON 4
Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus [videorecording] : best of both worlds concert by Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus (Motion picture) DVD FIC HANNAH MONTANA AND MILEY CYRUS
Redbelt [videorecording] by Redbelt (Motion picture) DVD FIC REDBELT
Then she found me [videorecording] by Then she found me (Motion picture) DVD FIC THEN SHE FOUND ME
What happens in Vega$ [videorecording] by What happens in Vegas (Motion picture) DVD FIC WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS
All about fall [videorecording]. by DVD JUV FIC ALL ABOUT FALL
Go Diego go! Diego's Halloween [DVD] by DVD JUV FIC GO DIEGO GO! HALLOWE
The little mermaid. Ariel's beginning [videorecording] by DVD JUV FIC LITTLE MERMAID ARIELS BEGINNIN
Max & Ruby. Perfect pumpkin [videorecording] by Max & Ruby (Television program). Selections. DVD JUV FIC MAX &RUBY PERFECT PUMPKIN
The close shave by Courtney, Richard, 1955- ill E A
The fairy berry bake-off by Alberto, Daisy E A
After the dinosaurs : mammoths and fossil mammals by Brown, Charlotte Lewis E B
The day the dinosaurs died by Brown, Charlotte Lewis E B
You can be my friend by Child, Lauren E C
Flying high by Eliopulos, Nick E E
The Spiderwick Chronicles. Thimbletack's mission by Frazer, Rebecca E F
Nine ducks nine by Hayes, Sarah, 1945- E H
Caillou watches Rosie by Johnson, Marion, 1949- E J
The sweetest spring by Jordan, Apple E J
New shoes by Johnson, Marion, 1949- E J
The Spiderwick Chronicles. Mallory on guard by Lindner, Brooke E L
Sweet strawberries by Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds E N
Fancy Nancy and the boy from Paris by O'Connor, Jane E O
Fancy Nancy at the museum by O'Connor, Jane E O
The Great Fairy Race by Redbank, Tennant E R
Mariposa by Webster, Christy E W
The borrowed and blue murders by Jones, Merry Bloch F JONES
The Girl with the dragon tattoo by Larsson, Stieg, 1954-2004 F LARSSON
Indignation by Roth, Philip F ROTH
Pecking order by Tyree, Omar F TYREE
Tsar : a thriller by Bell, Ted FIC BELL
The priestly sins : a novel by Greeley, Andrew M., 1928- FIC GREELEY
The solitude of Thomas Cave : a novel by Harding, Georgina, 1955- FIC HARDING
Liberty : a Lake Wobegon novel by Keillor, Garrison FIC KEILLOR
8 Sandpiper Way by Macomber, Debbie FIC MACOMBE
A Cedar Cove Christmas. by Macomber, Debbie FIC MACOMBER
Faefever by Moning, Karen Marie FIC MONING
The heretic queen : a novel by Moran, Michelle FIC MORAN
The lover's knot : a Someday Quilts mystery by O'Donohue, Clare FIC O'DON OHUE
The letters by Rice, Luanne. FIC RICE
Heat lightning by Sandford, John, 1944 Feb. 23- FIC SANDFORD
The lucky one by Sparks, Nicholas FIC SPARKS
Hamsters by Parslow, Percy. JUV 636 PARSLOW
Santa Claus is comin' to town by Kellogg, Steven JUV 782.42 KELLOGG
A pirate's night before Christmas by Yates, Philip, 1956- JUV 811.54 YATES
Fine just the way it is : Wyoming stories 3 by Proulx, Annie LP FIC PROULX
Eye of the needle by Follett, Ken MYS FIC FOLLETT
The comforts of a muddy Saturday by McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948- MYS FIC MCCALL SMITH
Hot mahogany by Woods, Stuart MYS FIC WOODS
Guinness world records. by REF 031.02 GUINNES
Anathem by Stephenson, Neal SF FIC STEPHENS
A guys' guide to loneliness : a girls' guide to loneliness by Marcovitz, Hal YA 155.42 MARCOVIT

Friday, September 19, 2008

New materials added 9/11/08 - 9/18/08

Be who you want, have what you want : change your thinking, change your life by Prentiss, Chris, 1936- 158.1 PRENTISS
The machine that changed the world by Womack, James P. 338.4 WOMACK
Surviving prostate cancer : what you need to know to make informed decisions by Torrey, E. Fuller (Edwin Fuller), 1937- 616.99 TORREY
The myth of multitasking : how doing it all gets nothing done by Crenshaw, Dave, 1975- 658.4 CRENSHA
The way of the world : a story of truth and hope in an age of extremism by Suskind, Ron 973.931 SUSKIND
The war within : a secret White House history, 2006-2008 by Woodward, Bob 973.931 WOODWARD
John Adams by McCullough, David G. BIO ADAMS MCCULLOUG
Thin is the new happy by Frankel, Valerie BIO FRANKEL FRANKEL
Swimming across : a memoir by Grove, Andrew S. BIO GROVE GROVE
Capital by Curlee, Lynn CAPITAL
The feeling good handbook by Burns, David D. FEELING GOOD
Takeover by Black, Lisa FIC BLACK
The bad behavior of Belle Cantrell by Despres, Loraine FIC DESPRES
The little book by Edwards, Selden FIC EDWARDS
Yesterday's weather by Enright, Anne, 1962- FIC ENRIGHT
Dark curse : a Carpathian novel by Feehan, Christine FIC FEEHAN
The outsider : a novel by Gabhart, Ann H., 1947- FIC GABHART
Rough justice by Higgins, Jack, 1929- FIC HIGGINS
The book of lies by Meltzer, Brad FIC MELTZER
She had it coming by Monroe, Mary. FIC MONROE
Who's loving you by Morrison, Mary B. FIC MORRISON
The story of Lucy Gault by Trevor, William, 1928- FIC TREVOR
The toss of a lemon by Viswanathan, Padma, 1968- FIC VISWANATH
Crime by Welsh, Irvine FIC WELSH
The general's daughter by DeMille, Nelson GENERALS
The Umbrella Academy. Volume 1, Apocalypse suite by Way, Gerard GRAPHIC NOVEL UMBRELLA ACADEMY APOCALYPSE
Just Jonas! : the Jonas Brothers up close and personal by Johns, Michael-Anne JUV BIO JONAS BROTHERS JOHNS
Jammin' with the Jonas Brothers : an unauthorized biography by Ryals, Lexi JUV BIO JONAS BROTHERS RYALS
Charlie Bone and the shadow by Nimmo, Jenny JUV FIC NIMMO
Eve of the Emperor penguin by Osborne, Mary Pope JUV FIC OSBORNE
The maze of bones by Riordan, Rick JUV FIC RIORDAN
Sammy Keyes and the skeleton man by Van Draanen, Wendelin JUV FIC VAN DRAANE
Master of deception by Watson, Jude JUV FIC WATSON
A funny thing happened on the way to the White House : humor, blunders, and other oddities from the presidential campaign trail by Osgood, Charles LP 973.099 OSGOOD
Final theory by Alpert, Mark, 1961- LP FIC ALPERT
City of thieves by Benioff, David LP FIC BENIOFF
Wit's end by Fowler, Karen Joy LP FIC FOWLER
The Atlantis prophecy by Greanias, Thomas LP FIC GREANIAS
The richest season by McFadden, Maryann LP FIC MCFADDEN
Sweetheart by Cain, Chelsea MYS FIC CAIN
Death swatch : a scrapbooking mystery by Childs, Laura MYS FIC CHILDS
Fade away (A Myron Bolitar novel ; bk. 3) by Coben, Harlan, 1962- MYS FIC COBEN
Silks by Francis, Dick MYS FIC FRANCIS
The keepsake : a novel by Gerritsen, Tess MYS FIC GERRITSEN
Death's half acre by Maron, Margaret. MYS FIC MARON
Ash Wednesday by McInerny, Ralph M. MYS FIC MCINERNY
The laughter of dead kings by Peters, Elizabeth MYS FIC PETERS
Exit music by Rankin, Ian MYS FIC RANKIN
Death du jour by Reichs, Kathleen J. MYS FIC REICHS
The book stops here : a mobile library mystery by Sansom, Ian MYS FIC SANSOM
Cold case : a Barbara Holloway legal thriller by Wilhelm, Kate MYS FIC WILHELM
Mars life by Bova, Ben, 1932- SF FIC BOVA
The gypsy morph by Brooks, Terry SF FIC BROOKS
One : a novel by Bach, Richard THE ONE
Truth or dare : a Whispering Springs novel by Krentz, Jayne Ann TRUTH OR DARE
Warriors and worthies; arms and armor through the ages. by Nickel, Helmut. YA 355.82 NICKEL
Taken by Bloor, Edward, 1950- YA FIC BLOOR
Ambition : a novel by Brian, Kate, 1974- YA FIC BRIAN
Legacy : a private novel by Brian, Kate, 1974- YA FIC BRIAN
A friend at midnight by Cooney, Caroline B. YA FIC COONEY
Brisingr, or, The seven promises of Eragon Shadeslayer and Saphira Bjartskular by Paolini, Christopher YA FIC PAOLINI

New materials added 9/4/08 - 9/11/08

Introvert power : why your inner life is your hidden strength by Helgoe, Laurie A. 155.232 HELGOE
My cousin the saint : a search for faith, family, and miracles by Catanoso, Justin 282.092 CATANOSO
Why spy? : espionage in an age of uncertainty by Hitz, Frederick Porter, 1939- 327.1273 HITZ
Everything conceivable : how assisted reproduction is changing our world by Mundy, Liza, 1960- 362.19 MUNDY
Havana nocturne : how the mob owned Cuba-- and then lost It to the revolution / T.J. English. by English, T. J., 1957- 364.1 ENGLISH
American Diabetes Association complete guide to diabetes. by American Diabetes Association 616.4 AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOC
Breast cancer clear & simple : all your questions answered by American Cancer Society 616.99 AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY
What to expect when you're expecting by Murkoff, Heidi Eisenberg 618.2 MURKOFF
Redneck boy in the promised land : the confessions of Crazy Cooter by Jones, Ben, 1941 Aug. 30- BIO JONES JONES
The monster of Florence [sound recording] : a true story by Preston, Douglas J. CD 363.152 PRESTON 8CDS 9.5HRS
When you are engulfed in flames [sound recording] by Sedaris, David CD 814 SEDARIS 8CDS 9HRS
The soloist by Lopez, Steve CD BIO AYERS LOPEZ 6CDS 6.5HRS
One false move [sound recording] by Coben, Harlan, 1962- CD F COBEN 7CDS 8HRS
The 19th wife [sound recording] by Ebershoff, David CD F EBERSHOFF 15CDS 6HRS
Off season [sound recording] by Siddons, Anne Rivers. CD F SIDDONS 10CDS 11.5HRS
Old Bear by Henkes, Kevin. E H
The day Leo said I hate you by Harris, Robie H. E H
One boy by Seeger, Laura Vaccaro E S
The legal limit by Clark, Martin, 1959- FIC CLARK
The gargoyle by Davidson, Andrew FIC DAVIDSON
The beach house by Green, Jane, 1968- FIC GREEN
What happened to Anna K. : a novel by Reyn, Irina FIC REYN
Just breathe by Wiggs, Susan FIC WIGGS
John Adams. by Steinberg, Alfred, 1917- JOHN ADAMS
Eclipse by Hunter, Erin JUV FIC HUNTER
Charlie Bone and the time twister by Nimmo, Jenny JUV FIC NIMMO
Smoke screen by Brown, Sandra, 1948- LP FIC BROWN
Rough justice by Higgins, Jack, 1929- LP FIC HIGGINS
This savage race by Jones, Douglas C. (Douglas Clyde), 1924- LP FIC JONES
8 Sandpiper Way by Macomber, Debbie LP FIC MACOMBER
Devil bones by Reichs, Kathy LP FIC REICHS
The complete guide to psychiatric drugs : straight talk for best results by Drummond, Edward H. REF 615 DRUMMON
The Merck manual of medical information by Beers, Mark H. REF 616 MERCK
The new Harvard guide to women's health by Carlson, Karen J. REF 616.0082 CARLSON
Skin deep by Turkington, Carol REF 616.5003 TURKING
A consumer's guide to mental health services : unveiling the mysteries and secrets of psychotherapy by Edwards, Jeffrey K. REF 616.89 EDWARDS
Quick facts lung cancer : what you need to know--now by American Cancer Society REF 616.99 AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY
Everyone's guide to cancer therapy : how cancer is diagnosed, treated, and managed day to day by Ko, Andrew H. REF 616.99 KO
Women's encyclopedia of natural medicine : alternative therapies and integrative medicine for total health and wellness by Hudson, Tori REF 618.1 HUDSON
The portable pediatrician by Nathanson, Laura REF 618.92 NATHANSON
Used car buying guide by Consumer Reports Books REF 629.222 CONSUMER REPORTS
A dictionary of space exploration by Dasch, E. Julius REF 629.403 OXFORD
Summer of the monkeys [videorecording] by Ontkean, Michael VIDEO JUV FIC SUMMER OF THE MONKEYS
Does my head look big in this? by Abdel-Fattah, Randa YA FIC ABDEL-FATT
Notes on a near-life experience by Birdsall, Olivia YA FIC BIRDSALL
Ironside : a modern faery's tale by Black, Holly YA FIC BLACK
Cupcake by Cohn, Rachel YA FIC COHN
Blue bloods by De la Cruz, Melissa, 1971- YA FIC DE LA CRUZ
Masquerade : a Blue Bloods novel by De la Cruz, Melissa, 1971- YA FIC DE LA CRUZ
Buried by MacCready, Robin Merrow YA FIC MACCREADY
The Declaration by Malley, Gemma YA FIC MALLEY
Cures for heartbreak by Rabb, M. E. YA FIC RABB
Better than yesterday by Schneider, Robyn YA FIC SCHNEIDER
Tantalize by Smith, Cynthia Leitich YA FIC SMITH
Boot camp by Strasser, Todd YA FIC STRASSER
Switched by Wollman, Jessica YA FIC WOLLMAN

New materials added 8/28/08 - 9/4/08

The Norton anthology of modern and contemporary poetry by Ellmann, Richard, 1918- 821.008 NORTON
Camp Rock [videorecording] by Camp Rock (Motion picture) DVD FIC CAMP ROCK
The tale of Despereaux : being the story of a mouse, a princess, some soup, and a spool of thread by DiCamillo, Kate JUV FIC DICAMILL
A glossary of literary terms by Abrams, M. H. (Meyer Howard), 1912- REF 803 ABRAMS

New Materials added 8/21/2008 - 8/28/2008

2007 Microsoft Office system plain & simple by Joyce, Jerry, 1950- 005.5 JOYCE
What you should know about politics-- but don't : a nonpartisan guide to the issues by Conrad, Jessamyn 320.60973 CONRAD
Dry store room no. 1 : the secret life of the Natural History Museum by Fortey, Richard A. 508.074 FORTEY
Baghdad at sunrise : a Brigade Commander's war in Iraq by Mansoor, Peter R., 1960- 956.7044 MANSOOR
The bookmaker : a memoir of money, luck, and family from the Utopian outskirts of New York City. by Agovino, Michael. BIO AGOVINO AGOVINO
Gaspipe : confessions of a Mafia boss by Carlo, Philip. BIO CASSO CARLO
Smoke screen [sound recording] by Brown, Sandra, 1948- CD F BROWN
Miss Pettigrew lives for a day [DVD] by Adams, Amy DVD FIC MISS PETTIGR LIVES FOR DAY
Street kings [videorecording] by Reeves, Keanu DVD FIC STREET KINGS
The lace reader by Barry, Brunonia FIC BARRY
Being Elizabeth by Bradford, Barbara Taylor, 1933- FIC BRADFOR
Deep in the mountains : an encounter with Zhu Qizhan by Cheng, Terrence FIC CHENG
Good people : a novel by Sakey, Marcus FIC SAKEY
Deception's daughter by Biddle, Cordelia Frances MYS FIC BIDDLE
The September Society by Finch, Charles (Charles B.) MYS FIC FINCH
Devil bones : a novel by Reichs, Kathy MYS FIC REICHS
Illustrated guide to home chemistry experiments : all lab, no lecture by Thompson, Robert Bruce REF 540.7 THOMPSO